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Was out for a long walk, Zoonart Apr 2018 #1
Sounds like a good start to the weekend! backtoblue Apr 2018 #4
On here messing around, still to cold to mow FairDemocrat Apr 2018 #2
Hi! backtoblue Apr 2018 #5
I found a grocery store going out of business, 30-50 percent off--- nocoincidences Apr 2018 #3
$109!!!!!!! backtoblue Apr 2018 #6
Watching gospel singers on YouTube. Rotator cuff surgery and I cant do squat. Shrike47 Apr 2018 #7
Oh man... who can save us now? Zoonart Apr 2018 #10
This might make you feel better backtoblue Apr 2018 #11
Blind Boys Of Alabama. For The Win! irisblue Apr 2018 #37
I think you were the one who reminded me of them backtoblue Apr 2018 #45
As soon as I finish my hot dog Runningdawg Apr 2018 #8
Mustard or ketchup? backtoblue Apr 2018 #12
Yellow mustard and sweet relish Runningdawg Apr 2018 #14
Yummy backtoblue Apr 2018 #29
Watching soccer, NWSL shenmue Apr 2018 #9
Hiya shenmue backtoblue Apr 2018 #13
Utah, thanks shenmue Apr 2018 #15
Go Utah! backtoblue Apr 2018 #16
Left my snow-filled yard and went to a greenhouse. democrank Apr 2018 #17
You... backtoblue Apr 2018 #18
Watching my grandchildren Freddie Apr 2018 #19
Have fun with the grandkids! backtoblue Apr 2018 #21
I had 3, and, you're right Ohiogal Apr 2018 #22
My hubby went fishing. It's finally 50 degrees here. Ohiogal Apr 2018 #20
At least you don't have to clean the fish for dinner! backtoblue Apr 2018 #23
I am lucky .... he always cleans any fish he brings home. 😄 Ohiogal Apr 2018 #25
Beautiful here today finally Bayard Apr 2018 #24
I bet it's going to be pretty backtoblue Apr 2018 #28
I am running model trains at the San Diego wasupaloopa Apr 2018 #26
That sounds amazingly fun! backtoblue Apr 2018 #27
Cool! Squinch Apr 2018 #32
playing dark souls 3 . stonecutter357 Apr 2018 #30
Haven't played that one. backtoblue Apr 2018 #31
dark souls 3 is the hardest game I have ever played . and it looks like it is on xbox . stonecutter357 Apr 2018 #33
It looks difficult backtoblue Apr 2018 #34
Did you give Dark Souls 3 a try ? stonecutter357 May 2018 #62
Funny you ask that today backtoblue May 2018 #63
Raked and cleaned the garden for hours. I think we're finally out of the danger of frost, so I can Squinch Apr 2018 #35
Hiya Squinch! backtoblue Apr 2018 #38
Hey, backtoblue! I find I'm creakier at it every year, but I do love to do it! Squinch Apr 2018 #40
Spent two hours exercising and relaxing in the pool. Now enjoying a cocktail and DU Sampan Apr 2018 #36
Awesome day! backtoblue Apr 2018 #41
went to my local record store highmindedhavi Apr 2018 #39
A little too hardcore for me but... backtoblue Apr 2018 #43
Shopped at Target, so many people. irisblue Apr 2018 #42
Movie night!!! backtoblue Apr 2018 #44
I go for long drives. Sometimes I go to the casino which isn't the best idea. 3Hotdogs Apr 2018 #46
Drives are good backtoblue Apr 2018 #47
I live in northern N.J. Sometimes, when I need to be alone, i will drive to Provincetown for supper 3Hotdogs Apr 2018 #48
I've never visited the east coast backtoblue Apr 2018 #49
I saw it. Nice. 3Hotdogs Apr 2018 #55
Hit the annual garden festival catchnrelease Apr 2018 #50
What a wonderful way to spend the day! backtoblue Apr 2018 #56
I went to a local winery, and am thinking of opening one of my purchases. lkinwi Apr 2018 #51
Hope it was a good night! backtoblue Apr 2018 #57
Listening to a whole list of 80's music SummerSnow Apr 2018 #52
Cindy Lauper? Michael Jackson? backtoblue Apr 2018 #58
I went out to eat earlier MustLoveBeagles Apr 2018 #53
I'd rather scrub toilets as do laundry backtoblue Apr 2018 #59
LOL MustLoveBeagles Apr 2018 #61
As a schizoid I'm just enjoying my solitude, surfing the web, watching tv series online. elocs Apr 2018 #54
A nice, relaxing evening backtoblue Apr 2018 #60
Last Saturday, I was invited to a birthday party. no_hypocrisy May 2018 #64
Smart to learn your needs and honor them. irisblue May 2018 #65
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