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16. Your "pragmatism" is duly noted.
Mon Jan 18, 2016, 10:44 PM
Jan 2016

Bernie Sanders and his supporters are not dreaming.

We are speaking truth to contrived pragmatism.

The revolution is already underway. Hop on board or please step aside so you aren't hurt by the rising tide of change.

It may depend on the state, but I hope it does. And I'm sure Sanders does as well. Agschmid Jan 2016 #1
After the repeal of the current version of Hyde, signed by Bill Clinton, yes. Warren Stupidity Jan 2016 #2
Yes, That's The Answer... ChiciB1 Jan 2016 #3
+10,000 Why didn't Hill tell Bill to 'Cut it Out'? nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #5
that is flat out misleading bullshit dsc Jan 2016 #8
The current version was signed by Clinton. Warren Stupidity Jan 2016 #10
No, because it won't be implemented... brooklynite Jan 2016 #4
Your posts are always a beacon of light and joy. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #6
I've been politically involved since the 1970s... brooklynite Jan 2016 #14
Your "pragmatism" is duly noted. Karma13612 Jan 2016 #16
The 1% and the status quo must be maintained Autumn Jan 2016 #18
LOL, classy as usual! nt Logical Jan 2016 #7
Your guess is as good as any ones. Few details to Sanders "plan" given out. riversedge Jan 2016 #9
Revolution will make sure we have abortions under single payer uponit7771 Jan 2016 #11
It would depend on who is president. If it's single payer, wouldn't the president have the power apples and oranges Jan 2016 #12
If that's true than couldn't a republican president ban it completely if they won a term? Agschmid Jan 2016 #17
This is hard to say since his "plan" had very few specifics and didn't detail what is covered. George II Jan 2016 #13
scary. The Republican House will shutdown the government and the United States will default on its Hiraeth Jan 2016 #15
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