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K&R nt 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #1
wow, and they didn't even try to spin it retrowire Jan 2016 #2
Yep, I was hesitant to read it but it was a nice surprise. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #7
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #3
Thank you, Uncle Joe. Always love your threads. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #8
We currently pay $3.8Trillion for healthcare TexasBushwhacker Jan 2016 #4
Yep and Hillary thinks that is good enough. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #12
So let's keep doing it!!! tazkcmo Jan 2016 #25
Nonsense. We would need to control both houses of Congress, the Senate pnwmom Jan 2016 #5
So we should just give up. Lordquinton Jan 2016 #6
No. But we shouldn't delude ourselves with pie in the sky visions. pnwmom Jan 2016 #9
I remember when you thought Bernie didn't stand a chance. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #11
I agree with Kasish that they would crush him in the general. pnwmom Jan 2016 #17
It won't. He's already doing well in both Nevada and South Carolina. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #18
He's doing well in South Carolina? By what measure? pnwmom Jan 2016 #20
I have some pretty good measures but we'll save them for later. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #21
He would need actual voters and there's no indication he has them. pnwmom Jan 2016 #22
Don't worry, he will have them. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #23
I'm not worried. He won't win S.C. n/t pnwmom Jan 2016 #26
We'll see. Do yourself a favor though and don't place any bets on it. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #29
I never saw so many praying for failure like some are doing now. No one roguevalley Jan 2016 #31
So true. I really hate the Can't Do campaign. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #34
There is nothing Pie in the sky about Bernie's plans Lordquinton Jan 2016 #16
Hillary has plenty of experience in the Senate where, unlike Bernie, pnwmom Jan 2016 #24
yes it did. she lost. I do believe she wasn't president for the last eight years roguevalley Jan 2016 #32
How many elections did Bernie lose before he finally got elected to something? pnwmom Jan 2016 #36
1? And he had no coattails to ride on, unlike Hillary. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #39
I believe Bill would not have achieved what he did without her pnwmom Jan 2016 #40
So you don't? Live and Learn Jan 2016 #41
You either never learned history or you've forgotten what the situation pnwmom Jan 2016 #42
Bill did steer the country out of an economic mess but at the expense of the poor and Live and Learn Jan 2016 #43
You go ahead. tazkcmo Jan 2016 #27
So instead you and Hillary just give up. Can't do or just won't even try? nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #10
Did Obama give up? No -- but he brought about positive, progressive change, pnwmom Jan 2016 #13
Obama had a majority in Congress and still could only come up with an insurance companies dream Live and Learn Jan 2016 #14
Obama accomplished a lot more than Sanders will with his refusal to compromise pnwmom Jan 2016 #37
We'll see in 2024. Betting you are wrong. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #38
He gave up as soon as he was elected. tazkcmo Jan 2016 #28
He wasn't counting on Ted Kennedy dying. When he died and was replaced pnwmom Jan 2016 #44
What eliminated the possibility of a public option Kall Jan 2016 #45
They were planning on modifying it in conference, but they couldn't do that pnwmom Jan 2016 #46
Yeah, sure they were Kall Jan 2016 #47
That's the opposite of what I said. Joe Lieberman's state of CT is the pnwmom Jan 2016 #48
Then vote for John Kasich Kall Jan 2016 #15
+1000 nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #19
If you think Bernie can't get shit done because of whatever reason what makes roguevalley Jan 2016 #33
Responding to the wrong post, I think. But your post is spot on. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #35
K&R emsimon33 Jan 2016 #30
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