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15. Then vote for John Kasich
Sat Jan 23, 2016, 04:14 AM
Jan 2016

if your idea of an ideal President is one whose vision is limited to what Mitch McConnell will agree with. My idea of an ideal President is one who will sell an actual Democratic vision to the public, make the Republicans negotiate from an unpopular position, and make sure the public knows who blocked the best solutions for future Congressional elections. The only people saying anyone thinks this will be easy are HRC supporters, but some people want to start the work.

The ACA that Hillary keeps touting as a wonderful accomplishment was an act of corruption, incompetence and political malpractice. It wasn't "hard" where the Democrats publicly sold a vision, and disregarded special interests. It was a process set up to be impossible to fail, so that they couldn't possibly fail to pass a bill which would result in Congress going Republican in 2010 like in 1994 (oops). The Democrats took the best, popular solutions off the table before beginning negotiations, invited the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to the table to help write it, and spent a year chasing Republican votes which they were never going to give, and kept trying even after Chuck Grassley said they "wanted to pull the plug on Grandma". As a result, the ACA is a health care plan that was actually drawn up by Republican outfits like the Heritage Foundation and Republicans like Mitt Romney, and therefore it doesn't work well so unlike, say, Medicare (a single-payer system) it's always been underwater in public opinion, so the Republicans can try to repeal it 60 times without any public backlash.

The Republican Party hates Hillary Clinton with the fury of a thousand suns, so why do you think they'll work with her towards her priorities? "Getting things done" with them won't consist of any policies a liberal would want, unless you had a hankering for things like the TPP, once the primary is over and she changes position on that again.

K&R nt 99th_Monkey Jan 2016 #1
wow, and they didn't even try to spin it retrowire Jan 2016 #2
Yep, I was hesitant to read it but it was a nice surprise. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #7
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jan 2016 #3
Thank you, Uncle Joe. Always love your threads. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #8
We currently pay $3.8Trillion for healthcare TexasBushwhacker Jan 2016 #4
Yep and Hillary thinks that is good enough. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #12
So let's keep doing it!!! tazkcmo Jan 2016 #25
Nonsense. We would need to control both houses of Congress, the Senate pnwmom Jan 2016 #5
So we should just give up. Lordquinton Jan 2016 #6
No. But we shouldn't delude ourselves with pie in the sky visions. pnwmom Jan 2016 #9
I remember when you thought Bernie didn't stand a chance. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #11
I agree with Kasish that they would crush him in the general. pnwmom Jan 2016 #17
It won't. He's already doing well in both Nevada and South Carolina. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #18
He's doing well in South Carolina? By what measure? pnwmom Jan 2016 #20
I have some pretty good measures but we'll save them for later. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #21
He would need actual voters and there's no indication he has them. pnwmom Jan 2016 #22
Don't worry, he will have them. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #23
I'm not worried. He won't win S.C. n/t pnwmom Jan 2016 #26
We'll see. Do yourself a favor though and don't place any bets on it. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #29
I never saw so many praying for failure like some are doing now. No one roguevalley Jan 2016 #31
So true. I really hate the Can't Do campaign. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #34
There is nothing Pie in the sky about Bernie's plans Lordquinton Jan 2016 #16
Hillary has plenty of experience in the Senate where, unlike Bernie, pnwmom Jan 2016 #24
yes it did. she lost. I do believe she wasn't president for the last eight years roguevalley Jan 2016 #32
How many elections did Bernie lose before he finally got elected to something? pnwmom Jan 2016 #36
1? And he had no coattails to ride on, unlike Hillary. Live and Learn Jan 2016 #39
I believe Bill would not have achieved what he did without her pnwmom Jan 2016 #40
So you don't? Live and Learn Jan 2016 #41
You either never learned history or you've forgotten what the situation pnwmom Jan 2016 #42
Bill did steer the country out of an economic mess but at the expense of the poor and Live and Learn Jan 2016 #43
You go ahead. tazkcmo Jan 2016 #27
So instead you and Hillary just give up. Can't do or just won't even try? nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #10
Did Obama give up? No -- but he brought about positive, progressive change, pnwmom Jan 2016 #13
Obama had a majority in Congress and still could only come up with an insurance companies dream Live and Learn Jan 2016 #14
Obama accomplished a lot more than Sanders will with his refusal to compromise pnwmom Jan 2016 #37
We'll see in 2024. Betting you are wrong. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #38
He gave up as soon as he was elected. tazkcmo Jan 2016 #28
He wasn't counting on Ted Kennedy dying. When he died and was replaced pnwmom Jan 2016 #44
What eliminated the possibility of a public option Kall Jan 2016 #45
They were planning on modifying it in conference, but they couldn't do that pnwmom Jan 2016 #46
Yeah, sure they were Kall Jan 2016 #47
That's the opposite of what I said. Joe Lieberman's state of CT is the pnwmom Jan 2016 #48
Then vote for John Kasich Kall Jan 2016 #15
+1000 nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #19
If you think Bernie can't get shit done because of whatever reason what makes roguevalley Jan 2016 #33
Responding to the wrong post, I think. But your post is spot on. nt Live and Learn Jan 2016 #35
K&R emsimon33 Jan 2016 #30
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