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Who is Carl Bernstein? winter is coming Jan 2016 #1
Reported on Watergate Renew Deal Jan 2016 #2
Woodwardf & Bernstein Wrote 'All The President's Men' The Downfall Of Nixon... WillyT Jan 2016 #4
D'oh! winter is coming Jan 2016 #6
No Sweat... WillyT Jan 2016 #7
Er? The guy who brought down Nixon? Just a guess. JonLeibowitz Jan 2016 #5
Seriously? DefenseLawyer Jan 2016 #9
I had a momentary brain fart. Of course I know who he is. winter is coming Jan 2016 #10
It happens. DefenseLawyer Jan 2016 #11
There was a copy of an "inside memo"...who knows...but it sounded pretty authentic. libdem4life Jan 2016 #3
I bet Bernstein has the memo, then. grasswire Jan 2016 #8
Tom Delay has also been saying this, FWIW Fast Walker 52 Jan 2016 #12
He's an expert on indictments DemocraticWing Jan 2016 #13
personally, you mean? LOL Fast Walker 52 Jan 2016 #15
Tom Delay (R-Liar) in the NY Post (Murdoch-Liar)? My go to sources when I am looking for 'truth.' emulatorloo Jan 2016 #14
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