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2016 Postmortem

In reply to the discussion: The Ring of Truth [View all]
The Ring of Truth [View all] Fumesucker Feb 2016 OP
He is so pure. nt Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #1
You say that like it's a bad thing Fumesucker Feb 2016 #2
Not hardly. He voted for intervening in Afghanistan and the Balkans eridani Feb 2016 #15
Not pure, just not a calculating phony flip flopper like Hill. cali Feb 2016 #21
He doesn't have the blood of a million INNOCENT Iraqis dripping from his hands. - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #24
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Feb 2016 #3
mmmmmmmmnoooo, coming out ever so slowly that Sanders is human... a human politician uponit7771 Feb 2016 #4
OK Fumesucker Feb 2016 #6
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2016 #12
Well that's a silly argument Kentonio Feb 2016 #19
A lot of his supporters don't think it is, to them he's rationally MORE pure than anyone on the... uponit7771 Feb 2016 #22
We've been over the reasons why bringing up the CFMA is disingenuous. Kentonio Feb 2016 #23
I'll bet you can argue that Sanders was responsible for the Iraq War too. - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #25
He's practically a saint. n/t zappaman Feb 2016 #5
Thanks for kicking my thread Fumesucker Feb 2016 #7
You're welcome and please accept my apology for inserting the word "practically". zappaman Feb 2016 #11
if he's so truthful hill2016 Feb 2016 #8
Lots of them are invested in it not adding up. Ron Green Feb 2016 #9
cause they're not for revolution and they get paid by Exxon and Goldman Sachs to hug Hillary uponit7771 Feb 2016 #13
Clueless TV commentators gyroscope Feb 2016 #14
I don't think they're clueless. I think they are lying to protect entrenched interests. Enthusiast Feb 2016 #18
The commentators are protecting the interests of health care profiteers. Enthusiast Feb 2016 #20
Not taking money from Wall Street gyroscope Feb 2016 #10
Its refreshing to listen to Bernie. He isn't condescending. He speaks honestly and simply. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2016 #16
Kicked and recommended to the Max! Enthusiast Feb 2016 #17
He's a public servant. I don't think saltpoint Feb 2016 #26
Real speaktruthtopower Feb 2016 #27
Matter of taste, I guess Recursion Feb 2016 #28
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