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6. Depends on how you measure.
Tue Feb 2, 2016, 01:50 PM
Feb 2016

Hillary got 274 more voters go for her. Under that measure she won.

She currently has 3 or 4 more state delegates, but that number will change when o'malley's 8 are allocated. So under that measure, she is "winning," winner to be determined.

As for pledged delegates in the primary, she has 1 more, again it will change. So she is winning there.

She did win.

But the most important metric, public perception, she lost big. Blew a 30+ point lead in two months. Blew the bank and Bernie is down only one pledged delegate, heading into his home turf, where his victory will be decisive. He is the story, she lost the game of politics.

Did Bernie Sanders win Iowa? [View all] Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 OP
Politically, yes. He will not change his message and has momentum. Avalux Feb 2016 #1
+1. She spent a shit-ton of money and got very little for it. n/t winter is coming Feb 2016 #19
And his campaign has rcvd over a million dollars since last night!!! peacebird Feb 2016 #27
DU Dem2 Feb 2016 #2
... Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #3
He lost, but he clearly was the night's big winner. Vattel Feb 2016 #4
technically no, his support however is as energized as ever and Hillary is wounded JPnoodleman Feb 2016 #5
Down 61 points actually from last february JonLeibowitz Feb 2016 #26
Depends on how you measure. morningfog Feb 2016 #6
Exactly! peacebird Feb 2016 #28
Bragging rights aside, it doesn't really mean jack squat. Darb Feb 2016 #7
76% think Bernie won Iowa as of 10am PST. nt Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #8
Not surprised ... NurseJackie Feb 2016 #14
Thanks. senz Feb 2016 #24
LOL!!!! This place is so damn crazy!!!! Number23 Feb 2016 #25
LOL....I even posted a link to the actual results showing that Hillary won Iowa. Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #44
He did scare the establishment to bits Fearless Feb 2016 #9
In the way that matters, yes. n/t Tom Rinaldo Feb 2016 #10
Bernie would have clearly won if Hillary and the establishment didn't resort to underhanded tactics AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #11
kick Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #12
HRC may have "won" a contest by some tiny numerical value whatchamacallit Feb 2016 #13
So did she win the Iowa caucuses or did she lose the Iowa caucuses? Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #15
I've participated in several of your "gotcha" polls with great anticipation whatchamacallit Feb 2016 #20
.^that 840high Feb 2016 #42
It appears he did not. bigwillq Feb 2016 #16
So if he didn't win Iowa.... Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #17
Don't know. You'll have to ask them. (nt) bigwillq Feb 2016 #18
Numbers-wise a tie; but it was a crushing defeat for Secretary Clinton at the same time. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #21
Numbers-wise it's a tie? Hillary won 23 pledged delegates while Bernie got 21 Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #22
You guys know exactly what went down last night. So did the Clintons. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #29
Which numbers are you referring to when you said it's a tie? Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #30
For all intents and purposes it was a tie. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #31
Who's the one spinning here? Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #32
I'm sorry you don't like that I'm telling you the truth. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #34
21 != 23 Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #35
I guess. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #36
An op-ed in a newspaper means 21 = 23? Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #37
You are being deliberately obtuse, and you know it. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #38
That picture says a lot. 840high Feb 2016 #43
Iowa enhanced the Sanders campaign & diminished the Clinton campaign. senz Feb 2016 #23
They both won/neither of them won. elleng Feb 2016 #33
Sanders NARROWLY lost but it was a successful night. geek tragedy Feb 2016 #39
He WON, Because He Was Labled AND Attacked As An ChiciB1 Feb 2016 #40
Both Hillary and Bernie won enough to keep moving forward. Dems to Win Feb 2016 #41
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