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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Feb 7, 2016, 03:06 AM Feb 2016

I earn over 600k a year [View all]

I feel like the Democratic party is in a race to vilify me and take my money.

Honestly, I try to hire as little as possible. I don't care about family leave or minimum wage and I want a low tax liability. I am just being honest. I'm not ultra rich, I have to plan 30k expenditures. An employee directly Impacts how soon I can retire.

I don't want higher taxes.

Business could go south any moment. I could fuck up any moment. I save because I KNOW I'll likely hit a bad spot. My last check ( combined 2015 ) to the IRS was almost 200k. My product is cheaper and better than my competitors.

I feel like I'm regulated out the ass and I'm in Texas.

I vote D for social issues, but Bernie really scares me.

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I earn over 600k a year [View all] metroins Feb 2016 OP
I think you should go be a Republican. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2016 #1
Sorry metroins Feb 2016 #3
but you sound like a Republican Rosa Luxemburg Feb 2016 #135
I hope DUers do not get too frisky on this thread. I can see alerts coming. merrily Feb 2016 #8
I hope no alerts cups come metroins Feb 2016 #23
With an OP like the this thread's, the temptation may be to say negative things about merrily Feb 2016 #25
Oh, what the hell. This OP is an affront to the decent opinion KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #169
Please don't hold back. Just say what you really thinK merrily Feb 2016 #174
Been off DU all eve. Would like to join you. 7wo7rees Feb 2016 #177
Nah. bvf Feb 2016 #28
Exactly. "I am wealthy, but paying my fair share of taxes terrifies me" is likely to elicit ad homs. merrily Feb 2016 #36
I didn't mean it to be bait metroins Feb 2016 #45
As I have posted several times now, your intent is not the point. merrily Feb 2016 #57
I'm not trying to bait metroins Feb 2016 #60
. merrily Feb 2016 #64
I didn't see a post metroins Feb 2016 #68
Look, if you made 100k you'd likely be vilified here CorkySt.Clair Feb 2016 #126
Let me at least thank you for all the taxes you pay Yupster Feb 2016 #167
Or tazkcmo Feb 2016 #176
I read you as sincere Voice for Peace Feb 2016 #156
I can't help it: did the OP misspeak? elias49 Feb 2016 #145
Right you are. n/t bvf Feb 2016 #51
Yeah, this plays like pure alert bait. Ed Suspicious Feb 2016 #56
Well I'm sorry metroins Feb 2016 #62
Go to Forbes and look up their 2015 list of Best Places for Business. kristopher Feb 2016 #108
I stopped and deleted my reply UglyGreed Feb 2016 #117
I'm one scary woman! merrily Feb 2016 #144
IDK. I think you're nice. elias49 Feb 2016 #146
Thank you so much! AFAIK, calling a woman "nice" is not a sexist slur, but I haven't merrily Feb 2016 #148
Not because of you UglyGreed Feb 2016 #178
Not to worry. I was only joking. merrily Feb 2016 #180
OK at times UglyGreed Feb 2016 #182
We all do. Reading emotion on a screen is hard. merrily Feb 2016 #183
. UglyGreed Feb 2016 #184
I think that's the kind of attitude that drives people away from the Democratic Party. yardwork Feb 2016 #140
So much for the Big Tent. Metric System Feb 2016 #154
It's big but it's not infinite. The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2016 #155
satire or drunk posting Iggy Knorr Feb 2016 #2
Remy martin metroins Feb 2016 #4
Maybe you should form your own party? merrily Feb 2016 #11
Here, I'll make it simple for you: Kip Humphrey Feb 2016 #131
Bloomberg's talking of running Yupster Feb 2016 #164
Ay-yup, I really missed the "Go Fuck Yourself" option :) - nt KingCharlemagne Feb 2016 #170
I wouldn't trade my life for ten of yours. Seems as though your money makes you feel guilty. cherokeeprogressive Feb 2016 #5
I understand your feelings metroins Feb 2016 #6
Please see reply 8. I have a feeling I am seeing some who got merrily Feb 2016 #16
I pmed you nt metroins Feb 2016 #31
OMG, just wow. kas125 Feb 2016 #7
Please explain nt. metroins Feb 2016 #12
I think the OP meant that family leave and minumum wage as issues were okay with them Matariki Feb 2016 #54
Check out his reply to someone else, post #20. kas125 Feb 2016 #59
Oh. Matariki Feb 2016 #63
Sounds like I've got mine and I'm afraid to let you have yours because I'm afraid I'll lose mine Fearless Feb 2016 #9
I semi agree metroins Feb 2016 #13
You sound like a libertarian. Not a Democrat white_wolf Feb 2016 #10
Sorta metroins Feb 2016 #15
I appreciate your honesty, and congratulate you sincerely on your material success renate Feb 2016 #14
I'll try metroins Feb 2016 #20
fair enough renate Feb 2016 #34
Thank you. metroins Feb 2016 #46
sorry, I was editing my post as you replied to it renate Feb 2016 #52
FFS, My husband and I could live out the rest of our lives off of 100k if we had it me b zola Feb 2016 #17
Mo money mo problems metroins Feb 2016 #22
I never implyed that your life is easy me b zola Feb 2016 #32
Fear metroins Feb 2016 #47
This I understand me b zola Feb 2016 #81
If I didn't have a wife metroins Feb 2016 #83
The reality of my life is that if I get cancer I will not seek treatment me b zola Feb 2016 #101
So sell your company and get yourself one of those minimum wage jobs. You can retire on SS like Live and Learn Feb 2016 #37
In 5 years metroins Feb 2016 #48
ROFL Need kids to retire? I think you have that backwards. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #49
My wife can't get pregnant metroins Feb 2016 #72
I didn't laugh at that. I laughed at needing kids to RETIRE. WTF? Live and Learn Feb 2016 #76
I don't mind discussing it metroins Feb 2016 #78
Wow! The price of a surrogate child doubled in half an hour! cui bono Feb 2016 #85
Amazing, huh? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #91
Well, nice chatting with you but you better get back to wrok and making money now. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #92
You could adopt? And a secure safety net means your future prodigy elehhhhna Feb 2016 #115
Ok - Hold up. Mother Of Four Feb 2016 #181
I'm sorry, but you need to see someone Lorien Feb 2016 #66
Please expand metroins Feb 2016 #73
Exactly. I grew up in a single parent household where we were always scraping by Lorien Feb 2016 #86
I read your post. metroins Feb 2016 #89
Yes, money does provide security TexasBushwhacker Feb 2016 #141
FFS are you full of yourself. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #98
Imo you are making this all up. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #133
No kidding. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #160
You don't work 24/7. Orrex Feb 2016 #185
Then vote for Hillary. I don't know what you want us to say. jillan Feb 2016 #18
Try to figure out a more future-directed business model that Ron Green Feb 2016 #19
I do not know how respond nt metroins Feb 2016 #21
I can appreciate that; although it's uncharted territory, new economic models Ron Green Feb 2016 #67
31 metroins Feb 2016 #70
I'd like to suggest some writers: Ron Green Feb 2016 #94
OK, I'll try to give you my two cents OutNow Feb 2016 #100
I'm not that far behind you and I want Bernard. JRLeft Feb 2016 #24
Well metroins Feb 2016 #26
Yeah, I work for Chevron, and that's as detailed as I can be. JRLeft Feb 2016 #35
I was on a Chevron plant last week metroins Feb 2016 #42
That happens at my location too, except their paid a little more. JRLeft Feb 2016 #44
Would you mind saying why you're for Bernie? white_wolf Feb 2016 #29
It's not about me, it's about my relatives and their children. JRLeft Feb 2016 #38
WtF elaborate, what kinda a business etc and then one can respond with critical thinking. fourcents Feb 2016 #27
Financial metroins Feb 2016 #50
you need to sort out your feelings about money 6chars Feb 2016 #30
I really really like your post metroins Feb 2016 #53
For what it is worth you probably worked hard and earned your money doc03 Feb 2016 #139
I like your post too renate Feb 2016 #58
Fair share justaddh2o Feb 2016 #33
But isn't fair share a pretty obnoxious term? Yupster Feb 2016 #165
been there done that SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #39
I have no idea why you came here Trajan Feb 2016 #40
I'm not right wing metroins Feb 2016 #55
Well your OP certainly sounds like you are. cui bono Feb 2016 #74
Want to see my Fields Medal? bvf Feb 2016 #41
The bottom line HassleCat Feb 2016 #43
Back when I was making $150k a year I never whined about my taxes Lorien Feb 2016 #61
I understand your post metroins Feb 2016 #65
Taxes help your family Lorien Feb 2016 #75
Well, isn't that cute. Take a look at the people that voted they understand. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #69
I can assure you that one of them only voted based on the last half of the last sentence. cui bono Feb 2016 #71
Are you talking about me? metroins Feb 2016 #77
No, I'm talking about one of the people who voted for the option that was mentioned cui bono Feb 2016 #79
Oh ok. Nt metroins Feb 2016 #80
I've been meaning to tell you, Live and Learn senz Feb 2016 #87
NYSkip. Really? I didn't know that. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #90
I remembered wonderful accolades but not the name...love the dog. senz Feb 2016 #93
Ginny waz her name...love you nycskp miss you SwampG8r Feb 2016 #105
So vote for Hillary; she loves rich, selfish people. Who cares how the little folk survive? senz Feb 2016 #82
What was the point of this thread if you knew people would say to you "stop whining"? AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #84
You're looking for a point metroins Feb 2016 #88
I suspect your motives AZ Progressive Feb 2016 #102
how much do you tip when you eat out? SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #95
I know NO ONE i respect who would brag online about their income.... Logical Feb 2016 #96
Don't take the bait. That's all it is. n/t bvf Feb 2016 #99
+1 It's not just the income, it's the whole presentation. nt TheBlackAdder Feb 2016 #120
Go volunteer at a shelter for a week. Kalidurga Feb 2016 #97
Excellent suggestion. senz Feb 2016 #103
the theoretical person in the OP would be a Republican Enrique Feb 2016 #104
Sanders works well across the political spectre. You'll be fine with him in the White House. Betty Karlson Feb 2016 #106
It must be hard for you Marrah_G Feb 2016 #107
I get $968/mo on Social Security. What keeps me alive is my VA medical. hobbit709 Feb 2016 #109
If you're scared, think of your fellow citizens My Good Babushka Feb 2016 #110
as long as you get yours, fuck the rest? yep you are in the wrong party. you are the problem bowens43 Feb 2016 #111
I don't care about your tax bill. If I pay a tax rate of 33% as a sinkingfeeling Feb 2016 #112
I defended you on the Melissa Harris-Perry story. But if this is what you're about, go away. randome Feb 2016 #113
Some of us have to "plan" $30 expenditures, hell some of us have to "plan" 30 cent expenditures Fumesucker Feb 2016 #114
I feel so sorry for they type you describe. KentuckyWoman Feb 2016 #116
Lulz! demmiblue Feb 2016 #118
Establishment Democratic Party leaders will make sure Sanders isn't the nominee. BKH70041 Feb 2016 #119
An employee does directly impact how soon you can retire, in two ways. lumberjack_jeff Feb 2016 #121
STFU. Odin2005 Feb 2016 #122
+1000, idiot post. Nt Logical Feb 2016 #134
Really scares you. LWolf Feb 2016 #123
Guessing Michael Bloomberg probably sounds pretty good to you right about now? Cheese Sandwich Feb 2016 #124
Poor baby, there, there, it's all right. Warren Stupidity Feb 2016 #125
I do not agree with anything you saying, and I support Clinton. Agnosticsherbet Feb 2016 #127
Oh, you again. I thought I put you on Forever Ignored during the debate. nt valerief Feb 2016 #128
The incomes from $100K to $999K are overtaxed, you should be concerned about the incomes that are Todays_Illusion Feb 2016 #129
The key word here is "earn". Mister Ed Feb 2016 #130
nice post Locrian Feb 2016 #137
My take-away from your post - money is your god. n/t Avalux Feb 2016 #132
I am 67 years old and get SS and a moderate pension. In the 5 years doc03 Feb 2016 #136
How are we to to survive if they don't? fwiff Feb 2016 #142
How about organizing a union and fighting for an increase in your wages like doc03 Feb 2016 #143
Oh, another I got mine and deserved it but you don't post. Nice nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #162
Asking you to pay a fair share of taxes OrwellwasRight Feb 2016 #138
^^^^^ polichick Feb 2016 #171
600 K is a lot of coin. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2016 #147
You have to plan $30K expenditures? TexasBushwhacker Feb 2016 #149
I do NOT hifiguy Feb 2016 #150
ROFL Live and Learn Feb 2016 #161
Are you still here? eom mikehiggins Feb 2016 #151
You make 600K a year and you think you are not ultra rich? oberliner Feb 2016 #152
Since you failed to mention why Sanders "scares" you, there can be only one logical conclusion: arcane1 Feb 2016 #153
I agree. Made-up bullshit. n/t PonyUp Feb 2016 #157
I'm not going to vilify you for being successful, but let's be honest ... VMA131Marine Feb 2016 #158
damn, I had no idea how hard it is... mike_c Feb 2016 #159
well goodie for you CountAllVotes Feb 2016 #163
Wow- Karma13612 Feb 2016 #166
Earn is the wrong word. You manage commodities, including labor. rug Feb 2016 #168
Lol! Kewl story bro Arazi Feb 2016 #172
Vote for who you objectively feel serves your interests overall. My income is a sporadic roller GoneFishin Feb 2016 #173
So, did you find out what you wanted to know? bvf Feb 2016 #175
Have you looked at what the republicans will do to you? TBF Feb 2016 #179
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