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2016 Postmortem

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Fri Feb 19, 2016, 12:13 AM Feb 2016

The 'Establishment' Slam Against Black Legislators Suppporting Hillary Clinton Is Clueless [View all]

...not to mention self-defeating and offensive.

I've seen more than a few snide references to black politicians expressing support for Hillary Clinton's campaign as 'establishment,' as if that defines their public service. The 'political establishment' they belong to is vital to the black community.

For decades, blacks had no seat at the political table, and I would be surprised (maybe not) to find suggestions here that these black legislators shouldn't hold and exercise their political clout in support of those who they feel would advance the issues and concerns of their constituency. Would critics rather they were outsiders to the political process again?

When I was a young adult, there were just a couple black legislators in Congress. I still recall the mere handful of blacks I found in Congress when I first explored the Capitol. I remember seeing the tall head of Rep. Ron Dellums, ever present on the House floor, and imagining that there were many more like him in the wings. It wasn't until 1990, though, that we actually saw a significant influx of minorities elected to Congress, enabled by the 1990 census Democrats fought to reform and manage (along with their fight for an extension of the Voting Rights Act which Bush I vetoed five times before trading his signature for votes for Clarance Thomas) which allowed court-ordered redistricting to double the number of districts with black majorities.

The gains blacks have made in our political institutions have not kept pace with even the incremental gains which have occurred in the workplace, for example. We may well have an abundance of black CEOs, military officers, business owners, doctors, lawyers and other professionals. However, Americans have yet to support and establish blacks in our political institutions with a regularity we could celebrate as 'colorblindness.' And, to be fair, not even many blacks would likely agree that we've moved past a point where race should be highlighted (if not overtly emphasized), in our political deliberations and considerations.

Reducing these important and principled black legislators to targets in an opportunistic Sanders 'revolution' is self-defeating, short-sighted, and an amazing offense to legislators like John Lewis and Rep. Clyburn and their vital and accomplished histories.

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kick bigtree Feb 2016 #1
Excellent OP. kick and rec. oasis Feb 2016 #2
thanks, oasis! bigtree Feb 2016 #3
Sorry to say, but as a Black person and Bernie supporter I'd agree many of them ARE establishment DemocraticSocialist8 Feb 2016 #4
calling them 'establishment' doesn't define them bigtree Feb 2016 #12
Jim Clyburn voted for DOMA and you claim that is not out of lne with progressive values? Bluenorthwest Feb 2016 #46
yes he has served and voted for progressive issues bigtree Feb 2016 #48
Having a "seat at the table" hasn't helped the majority of Blacks DemocraticSocialist8 Feb 2016 #49
that's the most ignorant comment yet bigtree Feb 2016 #50
Black politicians as establishment. angel123 Feb 2016 #51
Its funny how most if not ALL of the marginalized are now the "establishment". The Revolution is a uponit7771 Feb 2016 #5
All Bernie Sanders supporters and campaign members need to do Aerows Feb 2016 #7
Self destruct = lost PoC in IA by 25% after spending 3 months there, so the condescending excuse uponit7771 Feb 2016 #8
NV is coming up on the 20th. Aerows Feb 2016 #10
Me too, he'll lose PoC there too ... there's not a state where's he's leading... do you get it... uponit7771 Feb 2016 #13
Hmm. Aerows Feb 2016 #14
The post was about national numbers not about you, I don't see how national majorities of uponit7771 Feb 2016 #15
"I don't have time to personalize something that doesn't need to be personalized" Aerows Feb 2016 #16
Polling numbers are somehow now representative of what individuals do? Really??!!? Either uponit7771 Feb 2016 #17
You are in for a big surprise. None of those groups feels likes Clinton represents them, Live and Learn Feb 2016 #20
Strawman, never said they did... and I don't read anything that says the did either... uponit7771 Feb 2016 #22
Do you even know the meaning of a strawman logic argument? Live and Learn Feb 2016 #30
Yes, when someone basically puts words in another's mouth then argues against those words... uponit7771 Feb 2016 #40
False premise. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #29
"The Revolution is a temper tantrum" That is post of the freaking year right there Number23 Feb 2016 #18
Its a microcosm of what's to come n the US ... the "establishments" power is being challenged by the uponit7771 Feb 2016 #23
Damn straight!!! You can tell by the petulance. bravenak Feb 2016 #27
Wow, I can't believe you said that. You haven't seen anything yet. And this post will be remembered. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #21
We'll see... uponit7771 Feb 2016 #24
I know. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Empowerer Feb 2016 #44
I'd like to interject here Aerows Feb 2016 #6
that zoomed right past my point bigtree Feb 2016 #9
I'm waiting Aerows Feb 2016 #11
And Bernie would NEVER say, "Let's all vote for a man." He never would. aquart Feb 2016 #26
+10,000 nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #31
Kick oasis Feb 2016 #19
VERY TRUE!!! bravenak Feb 2016 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #32
new poster says bigtree Feb 2016 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #35
Marginalized equals anyone earning not currently earning at least $250,000. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #33
Bull bravenak Feb 2016 #36
Truth!! Live and Learn Feb 2016 #37
Oh good god. bravenak Feb 2016 #38
What does God have to do with it? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #39
Beautifully said. Thank you! Empowerer Feb 2016 #41
The Blackstablishment nt firebrand80 Feb 2016 #43
Representative Clyburn voted for DOMA to deny civil rights to millions of Americans. Establishment. Bluenorthwest Feb 2016 #45
I'd consider his entire record of service bigtree Feb 2016 #47
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