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2016 Postmortem

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77. Anyone who uses this to disparage one of the most influential women of our lifetimes is an asshole.
Sun Feb 21, 2016, 03:56 PM
Feb 2016

She's an honorable woman who has worked her entire life for civil and worker's rights. She was trying to make sure those who spoke Spanish knew what the fuck was going on.

If you find yourself questioning her integrity or accomplishments look them up.

She's a smart, honorable woman whose opinion I and all of us should respect.

If you start questioning where she "went wrong", wondering how she could ever support HRC, maybe instead you should question your own beliefs. Maybe you should examine what right wing bullshit you're buying into.

Maybe it's you.

Hello Video #2 [View all] leftofcool Feb 2016 OP
ENGLISH ONLY workinclasszero Feb 2016 #1
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #2
I noticed that too nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #6
Notes? Hell, by the time it's over you're gonna have material enough for a book! ebayfool Feb 2016 #44
Not the DNC...this is not run by the DNC nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #49
Noted (see what I did there? LOL!) ebayfool Feb 2016 #56
Local and state parties run party machines nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #62
Great SPIN nt fun n serious Feb 2016 #8
Truth spins itself bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #22
That's not spin, it's truth. cui bono Feb 2016 #63
Nope. Nice try! leftofcool Feb 2016 #13
I'll repeat what someone said in another thread. Shame on you. bobbobbins01 Feb 2016 #28
I am glad that the Sanders Campaign denounced this behavior. leftofcool Feb 2016 #29
Well they didn't because there was no behavior. cui bono Feb 2016 #64
There is no shame in Mudville... dchill Feb 2016 #55
I think my browser is upset, I'm only seeing one video? Shandris Feb 2016 #3
They pop in in a second in my browser...there are two more lower on the page Lucinda Feb 2016 #38
Thank you for that. Shandris Feb 2016 #40
I'm in Opera, and on a networked laptop, so things can lag a tiny bit for me Lucinda Feb 2016 #43
That appears to be after the decision was made. joshcryer Feb 2016 #4
She even suggested she and a Spanish speaking Sanders supporter translate together MohRokTah Feb 2016 #10
The moderator didn't allow that. n/t cui bono Feb 2016 #23
I don't think you understand what the word neutral means. Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #12
He shot it down because of lack of consensus. joshcryer Feb 2016 #17
My understanding is that the rules require a neutral translator. Huerta is not neutral by any Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #18
Caucus rules are ad hoc nonsense. joshcryer Feb 2016 #20
Are you implying she is neutral? Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #26
If you're supposed to translate something... joshcryer Feb 2016 #48
But was she a neutral? Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #51
One of those posts I wish I could rec jsmirman Feb 2016 #60
+1 cui bono Feb 2016 #25
Actually not according to the rules of the caucus nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #14
You're not addressing what I am. joshcryer Feb 2016 #19
And a HRC supporter from watching this video a few times nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #21
Anyone can be neutral in a room of half bilinguals. joshcryer Feb 2016 #24
And that is why he ruled the way he did nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #27
He ruled that way because of the headache. joshcryer Feb 2016 #41
Neither Huerta or the Sanders supporter were neutral nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #45
I've never heard of a caucus that wasn't staffed by fully volunteers. joshcryer Feb 2016 #54
Well josh I have never heard so many excuses nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #58
*sigh* Nothing in the Selection Process mentions "neutrality for translators." joshcryer Feb 2016 #65
Who is applauding English only? nadinbrzezinski Feb 2016 #75
Rules despite you finding them bunk are supposed to be followed. nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #66
Ad hoc caucus rules? joshcryer Feb 2016 #69
Jheez, up is down, moral is immoral, rules are meant to be broken. Live and Learn Feb 2016 #70
A rule forbidding translation... joshcryer Feb 2016 #71
What language is that? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #72
The moderator is the one who didn't allow it. And someone who has endorsed a candidate is not cui bono Feb 2016 #61
I'm glad the Sanders campaign denounced the behavior. eom MohRokTah Feb 2016 #5
link? frylock Feb 2016 #33
It's in the update on the Crooks and Liars story. MohRokTah Feb 2016 #46
Yeah, I saw it. It was a blanket statement about unity and respect. frylock Feb 2016 #52
No. They didn't denounce the behavior because there was no behavior to denounce. cui bono Feb 2016 #74
Stop lying. Its one CLINTON supporter offering commentary when the MODERATOR Joe the Revelator Feb 2016 #7
Bookmarking to watch later. Thankie! Lucinda Feb 2016 #9
That is a Hillary supporter saying that. ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #11
You might want to listen to that again. That wasn't a Bernie supporters chanting English Only Autumn Feb 2016 #15
Obviously Bernie thought so. leftofcool Feb 2016 #30
Because, sight unseen, it would be the right thing to do. Even ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #32
link? frylock Feb 2016 #34
And so he should. We should all denounce that type of behavior. I did so immediately... Autumn Feb 2016 #36
He actually did not really as there was no such behavior at that event. cui bono Feb 2016 #42
No he did not. You keep posting comments without links. cui bono Feb 2016 #39
In Hillarian speak, Bernie personally called out all supporters on DU individually. frylock Feb 2016 #50
Wow melman Feb 2016 #16
I only see one video but it seems others have seen the one you're talking about and cui bono Feb 2016 #31
If you look at the link posted here, it is a chopped up version of another video, ScreamingMeemie Feb 2016 #35
Finally saw it... had to use another less locked down browser. cui bono Feb 2016 #59
Scroll down and you'll see two videos. It's the second one. Autumn Feb 2016 #37
Okay, saw it! omg!!! cui bono Feb 2016 #57
Hello Video #1 cui bono Feb 2016 #47
Jesus desmiller Feb 2016 #53
Well that settles it. It was a Clinton supporter that said it. Where is the outrage now? nt Live and Learn Feb 2016 #67
No, you don't. Ken Burch Feb 2016 #68
Laughable. snort Feb 2016 #73
Thanks for posting Gothmog Feb 2016 #76
Anyone who uses this to disparage one of the most influential women of our lifetimes is an asshole. PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #77
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