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22. David Plouffe and the rest of the Third Way Crowd need to form their own party
Sat Feb 27, 2016, 09:14 PM
Feb 2016

rather than trying to take over the FDR Democrats in the current party. Those of us who have been Democrats for a long time and support, as Bernie says, the government working for all of the people, will never lie down in the dirt with them. We should start making that statement well known - the FDR Dems and the Third-Way Dems cannot peacefully and rightfully co-exist in the same political party. And we were here first.


What a peice of shit. Rod Beauvex Feb 2016 #1
The DNC DWS DLC Third Way Establishment Is Apoplectic About A Bernie Presidency, The Panic Is Theirs cantbeserious Feb 2016 #2
I wonder if they actually ever thought that we really wanted jwirr Feb 2016 #9
There Are Effectively Five Parties In America - The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks Own Three cantbeserious Feb 2016 #12
and Independents are the Majority Party in this country FreakinDJ Feb 2016 #31
If the Independents sit this one out maybe the DNC will learn who their masters really are FreakinDJ Feb 2016 #30
They won't learn. Deny and Shred Feb 2016 #32
Its as simple as good vs evil. Integrity vs lack of integrity. Honesty vs deception. Peregrine Took Feb 2016 #33
Yes - The Establishment Demands Loyalty - From All Citizens - Despite The Contradictions cantbeserious Feb 2016 #34
That kind of statement would make me even more willing to jwirr Feb 2016 #3
Throw the bums out! highprincipleswork Feb 2016 #4
Well that seals it. After the Florida primary, I change my registration demwing Feb 2016 #5
It comes down to.....can we save the party or do we start over? yourout Feb 2016 #6
We're trying to save the party Hydra Feb 2016 #38
Which is why his last day as a candidate is my last day as a Democrat. Barack_America Feb 2016 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #45
Yep. peacebird Feb 2016 #55
It's gonna suck for establishment Dems when they get blocked Autumn Feb 2016 #8
This kind of statement will keep millennials sadoldgirl Feb 2016 #10
Bookmark Thread noretreatnosurrender Feb 2016 #11
is that supposed to stop the Bernie or Bust movement? tk2kewl Feb 2016 #13
It would not surprise me in the least if that is their objective. stillwaiting Feb 2016 #42
Kick azmom Feb 2016 #14
The Obama wing of the Party in my youth would all be Republicans emsimon33 Feb 2016 #15
True. Dems are so far off to the right they don't even recognize one of their own anymore Triana Feb 2016 #23
That's why I won't be voting for Clinton no matter who she's running against Doctor_J Feb 2016 #16
Plouffe says stuff for a living, here's some stuff he said about Hillary in 2008... Bluenorthwest Feb 2016 #17
That's the same stuff many of her most vocal supporters noamnety Feb 2016 #49
who would have thunk it kingCowan Feb 2016 #18
And that's why all of them must go. 2pooped2pop Feb 2016 #19
Three cheers for the Clinton campaign, the corporate media, our Democratic establishment mhatrw Feb 2016 #20
Someone told me on Twitter about 30 minutes ago that "Hillary has already won" Triana Feb 2016 #24
Shows how much they desperately need that to happen n/t Hydra Feb 2016 #39
The longer they keep spelling that out and the longer they imagine scaring people about Jefferson23 Feb 2016 #21
David Plouffe and the rest of the Third Way Crowd need to form their own party Samantha Feb 2016 #22
Well said and I agree. FDR Democrats need to squeeze out DLC and turd way types Triana Feb 2016 #26
We need to start standing up to these people instead of accepting them as Democrats Samantha Feb 2016 #36
May be time for the guillotines to roll out. PowerToThePeople Feb 2016 #25
Guillotines, torches, machetes and thumbscrews. nt VulgarPoet Feb 2016 #57
That pretty much says Depaysement Feb 2016 #27
Well, that's gonna be great for voter turnout. cyberswede Feb 2016 #28
They'd do to Bernie what the republicans did to Obama? lob1 Feb 2016 #29
The fuckers can get booted out. Punkingal Feb 2016 #35
But we're supposed to be loyal to them. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2016 #37
Yes, because they are bad proposals MaggieD Feb 2016 #40
to Republicans and DLCers, yes. Triana Feb 2016 #43
No, I'm not a conservative Dem MaggieD Feb 2016 #47
SMH randomelement Feb 2016 #41
They are so out of touch it scares me. malletgirl02 Feb 2016 #44
David Plouffe is libertarian as are all those folks being called establishment Democratic. Todays_Illusion Feb 2016 #46
And...... MaggieD Feb 2016 #48
The worst thing about the libertiarn take over of both the Republican and Democratic Todays_Illusion Feb 2016 #56
I seriously thought this was satire at first noamnety Feb 2016 #50
Our votes are dead on arrival. CentralMass Feb 2016 #51
i think an opening for a third party is emerging. elana i am Feb 2016 #52
Everyone fighting everyone means there are no effective winners. oldandhappy Feb 2016 #53
Apparently, they failed to sign one of party loyalty oaths so popular here. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #54
Never mind UglyGreed Feb 2016 #58
Can you point out the evidence of "Establishment Dems Promise to Block Sanders Proposals"? brooklynite Feb 2016 #59
40% of Americans identify as Independent. This number will keep on growing the more liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #60
First off, career politician Sanders is also an establishment Independent. great white snark Feb 2016 #61
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