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Dear Bernie, please let it fly. [View all] Barack_America Feb 2016 OP
bernie mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #1
We need him to change that. Barack_America Feb 2016 #2
I don't think he would agree with you. Adrahil Feb 2016 #28
We need him to Bern it ALL Down Politicalboi Feb 2016 #7
sigh so sad mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #11
This is not about Bernie. This is about trying to save the Democratic Party. Barack_America Feb 2016 #15
have you taken a look at the GOP lately? mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #16
Yielding the mm of difference that still exists... Barack_America Feb 2016 #18
Bernie is trying to save our Democracy. bkkyosemite Feb 2016 #20
Its more like trying to save the country 2pooped2pop Feb 2016 #29
Bernie is our last best hope. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2016 #36
And the planet as well with climate change, etc. also in the corporate propaganda list! cascadiance Feb 2016 #47
I take it as the end of democracy if Hillary is the nominee CoffeeCat Feb 2016 #30
^^ This! ^^....x1000! tex-wyo-dem Feb 2016 #38
Brilliant. Barack_America Feb 2016 #40
His supporters could do it. Milliesmom Feb 2016 #27
This message more correctly should go to first time voters and those who haven't ... MrMickeysMom Feb 2016 #3
"we had to destroy the village in order to save it..." brooklynite Feb 2016 #4
"We have to prevent marriages in order to defend marriage!" Bluenorthwest Feb 2016 #13
I'm willing to accept evolution on issues... brooklynite Feb 2016 #21
How about on values? Barack_America Feb 2016 #46
I just don't think it is his UglyGreed Feb 2016 #5
Then that will be the end of it... Barack_America Feb 2016 #8
I completely understand UglyGreed Feb 2016 #10
Bernie has already been letting it fly Cali_Democrat Feb 2016 #6
You really think that's true? There's nothing to be said about Hillary Clinton. Barack_America Feb 2016 #9
Yeah wait UglyGreed Feb 2016 #12
Part of Bernie's appeal is no negative campaigns, he sticks to the issues jg10003 Feb 2016 #14
Yes!! Let it fly RobertEarl Feb 2016 #17
Excellent post! I agree!! The Democratic Party that I grew up supporting is no longer there, so jillan Feb 2016 #19
Bernie's giving the country a chance for a peaceful political revolution. jalan48 Feb 2016 #22
+1 platitudipus Feb 2016 #32
This is true. Barack_America Feb 2016 #41
Please Post on his facebook page Milliesmom Feb 2016 #23
I'm not on Facebook. Barack_America Feb 2016 #45
Rome Is Burning Anyway.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #24
Good post there. Barack_America Feb 2016 #42
He has been about as negative as you can get without emulating Trump. Let it fly? Jitter65 Feb 2016 #25
LOL. Trump is going to eat her *alive*. Smarmie Doofus Feb 2016 #31
Disagree. Trumps negatives are worse and with Trump University, his comments on women and more stevenleser Mar 2016 #55
1. African Americans made up 13% of the GE electorate in Obama's reelect year. Smarmie Doofus Mar 2016 #56
Television is a "cool" medium, as Marshall McLuhan pointed out in his book Understanding Media Califonz Feb 2016 #26
Was. JackRiddler Feb 2016 #43
Yes, let it fly Bernie The Second Stone Feb 2016 #33
K&R Joe Shlabotnik Feb 2016 #34
Amen elmac Feb 2016 #35
I'm voting for Bernie Sanders. erlewyne Feb 2016 #37
There are two memes being flogged by the Clinton camp and the MSM King_Klonopin Feb 2016 #39
One of those things at the end unfortunately is true. JackRiddler Feb 2016 #44
good point marions ghost Feb 2016 #49
I believe it was Hillary who said "All Lives Matter" Oilwellian Feb 2016 #48
As I remember it, it was shortly after he announced his candidacy in Vermont King_Klonopin Feb 2016 #51
I don't think Sanders ever said "all lives matter" at least not as a... JackRiddler Feb 2016 #50
Actually only Clinton and O'Malley said "All lives matter" Vattel Mar 2016 #54
It's OK. We hate him anyway! Smarmie Doofus Mar 2016 #57
About to head out to volunteer for Bernie in MI. Barack_America Mar 2016 #52
K & R Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #53
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