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I'm with you on this! CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2016 #1
Thank you! Avalux Mar 2016 #4
. haikugal Mar 2016 #6
Vote for the least corrupt I guess Armstead Mar 2016 #9
Voting for the lesser evil is becoming the status quo. platitudipus Mar 2016 #94
And you are far from the only one. Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #26
+1 daleanime Mar 2016 #34
+1 chknltl Mar 2016 #41
Me too MissDeeds Mar 2016 #64
me too, Peggy dana_b Mar 2016 #92
There is LITERALLY NOTHING Hillary and/or supporters can spew that would keep me from djean111 Mar 2016 #2
Bravo! Avalux Mar 2016 #5
I've already cast one vote for Bernie Art_from_Ark Mar 2016 #102
Yup. Despicable stuff. RufusTFirefly Mar 2016 #3
I remember. Avalux Mar 2016 #11
I just can't get my head around Svafa Mar 2016 #68
Especially after all the nasty stuff they said about her, worse than SammyWinstonJack Mar 2016 #78
Media "influencers" seek to obscure or reframe those memories RufusTFirefly Mar 2016 #80
Why are African Americans voting for Hillary? INdemo Mar 2016 #93
and if we ask that question here on DU, we get hammered. nt grasswire Mar 2016 #99
There is a reason why her trustworthy factor is so low, and if they're doing this it will not work. Jefferson23 Mar 2016 #7
As if her career wasn't bad enough artislife Mar 2016 #8
I and my family and millions of others are with you! amborin Mar 2016 #10
We truly are a progressive movement! Avalux Mar 2016 #18
Absolutely! To the convention, and beyond! amborin Mar 2016 #111
+1 Kittycat Mar 2016 #126
This is pure paranoia. sufrommich Mar 2016 #12
I'm sorry you feel that way. Avalux Mar 2016 #15
Link to any proof that Clinton is secretly behind the sufrommich Mar 2016 #21
seen too many Sanders supporters retweeting and posting RW propaganda- unchallenged here... bettyellen Mar 2016 #51
Because the "Bernie bros" myth would give us no reason to wonder Svafa Mar 2016 #71
I saw the title and thought to myself 'um... Duh?' RiverNoord Mar 2016 #82
If all else fails blame Hillary or Obama. nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #119
Dumbest Strategy Ever in 2016 n/t fredamae Mar 2016 #13
She has abandoned issues as the basis of her campaign AgingAmerican Mar 2016 #14
Since Brock set up a highly-funded PAC,... HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #16
I'm not fighting with anyone. Just as I'm not voting for Hillary. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #17
Brilliant quote! Avalux Mar 2016 #20
Cool. That is your right, nt. fun n serious Mar 2016 #24
Here's another apt one in this election. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2016 #32
Posts like yours give me hope snowy owl Mar 2016 #73
Uh huh. Spoiled brats, not Democrats. aquart Mar 2016 #87
I don't understand what you're worked up about gwheezie Mar 2016 #19
"Plant stories about Bernie supporters harassing Liz Warren....." brooklynite Mar 2016 #22
Yes seriously Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2016 #100
Nope. What is being reported is true fun n serious Mar 2016 #23
Can you prove that "28,000" were Bernie supporters? Avalux Mar 2016 #25
They stated they were Bernie supporters. nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #28
They could be anyone. n/t Avalux Mar 2016 #30
Here is your proof. fun n serious Mar 2016 #37
Posts on DU are not proof of 28,000 people directly contacting Warren. n/t Avalux Mar 2016 #44
Keep reading. There are post calling Bernie supporters to do just that. nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #46
Did'nt Hillary purchase a whole heap of followers ? TheFarS1de Mar 2016 #98
I don't know Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2016 #101
I get emails from Nigerian Princes. HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #106
Princes! Lucky you. I just get calls from Windows repair :( Kittycat Mar 2016 #127
Its especially stupid because Sanders supporters tend to be pretty inoculated against propaganda. w4rma Mar 2016 #27
^^This!^^ Avalux Mar 2016 #29
yep marions ghost Mar 2016 #89
Sanders supporters don't like losing or not getting endorsements KingFlorez Mar 2016 #31
They are HERE fun n serious Mar 2016 #40
No Bernie supporter buys the whole Warren-Facebook page lie CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #33
I don't think they care. They'd prefer us to just drop off the face of the earth. Avalux Mar 2016 #47
I don't think our votes are needed or wanted CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #65
it's pretty blatant. bbgrunt Mar 2016 #130
She has made no attempt to earn our vote... I find that surprising yourpaljoey Mar 2016 #35
It doesn't surprise me at all. bvf Mar 2016 #74
I think she has: her transparently fake shift to the left. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #137
I know. We're all jerks. HassleCat Mar 2016 #36
You've got it! n/t Avalux Mar 2016 #45
she's actually splitting the Democratic party along racial lines azurnoir Mar 2016 #38
David Brock UglyGreed Mar 2016 #39
True, but it's not working. Their efforts are far too organized, juvenile and transparent. NorthCarolina Mar 2016 #42
How??? nt Jitter65 Mar 2016 #43
Bernie is in dire need of more votes and not more conspiracy theories. Trust Buster Mar 2016 #48
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Shadowflash Mar 2016 #49
Ugh. Agschmid Mar 2016 #55
Jury results! B Calm Mar 2016 #56
Haha! Shadowflash Mar 2016 #58
Yeah, the desperation lies in posting ignorant photoshopped bullshit. JTFrog Mar 2016 #103
Nope. Shadowflash Mar 2016 #114
This is my first post in many Months, donnasgirl Mar 2016 #50
You Go Girl! snowy owl Mar 2016 #66
We signed the petition and the last i looked 52000 also signed. donnasgirl Mar 2016 #69
I signed it, too. snowy owl Mar 2016 #72
God do i know how people are feeling donnasgirl Mar 2016 #75
If she wants Bernie supporters' votes, she sure has a funny way of showing it. CharlotteVale Mar 2016 #52
K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2016 #53
BERNIE 2016. (period) Jopin Klobe Mar 2016 #54
The democratic party is underestimating the anger out here. Autumn Mar 2016 #57
^ this ^ Ivan Kaputski Mar 2016 #113
Hillary BEING BERNIE snowy owl Mar 2016 #59
I'm an independent Darwin Diplomacy Mar 2016 #60
Just ignore them and move on with our own Bernie discussions - we have much to talk about! kgnu_fan Mar 2016 #61
Hillary abandons any position for expediency to protect the monied interests who finance her life onecaliberal Mar 2016 #62
Plant stories? dlwickham Mar 2016 #63
I will vote for Clinton if she is the nominee rockfordfile Mar 2016 #67
You and Thom Hartmann snowy owl Mar 2016 #70
I didn't leave my party. Kittycat Mar 2016 #129
Yeah, not going to work. She should quit while she's some what "ahead". SammyWinstonJack Mar 2016 #76
The THIRD WAY OR tired way..................doesn't get it........... turbinetree Mar 2016 #77
Beep-Beep Kittycat Mar 2016 #131
Kicked nt MaeScott Mar 2016 #79
Of course they are. Jack Rabbit Mar 2016 #81
I will, as I have frequently stated, vote for all other Democrats on my ballot, but I cannot JDPriestly Mar 2016 #83
After billy boy coming to my state with bullhorn to steal my vote. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #84
K & R Thespian2 Mar 2016 #85
God! Berners take no responsibility for their vile bouts of paranoid hysteria. aquart Mar 2016 #86
Clinton supporters take no responsibility for steadily losing the support of Democratic voters. (nt) w4rma Mar 2016 #91
This appears to be Bill Clintons using Karl Roves strategy along with INdemo Mar 2016 #88
Despite pictures and video. Kittycat Mar 2016 #132
When Hillary supporters refuse to INdemo Mar 2016 #136
It's what we have always railed and fought Republicans Kittycat Mar 2016 #138
K&R Ferd Berfel Mar 2016 #90
Ask yourself, have you ever heard anyone use the term: Utopian Leftist Mar 2016 #95
They're going to split many of us right out of the Democratic party. pa28 Mar 2016 #96
Since Hillary's fans can't go after Bernie on the issues, all they have left Lorien Mar 2016 #97
Yes you a right. Cleita Mar 2016 #104
Yet another example Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #105
Too late! Someone here has already announced that if someone did not support Hillary, it djean111 Mar 2016 #108
Did I say NOT SUPPORTING Hillary is the issue? Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #110
I think the constant sniping at Bernie's supporters is totally due to pissiness because we don't djean111 Mar 2016 #112
First of all - My parents taught me to stand up for what I believe in - AND - jillan Mar 2016 #116
Did I say anything about who you support? Nonhlanhla Mar 2016 #134
I am with you. Why would I settle for Hillary? She will veer hard right if elected. peacebird Mar 2016 #107
The Revolution hunts dragons to sleigh. LuvLoogie Mar 2016 #109
All her campaign has done is push me away. At this point in time I honestly don't know jillan Mar 2016 #115
Cool with me! I do not feel threatened if that is what your goal is. nt fun n serious Mar 2016 #122
don't forget we're juvinile ........ olddots Mar 2016 #117
Let me get this straight, some of Sander's supporters went online and badmouthed Warren. Beacool Mar 2016 #118
+1 Lucinda Mar 2016 #120
Yes. Blame Hilary and or Obama. Also, fun n serious Mar 2016 #121
Yeah, that meme is getting old. Beacool Mar 2016 #124
The attempted data theft of her own records was somehow her fault. Why not this too?? Number23 Mar 2016 #123
Now they are going after Michael Tomasky. Beacool Mar 2016 #125
For God's sake, PLEASE tell me this is an OP somewhere on this web site. I need to K&R 70 times Number23 Mar 2016 #128
It is now......... Beacool Mar 2016 #133
Where? Number23 Mar 2016 #139
Here... Beacool Mar 2016 #140
this after her minion DWS did what to Warren? PatrynXX Mar 2016 #135
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