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9. The kind of job I do in the military is the kind of job Clinton wants to send away.
Fri Mar 4, 2016, 12:43 PM
Mar 2016

And then what am I supposed to do, after eight years of wasted time(assuming I live that long if she gets the presidency)?

Yes, it has benefited corporations in many parts of our country. djean111 Mar 2016 #1
Outsourcing is gutting the American IT industry. peacebird Mar 2016 #2
Abbott Labs in Illinois outsourcing jobs, making laid off workers whathehell Mar 2016 #7
And we are encouraged to dream of "inventing the next Facebook" instead of having a damn job. arcane1 Mar 2016 #13
+1000 nt abelenkpe Mar 2016 #19
Insourcing foreign workers is also gutting American IT jobs. Akicita Mar 2016 #30
Coincidentally Hillary ALSO supports more H1B visas.... peacebird Mar 2016 #31
And HGC's buddy Rahm Emmanuel promised a portion of Chicago city jobs will be reserved for Akicita Mar 2016 #32
It has benefited the .01%, most definitely, Hillary. Not so much everyone else. nt valerief Mar 2016 #3
Thank you! SoapBox Mar 2016 #24
And we wonder why UglyGreed Mar 2016 #4
"Jobs of the 21st Century" - that bullshit line again. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #5
I heard "Jobs of the 21st Century" were over a bridge built to the 21st Century somewhere, but Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #6
Gig jobs abelenkpe Mar 2016 #18
I wonder if every H1B is a new job? LiberalArkie Mar 2016 #25
the answer is no. pdsimdars Mar 2016 #28
Hillary Clinton is part of the problem... damned sure not part of the solution. AzDar Mar 2016 #8
The kind of job I do in the military is the kind of job Clinton wants to send away. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #9
This would make a very good campaign ad. senz Mar 2016 #10
Wow Chelsea2032 Mar 2016 #11
Why Hillary's Word Is Meaningless and Unreliable, exhibit # 1,574 arcane1 Mar 2016 #12
I think this was misinterpreted olddots Mar 2016 #14
it benefits corporate CEOS and shareholders. nt antigop Mar 2016 #15
So I benefitted having my 18 year secure abelenkpe Mar 2016 #16
I think Hillary should run for President of India. Outsourcing at it's best. jalan48 Mar 2016 #17
+ 10 That's hysterical! appalachiablue Mar 2016 #22
LoL! Perfect. nt Duppers Mar 2016 #38
K&R! nt Duval Mar 2016 #20
From the expressions in that photo, the audience isn't buying it either. sarge43 Mar 2016 #21
the owners, the human brokers for the indenturees, media flacks that yell about the "STEM shortage" MisterP Mar 2016 #23
And polls reflect this, her trust rating is among the lowest if not the lowest of all candidates pdsimdars Mar 2016 #26
"improve the job skills of our own people" dana_b Mar 2016 #27
Many positions are filled by less qualified H1B workers, as more expensive Americans are laid off peacebird Mar 2016 #33
No way! charlespercydemocrat Mar 2016 #29
This is the kind of thing that makes me worried about our chances vintx Mar 2016 #34
K/R moondust Mar 2016 #35
Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion. Inside The Clinton Donor Network (Washington Post 11-19-15) bobthedrummer Mar 2016 #36
Wow! Duppers Mar 2016 #37
bullshit, I've had two good tech jobs outsourced away from me Amishman Mar 2016 #39
The people who used to work at the now defunct printing plant near me and the Vinca Mar 2016 #40
Outsourcing = Indentured Servitude and Loss of STEM Jobs , Promotes Age Discrimination Impedimentus Mar 2016 #41
That's a Trump campaign commercial that writes itself. Jesus fucking Christ. Bread and Circus Mar 2016 #42
Hillary acts like she is on an inside joke where those who don't agree with her are just too stupid Bread and Circus Mar 2016 #43
It could benefit Americans treestar Mar 2016 #44
Yep. Those parts of the country that are the live, work, and play enclaves of the 1%. hobbit709 Mar 2016 #45
The New World Order can ALL go to hell...n/t bobthedrummer Mar 2016 #46
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