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44. It could benefit Americans
Sat Mar 5, 2016, 11:36 AM
Mar 2016

One thing where is a business that could not pay labor costs can exist at this end - say you design something, like a line of dishes or the like. But you can't afford a factory in the US. You can afford Chinese/Indian labor. Therefore that business exists here in the US and eventually employs people where it would not otherwise.

I recall being in Australia and they were very wise there - the labels did not just say "Made in China" like ours do, but "Designed in Australia/Made in China"

All in all this issue is not so black and white and cut and dried as job for job.

Yes, it has benefited corporations in many parts of our country. djean111 Mar 2016 #1
Outsourcing is gutting the American IT industry. peacebird Mar 2016 #2
Abbott Labs in Illinois outsourcing jobs, making laid off workers whathehell Mar 2016 #7
And we are encouraged to dream of "inventing the next Facebook" instead of having a damn job. arcane1 Mar 2016 #13
+1000 nt abelenkpe Mar 2016 #19
Insourcing foreign workers is also gutting American IT jobs. Akicita Mar 2016 #30
Coincidentally Hillary ALSO supports more H1B visas.... peacebird Mar 2016 #31
And HGC's buddy Rahm Emmanuel promised a portion of Chicago city jobs will be reserved for Akicita Mar 2016 #32
It has benefited the .01%, most definitely, Hillary. Not so much everyone else. nt valerief Mar 2016 #3
Thank you! SoapBox Mar 2016 #24
And we wonder why UglyGreed Mar 2016 #4
"Jobs of the 21st Century" - that bullshit line again. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #5
I heard "Jobs of the 21st Century" were over a bridge built to the 21st Century somewhere, but Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #6
Gig jobs abelenkpe Mar 2016 #18
I wonder if every H1B is a new job? LiberalArkie Mar 2016 #25
the answer is no. pdsimdars Mar 2016 #28
Hillary Clinton is part of the problem... damned sure not part of the solution. AzDar Mar 2016 #8
The kind of job I do in the military is the kind of job Clinton wants to send away. VulgarPoet Mar 2016 #9
This would make a very good campaign ad. senz Mar 2016 #10
Wow Chelsea2032 Mar 2016 #11
Why Hillary's Word Is Meaningless and Unreliable, exhibit # 1,574 arcane1 Mar 2016 #12
I think this was misinterpreted olddots Mar 2016 #14
it benefits corporate CEOS and shareholders. nt antigop Mar 2016 #15
So I benefitted having my 18 year secure abelenkpe Mar 2016 #16
I think Hillary should run for President of India. Outsourcing at it's best. jalan48 Mar 2016 #17
+ 10 That's hysterical! appalachiablue Mar 2016 #22
LoL! Perfect. nt Duppers Mar 2016 #38
K&R! nt Duval Mar 2016 #20
From the expressions in that photo, the audience isn't buying it either. sarge43 Mar 2016 #21
the owners, the human brokers for the indenturees, media flacks that yell about the "STEM shortage" MisterP Mar 2016 #23
And polls reflect this, her trust rating is among the lowest if not the lowest of all candidates pdsimdars Mar 2016 #26
"improve the job skills of our own people" dana_b Mar 2016 #27
Many positions are filled by less qualified H1B workers, as more expensive Americans are laid off peacebird Mar 2016 #33
No way! charlespercydemocrat Mar 2016 #29
This is the kind of thing that makes me worried about our chances vintx Mar 2016 #34
K/R moondust Mar 2016 #35
Two Clintons. 41 Years. $3 Billion. Inside The Clinton Donor Network (Washington Post 11-19-15) bobthedrummer Mar 2016 #36
Wow! Duppers Mar 2016 #37
bullshit, I've had two good tech jobs outsourced away from me Amishman Mar 2016 #39
The people who used to work at the now defunct printing plant near me and the Vinca Mar 2016 #40
Outsourcing = Indentured Servitude and Loss of STEM Jobs , Promotes Age Discrimination Impedimentus Mar 2016 #41
That's a Trump campaign commercial that writes itself. Jesus fucking Christ. Bread and Circus Mar 2016 #42
Hillary acts like she is on an inside joke where those who don't agree with her are just too stupid Bread and Circus Mar 2016 #43
It could benefit Americans treestar Mar 2016 #44
Yep. Those parts of the country that are the live, work, and play enclaves of the 1%. hobbit709 Mar 2016 #45
The New World Order can ALL go to hell...n/t bobthedrummer Mar 2016 #46
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