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None of the above. Revolution by the Beatles. nt PonyUp Mar 2016 #1
Yeah that! nt OhZone Mar 2016 #26
Public Enemy. PyaarRevolution Mar 2016 #2
It's a pretty good video. Check out the "Brooklyn" signs. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #5
Anything for people born after 1950? (Public Enemy ain't exactly my style) Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #3
What do you recommend? Please add your own!!! highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #4
When this old lady thinks of Bernie, she hears -- senz Mar 2016 #7
Wonderful. And the 24 hour version is pretty cool too. (Got a crush on someone there.) highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #13
How about Del the Funky Homosapien? PyaarRevolution Mar 2016 #11
We talking this? highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #17
...... daleanime Mar 2016 #27
Now we're talking Buzz Clik Mar 2016 #28
One of my favorite groups.... daleanime Mar 2016 #29
Fun. Thanks for putting that together. Sienna86 Mar 2016 #6
Glad you enjoyed! highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #8
Another ejbr Mar 2016 #9
Always have loved this. Thank you. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #12
Alice Cooper with Orianthi on guitar Fumesucker Mar 2016 #10
I dig all of those, but I gotta go with PE DefenseLawyer Mar 2016 #14
Good choices but dana_b Mar 2016 #15
Ouch! You got that right. Thank you. I like taking these to rallies. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #18
Some people have impeccable taste . TheFarS1de Mar 2016 #33
Public Enemy bigwillq Mar 2016 #16
Then of course there's this from the movie "Bulworth" too. Funny, but glad Bernie doesn't rap. highprincipleswork Mar 2016 #19
Here's one to the oligarchs. senz Mar 2016 #20
Here's one for the neocons. senz Mar 2016 #21
Some Tracy Chapman sings Dylan? Armstead Mar 2016 #22
Or some Wasteland of the Free by Iris Demint Armstead Mar 2016 #23
Thanks, Armstead. Love her voice. senz Mar 2016 #24
Such a powerful song! Little_Wing Mar 2016 #30
It's certainly remained relevant Armstead Mar 2016 #32
Voted "All," love people's additions...and here are a few from me: Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #25
Gotta say, John said it so well: Power to the people! Little_Wing Mar 2016 #31
The original protester TheFarS1de Mar 2016 #34
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