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2016 Postmortem

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Thu Mar 17, 2016, 12:51 AM Mar 2016

"income equality is the solution to racism. Any minority of ANY type knows that simply not true." [View all]

So. I'm guessing the lady who posted what I quoted is WHITE. And here she is... telling us what minorities of ANY type "know". As IF she isn't "white-splaining". I'm member of the Cherokee tribe whose Great Grandparents were on the Dawes Rolls (I've posted their numbers here too many times to count in the ten plus years I've been posting) and I say she's fucking out of her mind. MY people still live behind a motherfucking FENCE. It's called a "Reservation".

So I have to ask this question, and I'm fucking GLAD you can see the usernames in the vote... because I can almost predict who will vote how.

In the fucking GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS, which problem do you think is possible or even likely to solve, and which do you think ISN'T?

Income Inequality


I can only tell you what I think... solve the problem of income equality and you have a lot more diversity in the rubbing of elbows. After long enough, the people rubbing elbows will tend to forget to notice the ethnicity of the people they're rubbing elbows WITH. End racism with a law? Out of your fucking MIND.

32 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Income Inequality because its solution can be legislated
31 (97%)
Racism - because hearts, minds, and every day actions can be changed with legislation
1 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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BOTH. Fuck one or the other. I want both. bravenak Mar 2016 #1
We all want both, the question is which injustice is government most realistically equipped Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #3
Racism bravenak Mar 2016 #4
I disagree, racism was used to justify economic exploitation. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #27
Actually, Bravenak is right on that point Scootaloo Mar 2016 #33
I never said it wasn't, even against Native Americans, Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #62
Poverty was invented by people who are skilled at rhetoric and violence. nt ZombieHorde Mar 2016 #49
Poverty existed in the caves. bravenak Mar 2016 #66
So did tribalism and greed for the "others'" women, hunting grounds or resources promoted warfare. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #80
Not color based. bravenak Mar 2016 #81
CroMagnon's and Neanderthals looked different from one another, it's the same concept. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #83
Fough over resources and because they were different types of humans. bravenak Mar 2016 #84
It's the same mentality of the "other" and they did interbreed Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #89
Yes we did create our own american type of racism. bravenak Mar 2016 #90
Whether different or not it all springs from the same source in the human psyche and it was done Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #96
And we need to correct ourselves rather than just saying it cannot be fixed, dont we? bravenak Mar 2016 #97
Absolutely! That's why I support Bernie. I certainly don't believe he can eliminate racism but if Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #99
Peace to you. bravenak Mar 2016 #100
There's nothing uniquely American about that. Kentonio Mar 2016 #122
Not the fucking way we discriminated bravenak Mar 2016 #124
I think the people of some areas of the Middle East beat them to it by a number of centuries. Kentonio Mar 2016 #125
We agree on very little my friend Uponthegears Mar 2016 #134
Thank YOU!! bravenak Mar 2016 #135
Poverty requires certain social constructs to be in place. ZombieHorde Mar 2016 #148
Sadly you all but called me a racist Duckhunter935 Mar 2016 #126
When and why? bravenak Mar 2016 #127
A few months ago Duckhunter935 Mar 2016 #128
If I did not say yes, it meant I was not sure yet bravenak Mar 2016 #129
Ok, i still take that as a yes Duckhunter935 Mar 2016 #133
Try not to since I never actually decided u were one bravenak Mar 2016 #136
Sure, you are a very coy one Duckhunter935 Mar 2016 #137
If I thought you were I would say so bravenak Mar 2016 #138
Know I know you think everyone is Duckhunter935 Mar 2016 #140
I even think I am. bravenak Mar 2016 #141
Okay ban racism in hearts and minds with legislation and see how far that gets you. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #5
Stop tolerating racism just because they exist. bravenak Mar 2016 #10
What law would you write that forces your neighbor to invite you to their backyard barbeque? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #29
One that lets me sue his ass into poverty if he screws me. bravenak Mar 2016 #30
You mean one 'nem laws that knows people's minds and punishes them accordingly? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #34
One that allows me access to his data. bravenak Mar 2016 #37
Where is the cutoff? One in twenty? One in ten? One in FIVE? Keep shooting in the dark and cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #43
I have no clue what your post means bravenak Mar 2016 #44
Yeah that's what I'd say too. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #57
I'd hope so if I wrote that bravenak Mar 2016 #60
Excellent cherokeeprogressive monicaangela Mar 2016 #131
The civil rights act was signed 52 years ago how's that legislate and sue thing working? azurnoir Mar 2016 #67
We need more laws. My mama is fifty two. bravenak Mar 2016 #72
and you think that'll work? and exactly what laws ? azurnoir Mar 2016 #75
I dont think thats the way bravenak Mar 2016 #77
What if I can't afford an attorney and can't find a pro bono one? forjusticethunders Mar 2016 #111
I'm glad you saw a flaw. bravenak Mar 2016 #112
Yes. Turin_C3PO Mar 2016 #6
Thank you bravenak Mar 2016 #7
Okay. Let me explain it to you. DURHAM D Mar 2016 #11
Love you too. bravenak Mar 2016 #14
Really? Scootaloo Mar 2016 #21
Because of this shit. And I never insisted you were, you know what? bravenak Mar 2016 #24
No shit. You're fibbing. Scootaloo Mar 2016 #28
No. I dont want them telling me HOW to go about it. bravenak Mar 2016 #32
You opposed the entire notion that racial and economic justice can exist in tandem. Scootaloo Mar 2016 #36
Nope. I opposed their solutions. They have no clue bout no racism. bravenak Mar 2016 #39
No, you opposed the entire concept. Scootaloo Mar 2016 #56
Yeah but we old we can't remember chit that happened 5 mos ago. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #38
He's my age. bravenak Mar 2016 #40
Oh just forgetful then Kalidurga Mar 2016 #41
Nope. Did not like the solution provided. They ignored the racial component so fuck that. bravenak Mar 2016 #42
Show me the bill you would write to end racism. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #48
So if I dont have a bill ready, then fuck it, racism stays? bravenak Mar 2016 #55
Nah just give me some ideas of what you would put in it. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #58
Search my posts bravenak Mar 2016 #59
no can do Kalidurga Mar 2016 #65
I want it to end and will not accept any more nonsense about how we cant bravenak Mar 2016 #69
People are going to have to talk to each other then Kalidurga Mar 2016 #85
And white folks gotta admit their part rather than acting like it ended in 1865. bravenak Mar 2016 #87
I don't think people here are doing that. You are swinging at what I don't know. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #88
I see it all the time bravenak Mar 2016 #91
Yes you do Kalidurga Mar 2016 #92
No I'm not. bravenak Mar 2016 #93
Not what? Swinging? Kalidurga Mar 2016 #94
No need to bother swinging. bravenak Mar 2016 #95
cool Kalidurga Mar 2016 #98
nah, just wait for Missy-Anne to get around to it Scootaloo Mar 2016 #101
Like I'm waiting for Hillary to fix shit for me. bravenak Mar 2016 #104
Um, there are a billion racist practices you could change with laws tomorrow forjusticethunders Mar 2016 #114
Bernie has already talked about the majority of those things. Kalidurga Mar 2016 #117
This wasn't about candidates forjusticethunders Mar 2016 #130
Neither can be "solved" in any real way Recursion Mar 2016 #2
PASS MohRokTah Mar 2016 #8
Show a little backbone and tell me which "assumption" is false. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #13
The entire premise of your post is a false assumption. eom MohRokTah Mar 2016 #16
And the cow jumped over the moon. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #20
There is no line to put any fingers on when the entire thing is complete and total garbage MohRokTah Mar 2016 #22
LOL. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #25
I am saying your rhetorical nonsense post has no basis in reality. MohRokTah Mar 2016 #26
In other words you got nothin'. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #31
And you go the strawman route MohRokTah Mar 2016 #35
Keep on answering... with fluff. Your replies are like clouds that disappear into thin air... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #46
And you finish with an ad hominem. MohRokTah Mar 2016 #50
And YOU finish with rolling eyes. Expected. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #53
For once I agree with you! Beowulf Mar 2016 #73
It seems to me that you are bothered by the question, delrem Mar 2016 #121
In my opinion, other countries with less wealth inequality also have less racism. DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #9
Can you name one? JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #108
I think the answer is all of them forjusticethunders Mar 2016 #132
Actually - My husband is from Italy JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #143
Canada DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #139
I've been in Northern Ontario - JustAnotherGen Mar 2016 #142
You make an interesting point. DemocracyDirect Mar 2016 #147
I think Hillary said it well: (paraphrasing) You change laws. Hearts and minds may or may not ecstatic Mar 2016 #12
Which "institutional racism" hasn't already been addressed by laws? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #15
Seriously? SMH nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #19
No answer. Join Mo Rok Tah over there... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #23
VOTING RIGHTS. geek tragedy Mar 2016 #47
I got a few minutes... why don't you tell me how voting rights will end the racism that lives in cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #52
do you really not understand the difference between geek tragedy Mar 2016 #63
We HAVE laws against institutional/systemic racism. Or haven't you noticed? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #64
Not enough of them. nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #70
Not enough of them. nt geek tragedy Mar 2016 #71
(deleted because I didn't realize where you were actually going with this). Ken Burch Mar 2016 #17
You can attempt to convert a bigot or racist but unless that person wants to change.... nc4bo Mar 2016 #18
That's not the point MaggieD Mar 2016 #45
A pony? Seriously, thats the more mature response you had to this? Kentonio Mar 2016 #123
A pony represents all his promises MaggieD Mar 2016 #144
Ah so just more of the same garbage. Kentonio Mar 2016 #145
What, specifically, is unfair about what I posted? MaggieD Mar 2016 #146
this helps explain why Bernie's supporters failed so miserably geek tragedy Mar 2016 #51
Wow. 53 replies and I can only see 3 of them. My ignore button is working great. liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #54
Your poll engages in a false dichotomy. There are other choices. Agnosticsherbet Mar 2016 #61
There's a lot government can do about structural racism because government harbors a lot of it. Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #68
Government can't end the fact that people with certain last names don't get called liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #74
This may be a bit JFKesk but setting a tone and following that tone up with programs Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #76
"Generaton Y-Not!" I like that. It is great to see them fighting injustice when they see it and liberal_at_heart Mar 2016 #78
Yes they can do something about the last name issue Kalidurga Mar 2016 #119
I think government has to deal with both. kcr Mar 2016 #79
definately part of the solution. litlbilly Mar 2016 #82
Neither. One drives the other and that one isn't going away. Ever. So neither is the other. So Far From Heaven Mar 2016 #86
President Obama is well off financially and he experiences racism all the time. riversedge Mar 2016 #102
Everyone here, ask this question to yourself AZ Progressive Mar 2016 #103
Except racism keeps many poor and they did not prosper like immigrants because their color bravenak Mar 2016 #105
No but the link between average economic status as a group and racism is there AZ Progressive Mar 2016 #106
Might be hard but it's gone on too long. Time to shit or get off the pot, we need to do it. bravenak Mar 2016 #107
What a scream! Depaysement Mar 2016 #109
Racism is complicated senz Mar 2016 #110
Pass on the question Chitown Kev Mar 2016 #113
Income inequality is a symptom of racism, but it's not the same thing Onlooker Mar 2016 #115
I think "income inequality" is a very broad a term loyalsister Mar 2016 #116
Don't care how much money you have or earn, racism is based on skin color and that won't change. nt Jitter65 Mar 2016 #118
What a great and well explained poll! /nt delrem Mar 2016 #120
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