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2016 Postmortem

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Miles Archer

(18,837 posts)
Thu Mar 17, 2016, 10:36 AM Mar 2016

"A political attack machine motivated by an insatiable drive to win for herself at any cost" [View all]

Hey Hillary, Here's Why People Don't Trust You


If Hillary is going to confront and address this issue, she must look within herself. Time and again, she does not appear to be motivated by the truth, but instead, she behaves like a political attack machine motivated by an insatiable drive to win for herself at any cost.

This aspect of Hillary was on full display in the recent outburst over which of the two Democratic candidates is more "progressive." The truth is obvious. Of course Bernie is more progressive. This has been his political posture for his entire career, even being a Socialist for goodness sake.

But Hillary pulled her switchblade and began fighting. In this political climate, she wants to be viewed as the progressive regardless of the truth. So she cherry-picked a few of Bernie's past votes in the Senate and tried to paint him as not being progressive.

Hillary's motivation here was not truth, but politics. She is all too willing to manipulate, distort, and deceive to try to score political points for herself.
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Nixon 2.0 HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #1
No offense, but on certain matters she is to the right of Nixon. Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #5
Absolutely to the right of Richard Nixon. HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #7
Not to mention, Nixon was actually _competent_ at foreign policy. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #56
And, depending on the day of the week, dflprincess Mar 2016 #57
There's one campaign that's been caught cheating and engaging in unethical behavior KittyWampus Mar 2016 #8
Like millions donated to a 'Foundation' in exchange for a Saudi Arms deal? HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #12
i'm smiling so big cause Viva_La_Revolution Mar 2016 #42
heh grasswire Mar 2016 #50
Visiting the polls on election day IS cheating Politicalboi Mar 2016 #59
The contrast between Hillary and Bernie really drives home the point! InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2016 #30
Watch out, I got a post hidden by her supporters for calling her that. Odin2005 Mar 2016 #63
Kick for the truth UglyGreed Mar 2016 #2
This is so obvious that one might wonder why she has so many fans. rhett o rick Mar 2016 #3
Know what's obvious? A campaign that harasses an opponent for "speech transcripts" KittyWampus Mar 2016 #10
So you think that wanting to know what was said... ljm2002 Mar 2016 #19
#1.Jimmy Carter and Robert Reich get $150,000+ for their speeches. KittyWampus Mar 2016 #24
Are either of them running for President? ljm2002 Mar 2016 #28
Jimmy Carter and Robert Reich aren't running for president. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2016 #29
Jimmy Carter isn't about to support legislation or executive decisions that will rhett o rick Mar 2016 #34
Oh and by the way... ljm2002 Mar 2016 #39
And we can read their transcripts . bahrbearian Mar 2016 #69
Yes, Sanders fans ARE Harassing Hillary to the point of being abusive. Also riversedge Mar 2016 #32
WTF? How many "Sanders fans" have asked Hillary Clinton a single fucking question about transcripts? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2016 #43
She's being abused by us Berners but she can handle Trump? Waiting For Everyman Mar 2016 #62
I think the reason she doesn't want us to see her transcripts is that she tells her rhett o rick Mar 2016 #20
great analysis; amborin Mar 2016 #25
Defending a millionaire's right to take money from Wall Street and keep her real positions secret Marr Mar 2016 #48
Exactly. I picture her followers with closed eyes, fingers in their ears chanting, "we don't care rhett o rick Mar 2016 #61
We ALL want to see them Politicalboi Mar 2016 #60
well, many of her supporters here were rabid authoritarians in the .. grasswire Mar 2016 #51
One suspects that might be their position with regards to the... Ghost Dog Mar 2016 #67
Both sides manipulate. That's politics. Onlooker Mar 2016 #4
where are threads that explain why she's not a neocon? tk2kewl Mar 2016 #11
I have no idea what threads have been posted and not posted Onlooker Mar 2016 #16
Necon is not name calling tk2kewl Mar 2016 #21
not just politiics; the facts: she is a neo con hawk who implemented regime change in Libya w/ d amborin Mar 2016 #27
That's the worn out, "Her misrepresentations are justified because everyone does it." She lied rhett o rick Mar 2016 #35
Nice job towing the Bernie line Onlooker Mar 2016 #44
Put that all together and it doesn't compare to lying to Congress to help Bush, of all people, rhett o rick Mar 2016 #46
Cherry-picking votes and statements? alcibiades_mystery Mar 2016 #6
Sorry, but this is starting to sound somewhat misogynistic. randome Mar 2016 #9
Not to me, it doesn't. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #13
And there's not a shred of racism directed to Obama from the GOP, is there? randome Mar 2016 #18
Non-sequitur. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2016 #22
We know all about the dirty tricks of the Republicons. That is a distraction from this rhett o rick Mar 2016 #38
A substantial number of Sanders supporters will vote for Jill Stein in Nov. HooptieWagon Mar 2016 #14
Yes but Jill Stein is a virtual unknown and therefore powerless. Easier for some to support. randome Mar 2016 #36
Our society is so messed up. Avalux Mar 2016 #15
K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2016 #17
An attack piece against Hillary ... calling her out for "attacking". JoePhilly Mar 2016 #23
Oh FFS! Different day, same anti-Hillary bullshit! leftofcool Mar 2016 #26
all too willing to manipulate, distort, and deceive to try to score political points Kip Humphrey Mar 2016 #31
K N R-ed Faux pas Mar 2016 #33
Sure Clinton is ambitious...but Trump is a epic disaster anywhere near the levers of power. johnnyrocket Mar 2016 #37
Completely true. Miles Archer Mar 2016 #41
Big K/R for truth. 840high Mar 2016 #40
It's called politics treestar Mar 2016 #45
Like this? BainsBane Mar 2016 #47
The post isn't about Sanders, and it changes nothing in regard to Clinton. Miles Archer Mar 2016 #49
Hilary cares only about Hillary jfern Mar 2016 #52
she forgets that she is interviewing for a job working for us. grasswire Mar 2016 #53
^ This. AzDar Mar 2016 #55
Completely agree with this. Waiting For Everyman Mar 2016 #64
She seems to think she's doing us a favor. nt grasswire Mar 2016 #65
She brings a switch blade to a gun fight. leveymg Mar 2016 #54
Another reason not to cave to the Queen Politicalboi Mar 2016 #58
That's exactly the kind of president I want Gman Mar 2016 #66
The OP subject quote reminds me of a shark. Waiting For Everyman Mar 2016 #68
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