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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Apr 3, 2016, 10:32 AM Apr 2016

Questioning Bernie is a Democrat is a Third Way Talking Point [View all]

Here are the Third Way board members who have donated to a Democratic presidential contender this cycle, including the amounts they've donated:

Georgette Bennett - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Lewis Cullman - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
William M. Daley - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Robert Dyson - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Derek Kaufman - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Thurgood Marshall, Jr. - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Herbert Miller - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Michael Novogratz - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Kirk Radke - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Ted Trimpa - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton
Joseph Zimlich - $2,700 - Hillary Clinton

See a pattern here, kos? Do you really believe Hillary Clinton will be "explicitly rejecting the Third Way agenda?"


Third Way has become the Clinton's Swift-Boat Campaign against Bernie Sanders

Wall Street’s Third Way Absurdly Wrong About Sanders’ Social Security Plan

Third Way is reaching the point of desperation in its quest to cut Social Security and protect its Wall Street, K Street lobbyist, and GOP donors from paying their fair share. As Third Way has become more and more marginalized, its public outpourings have become more and more extreme and, quite frankly, head-scratching.


Why Bernie Sanders Has Centrist Democrats Freaking Out

Startled by Bernie's success, Bill Daley is leading a Third Way revolt of centrist Democrats against the populist.


They have also attacked Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her progressive views on her "Radical Agenda" of preserving Social Security

Warren On Third Way Criticisms: 'Oh Please'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Thursday that think tank Third Way is "flatly wrong" about the solvency of Social Security.

"We could make modest adjustments and make the system financially stable for a century, and we could make somewhat larger adjustments and make the system pay more for seniors who rely on it," she told the Huffington Post. "The conversation for too long has been about whether to cut Social Security benefits a little bit or a lot. And that is flatly the wrong debate to have in mind."


Third Way is determined to Privatize Social Security

Now many here at DU may wish to ignore this, because Hillary's original position on changes to Social Security played nicely into Third Way's ultimate goal of privatizing Social Security. However over the course of the Primary Hillary has modified her positions on Social Security considerably.

My concern would be that Hillary remain committed to preserving Social Security.

Given the projected deficits to the Social Security plan all Hillary would have to do is "Not Fund" the Social Security program and the 20% cuts would be automatic.

Anyone here want to discuss Hillary's plan to fund Social Security ... (crickets chirping) ...

She doesn't have one - or at least she is not willing to discuss it

Wall Street Uses the Third Way to Lead Its Assault on Social Security

Third Way, lobbyists for and from Wall Street who are leading the effort to enrich Wall Street by privatizing Social Security, was created by Wall Street to fool some of the people all of the time. I have written previously to expose their fictional claims to be a moderate or liberal Democratic group.


You can read Third Way's position on Social Security - Don't be too alarmed if you hear a lot of "Paul Ryan" in them.


And we as Americans should also be concerned about the Third Way's Globalist views given Neocon's propensity to engage in Wars of Opportunity. Hillary's "Hawkish Tendencies" as proven by the email releases of the State Dept and Wiki-leaks we are looking at a Third Way Wet Dream

Most troubling, perhaps, is the Third Way’s avowedly internationalist outlook, supporting greater global governance of the world economy. In concrete terms, this includes efforts to promote the stabilization of the movement of financial
capital, especially currency speculation, as well as increased funding for the International Monetary Fund. Alarmingly, the European Union project—continental Europe’s very own socialist Trojan Horse—is described as a pioneering phenomenon. In predictable communitarian fashion, the problem of how to live in a finite world consumes a significant portion of the Third Way’s intellectual resources. Dangerously, both for the competitive market and for the environment, most of the recommended solutions fit under
the disingenuous heading of “sustainable development,” i.e., command-and-control-style environmental economics on a global scale.


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Democratic Candidates should reject Third Way endorsements.
2 (4%)
Democratic Candidates should embrace Third Way Policy positions
1 (2%)
Democratic Candidates should expose Third Way as a "Hostle Take-Over" of the Dem party by Wall St.
51 (94%)
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K&R.... daleanime Apr 2016 #1
AGREED.. MTP INTERVIEW HILLARY LINK! CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #8
HILLARY BACK ON HER HEELS HERE! CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #10
THe logical result of the Clintons Selling the Party to the Koch Bros. in the 80's Ferd Berfel Apr 2016 #2
want to discuss Hillary's plan to fund Social Security ... (crickets chirping) ... FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #3
I thought the Koch brothers were supporting Bernie? auntpurl Apr 2016 #11
The Rightwing Koch Brothers Fund the DLC Ferd Berfel Apr 2016 #15
So then why are they supporting Bernie Sanders? auntpurl Apr 2016 #16
they are trying to help Hillary Viva_La_Revolution Apr 2016 #19
How much of that $2.7 trillion do you think Wall St. could skim? kristopher Apr 2016 #4
They already did skim the Surplus Social Security Funds with Wall St/1%er Tax Cuts FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #5
I'm asking about privatizing SS... kristopher Apr 2016 #7
Poof! Followed by this explanation: "It's complicated." Scuba Apr 2016 #13
They did it in Argentina and it was RAIDED br Corporatist FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #26
+1 kristopher Apr 2016 #37
The Third wayers have done an amazing job of trying to destroy our party Hydra Apr 2016 #6
Absolutely right. Thirties Child Apr 2016 #36
Calling mainstream Democrats "Third Way" is a RW fascist talking point baldguy Apr 2016 #9
Completely agree. nt auntpurl Apr 2016 #12
So why do Third Way members Donate exclusively to Hillary FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #17
Why didn't Bernie condemn the Koch brothers ad praising him? auntpurl Apr 2016 #18
Koch Brothers donate Heavily to Third Way - yet they support Hillary FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #21
Exactly. The objective of the Naderites bashing dems is the same as it ever was: help the GOP win. DanTex Apr 2016 #14
So are you the One vote in favor of Third Way corrupting the Democratic Party FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #20
The objective of Clinton / Third Way is to Privatize Social Security FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #29
Clinton is against privatization. DanTex Apr 2016 #31
But yet she has NO PLAN to FUND Social Security FreakinDJ Apr 2016 #35
Those people are members of the board of Third Way, they self identify and self promote as Third Way Bluenorthwest Apr 2016 #22
Guess they're going to have to re-brand again. ibegurpard Apr 2016 #23
Third wayers are right wing fascists. PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #25
You are delusional at best. PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #44
Wowzers! PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #24
Indeed, I mean who cares if women die when self aborting or minorities cant vote. Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #27
I care about both those things PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #28
Me too, Bernie , but you said OR BUST Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #30
I am done PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #33
Right, so to hell with the millions who will be deported or who will die without Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #34
Stop claiming you support Bernie. You don't. kristopher Apr 2016 #38
Was supporting him before you knew who he was. This is embarrassing for Bernie... Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #51
The Third way has all but killed the Democratic Party GeorgiaPeanuts Apr 2016 #32
1987 - Fairness Doctrine Repealed and Rise of Rush kristopher Apr 2016 #40
Most of the drop comes from the departure of Dixiecrats KingFlorez Apr 2016 #42
Nice graphic. Thank you. kr PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #45
He wasn't a Democrat up until last year KingFlorez Apr 2016 #39
Are you crazy? kristopher Apr 2016 #41
Only to get committee assignments KingFlorez Apr 2016 #43
So you admit he caucused with Dems for 25 years and then claim that earning Committee chairs... kristopher Apr 2016 #46
And you are ignorant of the rules of Congress KingFlorez Apr 2016 #47
The party REWARDED HIM WITH CHAIRMANSHIP. kristopher Apr 2016 #48
I said committee assignments, not chairmanships KingFlorez Apr 2016 #49
AND HE WAS REWARDED - THEY LIKED HIM. kristopher Apr 2016 #50
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