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Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #1
And their lives are only a joke to you? daleanime Apr 2016 #2
I was 19 once too, I don't hold it against them. DanTex Apr 2016 #3
And they provide so much mirth.... daleanime Apr 2016 #11
and the minimum wage was probably not much different then, than it is now? lostnfound Apr 2016 #14
I dunno what it was, I was in college. DanTex Apr 2016 #16
What? Are you saying that you didn't work.... daleanime Apr 2016 #28
Nope. Full-time student. DanTex Apr 2016 #29
Did you borrow to go to college? JDPriestly Apr 2016 #38
Of course, most of Team Hill here says they are in the 1%, or just shy of it Hydra Apr 2016 #34
"Lack of empathy...." daleanime Apr 2016 #48
I'm 30 years old. Odin2005 Apr 2016 #47
I am 65 and have worked since age 14. You are smearing a large, diverse group, you know? nt tblue37 Apr 2016 #51
Thanks for adding that helpful point to the discussion tabasco Apr 2016 #4
What the hell is wrong with some people. SamKnause Apr 2016 #10
+1 daleanime Apr 2016 #12
I support Bernie and I'm 57 PatrickforO Apr 2016 #24
^THIS^ SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #30
Best reply in the thread, right above. Scuba Apr 2016 #32
Thank you for stating it so well, PatrickforO. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #41
This says it all nt Melurkyoulongtime Apr 2016 #55
Still as funny as ever. dchill Apr 2016 #5
AF vet, 40 years in the workforce and you think I've never had a job? Scuba Apr 2016 #6
LOL. My reply was a bit longer. PatrickforO Apr 2016 #25
The fact that you sound so much like a Republican is interesting. phantom power Apr 2016 #8
so many do amborin Apr 2016 #50
I think you're confused elias7 Apr 2016 #20
You talking to me, Bub? nt SusanCalvin Apr 2016 #26
What a vile, disgusting comment. Odin2005 Apr 2016 #46
Why are more voters, overall, aligning with Clinton? (nt) Recursion Apr 2016 #7
Both of my kids are strong Bernie supporters Dem2 Apr 2016 #9
Why should the future depend upon parents like you going through great difficulty? Land Shark Apr 2016 #15
One of them expresses that she feels "awful" about the situation Dem2 Apr 2016 #21
Maybe they regret that they are a burden on your resources lostnfound Apr 2016 #18
I'm sure they agree with this Dem2 Apr 2016 #23
Face facts: you're older and have had more time to learn AND you're THEIR PARENT Land Shark Apr 2016 #39
I realize it's an unfair criticism to an extent Dem2 Apr 2016 #40
But...wait... PatrickforO Apr 2016 #31
I never said I don't support Bernie Dem2 Apr 2016 #37
So what's the reason that millions more are aligning with Clinton? Tarc Apr 2016 #13
Don't know a single soul who has. I used to, but they have all.changed Land Shark Apr 2016 #17
Those are also the reasons given for the millions aligning with Trump. ucrdem Apr 2016 #19
Millions more have voted for Hillary. Metric System Apr 2016 #22
Millions voted for Hoover too. JDPriestly Apr 2016 #45
We need FDR. We needed him in 2008, or at least someone like LBJ... Blue Meany Apr 2016 #27
...and there's a reason millions more are aligning with Clinton... brooklynite Apr 2016 #33
So she's supporting those things this week? Hydra Apr 2016 #35
Hillary was supporting immigration reform when Sanders was against it, and going to Lou Dobbs show lunamagica Apr 2016 #43
Funny, I remember her rolling all of these out last Spring and Fall... brooklynite Apr 2016 #44
Quite simply, people want "C H A N G E", and NorthCarolina Apr 2016 #36
We got lucky with FDR, ZombieHorde Apr 2016 #42
Finally there's someone to trust felix_numinous Apr 2016 #49
There's a reason HRC has far more votes and supporters than Bernie. n/t Lil Missy Apr 2016 #52
kick azmom Apr 2016 #53
What's an actual metric by which you consider the US a worse place now than two generations ago? Recursion Apr 2016 #54
I can answer that. . . snowy owl Apr 2016 #56
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