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34. It's just an accounting glitch
Tue Apr 5, 2016, 07:14 PM
Apr 2016

Sanders campaign started April 30. In this Politico story, the campaign stated they had raised $13.7 million from April 30th to June 30.

"76 percent of the Vermont senator’s donations were $200 or less, amounting to just under $10.5 million of the $13.7 his campaign raised through the end of June.
The $15.2 million comes from a transfer of $1.5 million from his Senate campaign committee.


There were several stories and campaign announcements regarding the amount that matches the report:

Campaign Finance Institute has two charts that support the reported numbers:
Here: http://www.cfinst.org/pdf/federal/president/2016/Table1_Rec-Cash.pdf

And here:

At the end of the day, nothing "mysterious" but a staffer making a mistake in the paperwork.

Call in... tonedevil Apr 2016 #1
What is 'The People's View'? They seem mildly obsessed... nt Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #2
They're a rightwing blog that's often linked to, here... Not an actual news source. nt villager Apr 2016 #4
No they are not. seabeyond Apr 2016 #7
So, basically it's an anti-Sanders blog written by a non-journalist. Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #10
I dunno, but they are not RW. Right? seabeyond Apr 2016 #11
Depends on how you feel about third way democrats...;) Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #12
mmmm. Anyone you disagree with or does not say what you want... Third way. Old. seabeyond Apr 2016 #15
Are you trying to say that the Clinton's aren't third way?? Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #22
Clinton is within the top 15% most liberal in congress. seabeyond Apr 2016 #40
Are you saying that the Clinton's aren't third way? Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #50
I thought it clear what I was saying. Clinton is the top 15% of liberal in the congress. Not clear seabeyond Apr 2016 #51
Its a simple question. Are the Clinton's third way? Joe the Revelator Apr 2016 #52
I have heard so many definitions of third, and used as a tool and weapon. I am saying, Clinton is seabeyond Apr 2016 #58
Ah, okay, it's a *center*-right non-news source, then. villager Apr 2016 #18
No, it isn't. seabeyond Apr 2016 #19
Yes, actually. It is. villager Apr 2016 #20
Yep, that troll hates progressives so much he's unhinged. beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #25
It must be exactly what they say it is, bvf Apr 2016 #36
Hmmmm. I am not much of a follower. seabeyond Apr 2016 #41
What *are* you much of? bvf Apr 2016 #62
One of the writers is root less e who is an Obama apologist Gomez163 Apr 2016 #57
the one written by banned duers. we remember Viva_La_Revolution Apr 2016 #14
Obama bot blog Gomez163 Apr 2016 #55
A banned DUer posting from his bedroom. Wilms Apr 2016 #6
I guess their accountants are straight out of high school, too. RandySF Apr 2016 #3
What a Mickey Mouse campaign they're running... SidDithers Apr 2016 #5
Unreported $10M seems more than just "mickey-mousing." Hortensis Apr 2016 #9
Classy as usual Sid. nt Logical Apr 2016 #39
He's printing it in his basement. Gregorian Apr 2016 #8
complete and utter bullshit mhatrw Apr 2016 #13
It's the peoplesspew, a site owned by a banned DU troll. Autumn Apr 2016 #16
Are you saying the Federal Govt is picking on Sanders or lying? Really? Lol. seabeyond Apr 2016 #17
I believe that you know how to read. Please read what I said in my post again Autumn Apr 2016 #23
Facts be facts Autumn. seabeyond Apr 2016 #42
Try reading my post again sea. Reading be reading sea, it's not a new learned skill. Autumn Apr 2016 #59
Boooom! Mahalo seabeyond~ Cha Apr 2016 #21
This guy was banned by DU. panader0 Apr 2016 #26
Hey woman... aren't you looking all that. Nt seabeyond Apr 2016 #43
Hey! Cha Apr 2016 #61
SpamDan again? Which internet troll is going to weigh in next, iwishiwassmarterpants? beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #24
wow! wendylaroux Apr 2016 #28
Someday Spamdan will move out of mom's basement and get a life. beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #30
I love hearing tidbits like this. Being pretty new. wendylaroux Apr 2016 #37
My pleasure! Check it out, he was taken apart by DUers in this thread: beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #45
Ooooh delicious!! thanks again! wendylaroux Apr 2016 #47
What was his real username, since he's banned? JackRiddler Apr 2016 #46
He was michigandem58: beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #48
Oh well, I was hoping someone else. ;-)= JackRiddler Apr 2016 #49
DIdn't take long to sniff that one out! MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #54
Trolls do tend to get pretty ripe, the nose knows! beam me up scottie Apr 2016 #56
Hell, I don't even care who wins Dyedinthewoolliberal Apr 2016 #27
This is a big deal, but Hillary being investigated by the FBI is nothing. Punkingal Apr 2016 #29
KICK! Cha Apr 2016 #31
Lololol, considering how fucked up his campaign finances are giftedgirl77 Apr 2016 #32
The People Spew frylock Apr 2016 #33
It's just an accounting glitch angrychair Apr 2016 #34
Amateurs. NurseJackie Apr 2016 #35
Sea is always amusing. nt Logical Apr 2016 #38
lol.net reddread Apr 2016 #44
Yeah, I see you got this - the self-described "pragmatic" blog... Hmmmm MrMickeysMom Apr 2016 #53
He's answered everything so far felix_numinous Apr 2016 #60
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