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2016 Postmortem

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geek tragedy

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Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:11 PM Apr 2016

Is Barack Obama qualified to be President of the United States of America. [View all]

According to Bernie Sanders, candidates who use Super PACs (Obama did in 2012), support international trade agreements (Obama pushes the TPP) and who supported the Panama trade deal (Obama told Clinton to finalize it and get it approved) is not qualified to be President.

I disagree with Senator Sanders--I don't think those things disqualify him from the office of President.

17 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Because of corporate money, and supporting bad international trade deals, Obama like Clinton is not qualified to be President
6 (35%)
Barack Obama is qualified to be President
11 (65%)
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A hell of a lot more qualified than fucking Bernie Sanders. nt LexVegas Apr 2016 #1
Sanders meets the legal definition of "qualified".... Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #3
Clinton camp: Obama not qualified for vice president Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #41
FAIL! I canvassed for Obama. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #46
The Sanders crowd will be quick to point out Obama's body under the bus. Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #2
As far as I remember 08, HRC did not think so. sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #4
She endorsed him. nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #5
Hillary said that Obama wasn't qualified to be her Vice President or Commander in Chief CoffeeCat Apr 2016 #28
And Her Supporters VOTED for Him Too TWICE Stallion Apr 2016 #29
40% of Sanders voters are non-Democrats. nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #30
You know what I claim? PatrickforO Apr 2016 #53
She endorsed him after a back room deal (SoS) was struck, a typical practice in most every election. TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #65
you were privy to those discussions? nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #66
Only a moron doesn't think they occur, especially one where she hinted at his assassination. TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #68
I do not think they made a deal. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #69
Yeah! They just had a group hug, sang "Kumbaya" and full support with no strings attached. OK TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #70
they each had a rational purpose for her endorsing him without the SOS deal. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #71
Do you think before you post, after you post, or not at all? TheBlackAdder Apr 2016 #73
I know right? ibegurpard Apr 2016 #7
Lame attempt at triangulation by the Berners CorkySt.Clair Apr 2016 #11
He is a third-way corporatist ibegurpard Apr 2016 #58
Meh CorkySt.Clair Apr 2016 #74
And yet someone voted "no"... Agschmid Apr 2016 #13
WILL You Take the time geek tragedy Apr 2016 #20
Nah... I think we all know. Agschmid Apr 2016 #21
Pubs serve Peanuts rbrnmw Apr 2016 #26
Time for the Prez to turn the screws on Sanders. Trust Buster Apr 2016 #6
Okay, this infantile horseshit has finally done it. Lizzie Poppet Apr 2016 #8
Not surprised at all as to the anti Obama voter. But they are honest, will give them that. Jackie Wilson Said Apr 2016 #9
Not only is he qualified, he IS the President. MineralMan Apr 2016 #10
Something Bernie will never be CorkySt.Clair Apr 2016 #12
haha...I love your sig...n/t pantsonfire Apr 2016 #50
Not many Bernie supporters willing to go on geek tragedy Apr 2016 #14
This whole discussion is simply silly. MineralMan Apr 2016 #17
To be fair most probably have you on ignore... Agschmid Apr 2016 #22
Quite a few regularly peruse my transparency page geek tragedy Apr 2016 #24
Yes they do.. odd bunch, seem to be obessed with it. Agschmid Apr 2016 #25
Not until you mentioned it. Goblinmonger Apr 2016 #35
We're chosen by juries of your peers nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #39
As long as it has nothing to do with you. Goblinmonger Apr 2016 #43
If Obama had the Clinton baggage in 08 he would never have been elected President. Skwmom Apr 2016 #15
Barack Obama is qualified to be POTUS. PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #16
Clicks on "show usernames"... Tarc Apr 2016 #18
Didn't vote for the Iraq war NWCorona Apr 2016 #19
If candidate Obama ever had a disastrous interview like the one ecstatic Apr 2016 #23
I keep asking but no one has yet answered beedle Apr 2016 #33
So when the NYT said he had the right answers Goblinmonger Apr 2016 #36
Sure he is. So is Hillary and Trump. So was Reagan and Nixon. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #27
Wrong question to ask. Xyzse Apr 2016 #31
How is Obama different than Clinton on that account? nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #32
Totally different history and level of integrity Armstead Apr 2016 #44
None really. Xyzse Apr 2016 #47
If Obama was running now and beedle Apr 2016 #34
Clinton camp: Obama not qualified for vice president Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #37
If you put it that way no he's not very good at his job. Kalidurga Apr 2016 #38
Pretty fucking MOOT, don'tcha think? cherokeeprogressive Apr 2016 #40
Yep but he's not Hillary Clinton Armstead Apr 2016 #42
What qualifications are you looking for? Lordquinton Apr 2016 #45
Clinton had every right to ding him on experience. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #48
So you think that in 2008 Obama was unqualified? Lordquinton Apr 2016 #51
no, I said she had a right to raise it as a campaign issue. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #59
The voters made up their own minds and found her not qualified, as Clinton likes to say Lordquinton Apr 2016 #62
they didn't find her unqualified, they just liked him better. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #63
He's already president.....I don't get it....n/t pantsonfire Apr 2016 #49
Here we go again...they twist in all directions to find out the same thing bkkyosemite Apr 2016 #52
Show Usernames is revealing. MineralMan Apr 2016 #54
This post actually gives me hope. Firebrand Gary Apr 2016 #55
Not surprised by that result. hrmjustin Apr 2016 #56
Ridiculous AlbertCat Apr 2016 #57
14% of DUers disagree with you, per the poll. geek tragedy Apr 2016 #60
14% AlbertCat Apr 2016 #61
He's making a list Capt. Obvious Apr 2016 #64
Hillary says hell no!! beedle Apr 2016 #67
If I had a crystal ball in 2008, PowerToThePeople Apr 2016 #72
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