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2016 Postmortem

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Ken Burch

(50,254 posts)
Fri Apr 8, 2016, 03:56 AM Apr 2016

Bill's attack on the BLM protesters: fair & defensible, or not? [View all]

An good intro, for those who haven't yet heard about this:


Corollary question: If Bill had done this two days before Super Tuesday, what effect do you think it would have had on the results in those states?

69 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Fair and Defensible
7 (10%)
Unfair and Indefensible
62 (90%)
Not Sure
0 (0%)
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This message was self-deleted by its author imari362 Apr 2016 #1
This is will go down in history as one of Bill's worse moments. Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #2
"when you talk about ghettos traditionally, what you talk about is African-American communities. " uponit7771 Apr 2016 #3
Did Bill say that? You seem confused. morningfog Apr 2016 #4
No, Sanders did uponit7771 Apr 2016 #5
Oh, you are confused. This is about Bill Clinton's racist rant. morningfog Apr 2016 #7
I thought it was Trump iwannaknow Apr 2016 #17
Wow. That's the worst quote I've seen today (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #6
No it isn't and your positions on race are far too suspect to take you seriously. morningfog Apr 2016 #8
And associating "ghettos" with "African American communities" is not "suspect" at all. Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #9
Compared to you and Bill CLinton? No. morningfog Apr 2016 #10
Well at least you're being more civil than last time. Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #13
Was that the last time? Can't be. How time flies. Yet nothing changes. morningfog Apr 2016 #14
Jury Results MineralMan Apr 2016 #15
Thanks MM (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #16
Ghettos are associated with African Americans noiretextatique Apr 2016 #26
FACT NOT IN DISPUTE: Racist think ghettos are associated with blacks and persist its meme uponit7771 Apr 2016 #35
This is just silly...have you read his racial justice plank? noiretextatique Apr 2016 #42
Irrelevant, it could've been written by Malcom X himself and the statement is still racist & urtful uponit7771 Apr 2016 #55
Get the f outta here noiretextatique Apr 2016 #59
red herring, nothing to do with the ghetto statement uponit7771 Apr 2016 #60
And this post is met with silence. vintx Apr 2016 #36
I replied to the racist meme, now what?! uponit7771 Apr 2016 #37
The fact that Hillary's supporters are more concerned with putting on a show vintx Apr 2016 #39
Strawman, no one is concerned about putting on anything. That meme is racist on its face, Red.. uponit7771 Apr 2016 #40
Substance is a red herring - but parsing words is meaningful. vintx Apr 2016 #41
And fng Bill Clinton gets a pass, and Haiti?! Claims it didn't happen noiretextatique Apr 2016 #46
Nope, Clinton doesn't get a pass on anything.. he's just been there, so at least he'll argue with us uponit7771 Apr 2016 #57
Read the comment about Haitian garment workers noiretextatique Apr 2016 #47
"if its true..." sigh... uponit7771 Apr 2016 #58
Substance isn't associating blacks with ghettos, that's stupidity uponit7771 Apr 2016 #56
No comment about the racism in Haiti? noiretextatique Apr 2016 #61
Got a link, can't find anything on this nothingburger uponit7771 Apr 2016 #62
This after Bill's racially-charged meltdown noiretextatique Apr 2016 #43
Yesterday I posted that the Clintons' chief campaign strategy is tone policing XemaSab Apr 2016 #67
Another Sistah Souljah moment for Bill? noiretextatique Apr 2016 #75
You voted fair and defensible, yet you have been outspoken when it comes to racially insensitive morningfog Apr 2016 #11
Yeap, Clinton gets the benefit of the doubt. Someone who had a person who called Obama niggerized uponit7771 Apr 2016 #32
Clinton gets the benefit of doubt...WHY? noiretextatique Apr 2016 #44
Cause they didn't have someone who called Obama niggerized stump for them in front of mostly white uponit7771 Apr 2016 #52
Superpredators! How soon you forget noiretextatique Apr 2016 #54
Not talking about Black's how awfully racist for some to think she was uponit7771 Apr 2016 #70
Yes. You practice racist apologia in defense of your candidate, morningfog Apr 2016 #51
I think Bill should apologize for that itsrobert Apr 2016 #24
Nah, after listening to him his defense sounded reasonable uponit7771 Apr 2016 #33
Reasonable. noiretextatique Apr 2016 #77
Podium bird logic = reasonable is the sad... sigh uponit7771 Apr 2016 #78
trivial compared to defending mass incarceration Ken Burch Apr 2016 #25
Any comments on Hillary blocking a wage increase noiretextatique Apr 2016 #27
Nope, she doesn't think podium birds mean too much of anything so it sounds like her decisions uponit7771 Apr 2016 #34
What? Is this the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears? noiretextatique Apr 2016 #45
Nah, just looking at how people react to podium birds and deciding accordingly uponit7771 Apr 2016 #53
You sure love that bird TheFarS1de Apr 2016 #63
The bird thing has nothing to do with this. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #65
There is no "nuance" that makes it acceptable to oppose wage increases in Haiti Ken Burch Apr 2016 #49
+1000 the hypocrisy on this issue is stunning noiretextatique Apr 2016 #50
When you talk about ghettos beedle Apr 2016 #66
Poor places...southy Boston... West Virginia... The "unexposed" only think about Blacks uponit7771 Apr 2016 #71
So then Sanders is right beedle Apr 2016 #72
No, when you think about ghettos only the unexposed and racist think about blacks... uponit7771 Apr 2016 #73
Ignorance? beedle Apr 2016 #74
Post removed Post removed Apr 2016 #12
shut the fuck up, Bill geek tragedy Apr 2016 #18
No, keep talking Big Dawg! Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #22
Thanks for that. n/t. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #31
Imagine if Trump had said the exact same thing. B2G Apr 2016 #19
And this is the defining characteristic of the segment of the electorate vintx Apr 2016 #38
I thought it was disgusting Rebkeh Apr 2016 #20
good. nt Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #21
Ha. And now they're throwing BLM under the bus in The Hive. cherokeeprogressive Apr 2016 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author imari362 Apr 2016 #28
There should be a third oprion: "Incredibly stupid" Marrah_G Apr 2016 #29
+1000 n/t TexasBushwhacker Apr 2016 #30
nevermind. nt jmg257 Apr 2016 #48
There's no excuse Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #64
Watching MSBC this morning beedle Apr 2016 #68
The codes and condescension weren't only for that audience. Octafish Apr 2016 #69
after seeing this video of Hillary's Saturday night racist jokes... grasswire Apr 2016 #76
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