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The River

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76. Like the Drinker Who Has To End Up
Sun Apr 10, 2016, 01:07 PM
Apr 2016

in the gutter, like the gambler who has to go bankrupt or
the junkie who's forced into rehab, this country doesn't seem
to be able to respond to anything but a full blown crisis before
it is willing to change.
Frankenstein food, lead filled water, polluted air, lack of healthcare.
The list goes on and on. Lady Liberty is being raped in the kitchen
but we won't get off the couch to help because "American Idol" is
on the idiot box. So be it.
I've "got mine" so I shouldn't care, but I do. I don't care about race, gender,
age or religion, I care about principles, honesty and character. If you care more
about breaking a glass ceiling than climate change, if you care more
about name recognition than income inequality, If you care more
about "Party" than principle, I won't help you in November.

There's that immoral argument again... CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #1
I've only been on here for a month Trenzalore Apr 2016 #6
and it was like that (or worse) in the previous months DrDan Apr 2016 #21
But well founded. nt artislife Apr 2016 #65
in the fertile minds of some DrDan Apr 2016 #66
In the clear eyes of many artislife Apr 2016 #69
what does that say about her opponents(s) - considering her huge lead in vote counts DrDan Apr 2016 #78
Cloudy vision, unwillingness to see. artislife Apr 2016 #87
how elitist of you DrDan Apr 2016 #91
Name recognition Bettie Apr 2016 #121
funny how trump crushed bush - who certainly has bigger name recognition DrDan Apr 2016 #130
You think Trump is less recognizable than Jeb Bush? Ed Suspicious Apr 2016 #137
yes - less than the bush name DrDan Apr 2016 #138
You're wrong... Buddyblazon Apr 2016 #142
why would I care one way or another - explain cruz and kasich clobbering bush DrDan Apr 2016 #144
That's your shithole state... Buddyblazon Apr 2016 #148
Exactly! They are brand names. So many people lack critical thinking in the US and just have RKP5637 Apr 2016 #133
they certainly rejected bush . . . DrDan Apr 2016 #136
Trump is flashy and Bettie Apr 2016 #139
then explain cruz and kasich crushing bush DrDan Apr 2016 #140
Excellent point! Jeb was pathetic. I think he got pushed into that. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #145
I think so also - I think he knew it was not a good time for him DrDan Apr 2016 #146
She has a huge lead because people do not see, in my view. pangaia Apr 2016 #129
Are you supporting Hillary in the primary? Broward Apr 2016 #15
Wasn't the point of this post how awful Hillary Supporters are to Bernie Sanders supporters Trenzalore Apr 2016 #24
No, may be that was the point of your post. Broward Apr 2016 #36
It's weird how Hillary followers say that revbones Apr 2016 #27
I am glad someone else noticed that. TM99 Apr 2016 #96
I don't know. Ethics don't seem important to Hillary Clinton supporters Seeinghope Apr 2016 #43
Yep. Juicy_Bellows Apr 2016 #103
That is exactly what scares me about Hillary randr Apr 2016 #112
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Apr 2016 #119
My take is if you're voting for Hillary that's exactly what you're voting for Chezboo Apr 2016 #113
It's like this. CrowCityDem Apr 2016 #114
Move forward..where? trade deals, disaster capitalism on an even grander scale? pangaia Apr 2016 #131
Good luck on your journey DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2016 #2
She won't be taking that journey alone...it's the Hillary people who want to be alone. ViseGrip Apr 2016 #3
Well, OK, then... MineralMan Apr 2016 #4
I'm sticking with my tradition and history.. FarPoint Apr 2016 #5
Many More Feel Likewise About Hillary... Rest Assured... Cannot Stomach Her Corporatist Nature! CorporatistNation Apr 2016 #17
Tradition and history-- THAT is the problem. pangaia Apr 2016 #135
Unfortunately One of the 99 Apr 2016 #7
How in the hell could the current democratic party timmymoff Apr 2016 #31
JFK was practically a conservative. virgogal Apr 2016 #67
You forgot to include Bill Clinton. bvf Apr 2016 #44
Amazing to see the hate towards Bill Clinton on DU. cwydro Apr 2016 #126
The Obama hatred is right there under the surface on DU as well redstateblues Apr 2016 #153
Once you see what's happening it's impossible to unsee it Fumesucker Apr 2016 #8
?? JudyM Apr 2016 #9
That is some incredible planning Trenzalore Apr 2016 #13
Contingency planning, I used to do it Fumesucker Apr 2016 #20
I don't see the far left being marginalized by a Hillary loss Trenzalore Apr 2016 #26
The selecting and demonization of a scapegoat is of utmost importance in political planning Fumesucker Apr 2016 #32
They've been doing that for literally decades now. Marr Apr 2016 #42
Sadly true. KPN Apr 2016 #47
You've been sucking too many fumes. woolldog Apr 2016 #30
I love you too.. Fumesucker Apr 2016 #35
My daughters don't need a Trump Presidency, thank you. You're selfish and whiny. randome Apr 2016 #10
That's not much of an agruement.... daleanime Apr 2016 #70
"Fear of Trump" is the best thing Clinton has going for her. arcane1 Apr 2016 #74
It wasn't intended to be. It was in response to OP's hoping that Trump wins. randome Apr 2016 #79
What does that say about those.... daleanime Apr 2016 #83
Clinton is no more looking to profit from death than Sanders is with his support of the F-35. randome Apr 2016 #92
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Apr 2016 #120
"We may need a Trump Presidency" ... um, fuck that! JoePhilly Apr 2016 #11
Awwww, looks like somebody needs their fah fah Dem2 Apr 2016 #12
Democrats will strive to avoid a re-Scaliafied Supreme Court. oasis Apr 2016 #14
Why isn't the position filled already? artislife Apr 2016 #68
During the next 4 years, at least 3 justice seats will need to be filled. oasis Apr 2016 #73
randr, Skid Rogue Apr 2016 #16
It's not even a tactic. It's a justification for laziness. randome Apr 2016 #18
It's not laziness ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2016 #59
And using this forum to openly do so. grossproffit Apr 2016 #116
YES. When Nader's supporters cost Gore the 2000 election, Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #39
By Al Gore timmymoff Apr 2016 #53
The Democratic Party will desperately strive to carry on without your participation... Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #19
Key phrase: "desperately strive". KPN Apr 2016 #49
"We may need a Trump presidency" zappaman Apr 2016 #22
The "If I don't get my way, I'm taking my ball and going home argument" ... SFnomad Apr 2016 #23
Characterize it as that if you want, but its a false narrative. KPN Apr 2016 #51
It's hardly a false narrative ... it's reality SFnomad Apr 2016 #60
I guess you didn't read my post KPN Apr 2016 #71
I read your post ... I was talking about the OP SFnomad Apr 2016 #72
Me too. You are talking about it KPN Apr 2016 #86
I'm talking about the OP and what this person is doing SFnomad Apr 2016 #89
No. I'm simply pointing out that people can KPN Apr 2016 #100
Emotional immaturity explains the attraction to Trump nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #124
That's some Trump-humping bullshit right there. Codeine Apr 2016 #25
opting out of an election is not trump humping restorefreedom Apr 2016 #98
No, neither of those men will be President. Codeine Apr 2016 #106
gonna be hard to govern as a pardoned criminal restorefreedom Apr 2016 #108
Christ, you guys are just recycling Free Republic posts from 1997 now. nt Codeine Apr 2016 #109
did you see the president on fox? restorefreedom Apr 2016 #111
Ummm....I thought pro-Trump posts weren't allowed? LisaM Apr 2016 #28
Sounds like the line was crossed to me! Native Apr 2016 #110
Surviving a Trump (or Cruz) presidency is the larger issue Zambero Apr 2016 #29
Not to worry. KPN Apr 2016 #56
Sure, you wouldn't suffer from a Trump presidency, but millions would. tabasco Apr 2016 #33
Are you a white male? Loudestlib Apr 2016 #34
Link? Cali_Democrat Apr 2016 #84
. Loudestlib Apr 2016 #90
You need a considerable amount of privilege Nye Bevan Apr 2016 #37
They've based their entire argument on "beat Trump"... TCJ70 Apr 2016 #38
Yup. KPN Apr 2016 #58
The fate of the nation creeksneakers2 Apr 2016 #40
No, and it shouldn't be determined by the DNC circumventing basic KPN Apr 2016 #61
That will sure show the women, people of color, and BainsBane Apr 2016 #41
That's okay. Those people you mention? They probably all live in the South. randome Apr 2016 #48
... Agschmid Apr 2016 #45
your sentiment handmade34 Apr 2016 #46
Illegitimi non carborundum DookDook Apr 2016 #50
+1! KPN Apr 2016 #62
By Flecia. giftedgirl77 Apr 2016 #52
Okay bye. n/t Lil Missy Apr 2016 #54
The thing is, if she wins she's the savior of the Republican Party... Umbral18 Apr 2016 #55
Agree completely TheFarseer Apr 2016 #104
To vote for Hillary if she is the nominee katmondoo Apr 2016 #57
Asinine argument and selfish to boot. Beacool Apr 2016 #63
Supreme Court is more powerful than any WH. It will only go in 1 of 2 directions... blm Apr 2016 #64
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: You alerted on a post which was already alerted stone space Apr 2016 #75
Who knew ... trump humpers are everywhere ... In_The_Wind Apr 2016 #150
Like the Drinker Who Has To End Up The River Apr 2016 #76
Excellent post! Juicy_Bellows Apr 2016 #105
Quite naive, a Trump or Cruz presidency will make it very difficult to do that for decades. Hoyt Apr 2016 #77
It has been sad to watch Android3.14 Apr 2016 #80
Totally legitimate position. JCanete Apr 2016 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Apr 2016 #123
It's not going to get better until we ALL feel the same pain. Phlem Apr 2016 #82
There's no accounting for idiocy cloaked in a self proclaimed noble act. Sheepshank Apr 2016 #85
Bye Felicia Tarc Apr 2016 #88
Who is likely to be more of a hawk, I wonder? lostnfound Apr 2016 #93
My state has a Repub governor, Repub house, Repub senate. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2016 #94
I've seen this said many times... one_voice Apr 2016 #95
Bernie gets strong support from independents. Hillary does not. stillwaiting Apr 2016 #115
A powerful, logical argument anigbrowl Apr 2016 #97
Ya throwing women's and girl's lives under the bus to literally be run over, for your revolution is seabeyond Apr 2016 #99
No such thing as Bernie Bros, nope nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #141
Truly... Privileged at the least. Nt seabeyond Apr 2016 #147
I find it laughable that HRC supporters would call you "selfish"... Yurovsky Apr 2016 #101
So you prefer Trump to Hillary like the OP? nt geek tragedy Apr 2016 #122
There will not be an Earth if Trump is elected Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2016 #102
Buh-bye, Susan! Have fun driving over the cliff again! IamMab Apr 2016 #107
To the OP, I'd say look at the big picture. Vinca Apr 2016 #117
Hillary has already expressed an interest in adding limitations to abortion rights. djean111 Apr 2016 #151
This message was self-deleted by its author geek tragedy Apr 2016 #118
If Jill Stein herself were running Hillary's campaign herself, she could not set herself up better. Attorney in Texas Apr 2016 #125
At least vote for Democrats down ticket or quit whining about your revolution. Trust Buster Apr 2016 #127
Sometimes things have to get really really bad before people finally wake up and quit being robots. RKP5637 Apr 2016 #128
Trump humping thread gets 38 recs on DU ... salinsky Apr 2016 #132
You'll show them Renew Deal Apr 2016 #134
Nobody makes you do anything. You own this. Don't blame Hillary supporters upaloopa Apr 2016 #143
Another pro-Trump post on DU. DanTex Apr 2016 #149
I'm not at that point yet. B Calm Apr 2016 #152
Another childish tantrum from a Bernie or Buster redstateblues Apr 2016 #154
Stupid logic (actually lack of logic) HERVEPA Apr 2016 #155
Locking Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #156
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