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59. Ambitious, ruthless, and mendacious make successful politiions.
Sun Apr 10, 2016, 08:53 PM
Apr 2016

Not to mention successful gangsters, CEOs, and generals.

Sometimes, those attributes make presidents.

We've had more than our share of that type. We don't need more of them.

That was strange pdsimdars Apr 2016 #1
For me, it made the yes bar longer, but did not change the number of yeses. Also strange! merrily Apr 2016 #10
You only registered as a NO BernieforPres2016 Apr 2016 #11
No,her sense of entitlement is horrifying. libtodeath Apr 2016 #2
I don't know if any of the current canditates do, frankly. On either side. Kinda scary. Electric Monk Apr 2016 #3
No. Too shrill, too smug, too petulant. NewImproved Deal Apr 2016 #4
Hillary's temperament nichomachus Apr 2016 #5
Cause Bernie is Mister Happy Sunshine. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #6
Lol! zappaman Apr 2016 #7
No kidding. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #9
He's Mr. Brusque But Straightforward Armstead Apr 2016 #30
Bernie speaks in such gentle, dulcet tones. JoePhilly Apr 2016 #45
No he doesn't Armstead Apr 2016 #51
They really have some nerve, don't they? Beacool Apr 2016 #43
They spin the wheel of outrage and then go where it points them ... JoePhilly Apr 2016 #46
A former failed SOS nichomachus Apr 2016 #52
Yeah, right........ Beacool Apr 2016 #58
Finger wagging? Armstead Apr 2016 #54
+1000 giftedgirl77 Apr 2016 #55
I was just going to say treestar Apr 2016 #67
Temperment, as displayed by edgineered Apr 2016 #8
1 million times better temperament than that whiny, livetohike Apr 2016 #12
LOL! Duval Apr 2016 #38
if there was a "hell no" option i would have picked it. nt restorefreedom Apr 2016 #13
I'm more worried about her carelessness. Avalux Apr 2016 #14
Yeah, when Obama says someone is careless you can take it to the bank that person is careless. Autumn Apr 2016 #16
No she's paranoid and power mad. Been in the bubble too long. Cheese Sandwich Apr 2016 #15
bad question--better: "... temperament to be a GOOD president?" TheDormouse Apr 2016 #17
Does Bernie? baldguy Apr 2016 #18
He spoke his truth oldandhappy Apr 2016 #20
He obfuscated & didn't answer the question. baldguy Apr 2016 #26
Wow. Time to bring up that easily debunked claim again? bjo59 Apr 2016 #29
I have to laugh at the contrast here ... pacalo Apr 2016 #36
The cameras are always on and that will keep her OK oldandhappy Apr 2016 #19
"He's forceful, she's shrill" Retrograde Apr 2016 #21
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2016 #25
The question is fatuous creon Apr 2016 #22
Temperament? No worse than LBJ. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2016 #23
Sec. Clinton has the temperament. She also has the brains. Octafish Apr 2016 #24
The brilliant mind that was fooled by Dubya Fumesucker Apr 2016 #27
That is a good point. Octafish Apr 2016 #28
+1 Duval Apr 2016 #39
LOL, says conspiracy guy. OK. nt Logical Apr 2016 #37
Do you think I'm sandbagging Sec. Clinton? Octafish Apr 2016 #48
"The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes" says it all! nt Logical Apr 2016 #49
The person who wrote that, Vincent J. Salandria is a man of integrity. Octafish Apr 2016 #50
Oswald did it, I know it is boring and not exciting but it is true. But keep up the drama. nt Logical Apr 2016 #57
That's what Allen Dulles and J Edgar Hoover said. Octafish Apr 2016 #62
I honestly think you are just messing with us. Nt Logical Apr 2016 #65
In the face of any form of adversity, her first instinct will be to do that which appears tough. lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #31
WaPo - "Men really need to stop calling women crazy" TomCADem Apr 2016 #32
They both have the temperament to be president gollygee Apr 2016 #33
One word: Greenpeace. pacalo Apr 2016 #34
When people march like I suggest to hold one's feet to the fire on issues. PyaarRevolution Apr 2016 #35
Or worse. Emmanuel called Move On members "terrorists". Duval Apr 2016 #41
Of course she has the temperament, what a nonsensical question. Beacool Apr 2016 #40
Of course she does SharonClark Apr 2016 #42
Of course she does Dem2 Apr 2016 #44
And more importantly for now ... does she have the DELEGATES? JoePhilly Apr 2016 #47
Nah, she's way too much "respect mah authoriteh" for the job tularetom Apr 2016 #53
Wrong question,imo. Ask about judgement instead. sadoldgirl Apr 2016 #56
Ambitious, ruthless, and mendacious make successful politiions. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2016 #59
This poll tells me that there really are more Sanders supporters posting in this forum Sky Masterson Apr 2016 #60
New Yorker - "The Bernie Bro Code" TomCADem Apr 2016 #61
Or you could just be high Sky Masterson Apr 2016 #66
She was mean to that young girl Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2016 #63
This person does not have the temperament to be POTUS nor CIC. PufPuf23 Apr 2016 #64
No (nt) bigwillq Apr 2016 #68
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