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2016 Postmortem

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16. Exactly.
Thu May 5, 2016, 02:30 AM
May 2016

She is pretty squeaky clean and would tear about Clinton on the server issues.

She would also pull Latino votes and women votes. Many will try to argue here that all Latino's and women are smarter than this but that is ludicrous. American voters in general are easily swayed by images, propaganda, and persona management.

Trump VP speculation [View all] Jack Bone May 2016 OP
Gingrich gopiscrap May 2016 #1
That would dylan33 May 2016 #2
Gingrich is a dirty campaigner gopiscrap May 2016 #4
Forgot dylan33 May 2016 #6
Susana Martinez -- TM99 May 2016 #3
She's already said no. Not only no, but pretty much, HELL NO. MADem May 2016 #12
More here (she is equivocating on supporting him, still) ---> JonLeibowitz May 2016 #13
That's the best KIND of no, too. Preemptive. Hilarious! :) NT Grown2Hate May 2016 #15
She is who I would pick. Not mentioned (1) prosecuted sex criminals (2) is a district attny JonLeibowitz May 2016 #14
Exactly. TM99 May 2016 #16
Also her current reticence is EXACTLY what I would do in Trump's/Martinez's shoes JonLeibowitz May 2016 #18
If Trump has proven anything TM99 May 2016 #20
Exactly...Thomas Frank says it clearly: NewImproved Deal May 2016 #23
What about Omarosa? n/t SFnomad May 2016 #5
I actually hope he picks gopiscrap May 2016 #7
Kelly Ayotte senz May 2016 #8
Oh, yeah, she is another excellent choice. TM99 May 2016 #17
Chris Christie DJ13 May 2016 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #10
He's already said that no one is more qualified than he is and he only listens to himself Rhiannon12866 May 2016 #11
Oh god, I hope it's Santorum. auntpurl May 2016 #19
VP GD bigwillq May 2016 #21
Joni Ernst IA Sen n/t eggman67 May 2016 #22
Cenk mentioned Carson pdsimdars May 2016 #24
Bernie Sanders Rincewind May 2016 #25
... Warren DeMontague May 2016 #33
Satan. nt DLevine May 2016 #26
Nah, Cheney perfers to remain behind the scenes nowadays.. denbot May 2016 #27
LOL Mike Nelson May 2016 #29
Has anyone ever seen Satan and Cheney together in the same room? DLevine May 2016 #30
Most of those people will... Mike Nelson May 2016 #28
If he picks any clown from the clown car, I think it will be Carson. Warren DeMontague May 2016 #31
Trump will pick someone for shock value cali May 2016 #32
Kanye auntpurl May 2016 #35
Condi Rice is too associated with the Iraq War. thesquanderer May 2016 #34
Locking. Please post this poll again in GD. In_The_Wind May 2016 #36
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