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2. This was weeks ago.
Sun May 8, 2016, 09:24 PM
May 2016

It was reported back then that one caucus volunteer in one precinct made an error; the state party corrected it. It was all over the news back then, why it's getting rehashed as "new" news is anyone's guess.

According to the Green Papers Bernie lost two delegates Renew Deal May 2016 #1
This was weeks ago. madamesilverspurs May 2016 #2
Ot the fact that the Dem party hid it from Bernie laserhaas May 2016 #4
It is a crying shame that hell bent Hillarians don't care laserhaas May 2016 #3
A mistake was made and corrected...where is the manure? nt anotherproletariat May 2016 #5
A mistake in one precinct that changes 2 delegates isn't all that significant Renew Deal May 2016 #6
Hillary and DNC ----twisting and turning rules to fit their purpose. Ugly bunch. kgnu_fan May 2016 #7
Thank you for reposting here... Silver_Witch May 2016 #8
Very exciting...California could be major upset laserhaas May 2016 #11
it will be UNLESS dana_b May 2016 #12
Just like Brooklyn...Im sure they are concentrating laserhaas May 2016 #14
pfffttt... Billy boy dana_b May 2016 #16
Ha ha...do they make protection for that laserhaas May 2016 #18
If she loses CA 60-40 she wins enough delegates to put her over the top Renew Deal May 2016 #17
Dream on...supers dont get counted laserhaas May 2016 #19
Keep telling yourself that Renew Deal May 2016 #22
100% for " Hillary Could Never Win in. Kosher way" scscholar May 2016 #9
Interesting Thing About This "Mistake" pmorlan1 May 2016 #10
K&R silvershadow May 2016 #13
Thanks silvershadow laserhaas May 2016 #21
It was locked for not complying with the rules in LBN. tammywammy May 2016 #15
I know...it was late getting to me..cause FB bojo'd me laserhaas May 2016 #20
This is the link to Denver Post vid laserhaas May 2016 #23
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