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George II

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25. It is illegal. And if they accept contributions from Americans with foreign addresses, they....
Wed May 11, 2016, 04:31 PM
May 2016

....are required to DOCUMENT it in advance, not wait for the FEC to ask for it.

The Trump and Sanders campaigns aren't very transparent, are they? nt onehandle May 2016 #1
Whoa! puffy socks May 2016 #2
Wow! If they're having this much trouble with compliance ... NurseJackie May 2016 #3
I didn't even notice this the first time I read it, this is a request for additional information... George II May 2016 #5
Would the FEC consider this to be neglegence or incompetence? And ... NurseJackie May 2016 #6
Perhaps both, but this isn't something to be ignored or laughed away..... George II May 2016 #20
Who would the FEC hold to be criminally responsible? The donor or the recipient? NurseJackie May 2016 #21
See above, I just added to my post, but to answer your question - the treasurer and the candidate... George II May 2016 #22
Or, how about holding the FEC responsible... scscholar May 2016 #27
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #30
Also it seems like neither T-rump and BS want to Iliyah May 2016 #4
Freaking out over a 'Monthly report' AgingAmerican May 2016 #7
It's not simply a "monthly report", it's 650 pages of impermissible contributions and expenditures. George II May 2016 #8
Oooooo! 650 pages! AgingAmerican May 2016 #10
650 pages is that more than 30,000 e-mails? bahrbearian May 2016 #11
It's more than 22,000 questionable, impermissible, or even illegal contributions that have been.... George II May 2016 #17
Can you imagine the threads here if this were Hillary's campaign? nt Jitter65 May 2016 #9
Get back to Us when its the FBI asking for interviews. bahrbearian May 2016 #12
Has nothing to do with campaign finances. Start your own thread please.... George II May 2016 #14
Why is bernie's campaign the ONLY ONE with FEC problems misterhighwasted May 2016 #15
Don't worry. Jane does all the books. WhiteTara May 2016 #13
I suppose $27 doesn't buy a decent accountant anymore Sheepshank May 2016 #16
Ah George, Sanders doesn't have to follow any rules or laws. He is special, dontcha know. Nt seabeyond May 2016 #18
That doesn't seem very honest mcar May 2016 #19
K&R Cali_Democrat May 2016 #23
It appears that they are accepting FOREIGN contributions. That's ILLEGAL right? NurseJackie May 2016 #24
It is illegal. And if they accept contributions from Americans with foreign addresses, they.... George II May 2016 #25
Probably figured while they were investigating Hillary's blatant FEC violations when she silvershadow May 2016 #26
False. George II May 2016 #28
Better FEC than FBI. Vinca May 2016 #29
A single problem, easily remedied. pat_k May 2016 #31
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