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Bullshit nostalgia for an economy built for white males only Recursion May 2016 #1
Guess you didn't read the OP Go Vols May 2016 #2
I did. Looks like you didn't think when you quoted it. Recursion May 2016 #5
Think again Go Vols May 2016 #22
It's funny as hell! MADem May 2016 #31
missed that part,could you quote it? Go Vols May 2016 #37
Look downthread--your contributors do not know their American history. nt MADem May 2016 #57
Yes, the pre-1976 Democratic Party was indeed progressive. Jim Lane May 2016 #102
Thanks for that long list of progressive legislation whathehell May 2016 #162
The OP is about the party going back to 1932. Sparkly May 2016 #183
Yes, and I mentioned the racial issues under FDR. Jim Lane May 2016 #185
And half of the Democratic party opposed the Civil Rights Act as opposed to 1/3rd of the GOP Recursion May 2016 #199
I'm with you. Sparkly May 2016 #204
Yes, a big change that's occurred since World War II is the reversal of the parties' roles on race. Jim Lane May 2016 #208
You're imagining a world where Kennedy could win nationally without white southerners. Recursion May 2016 #209
No, you are embarrassing yourself..It's obvious you weren't around then. whathehell May 2016 #127
Wow, you need to learn history. The Dems used to be way more liberal, on so many issues. reformist2 May 2016 #195
And... Recursion May 2016 #196
I want to frame this post and hang it on the wall. wildeyed May 2016 #198
I guess LBJ's Great Society plan was just a vast right-wing conspiracy theory. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #6
It certainly didn't raise black incomes like the 1990s did Recursion May 2016 #15
Is it at all possible that Great Society policies bore fruit a generation or two later? merrily May 2016 #35
Yes, they are: that's what traditional Democrats were Recursion May 2016 #43
No, they are not, except in someone's spin. What they want are Democrats who were not merrily May 2016 #54
I'm being literal to help point out *why* the "take the party back" rhetoric Recursion May 2016 #63
Are you? Because the conversation seldom seems to move past berating people about merrily May 2016 #71
The "traditional" Democratic Party okasha May 2016 #69
Brown and Root, the Halliburton of its day! They were all over hell. MADem May 2016 #78
Then there's Box 13. okasha May 2016 #81
The Alan Ladd Box 13? MADem May 2016 #82
Fuck Brown and Root, Go Vols May 2016 #84
Please, be my guest. No one here is in love w/KBR. nt MADem May 2016 #99
Just in thrall to their contemporary equivalents in all fields Armstead May 2016 #148
Well that comment was apropos of absolutely nothing. MADem May 2016 #167
"We loves them huge corrupt banks"- WTF are you imitating with that vernacular? bettyellen May 2016 #211
The ballot box from Precinct 13 in Jim Wells Co., Texas. okasha May 2016 #203
LOL! NOW I remember that story, just did not realize the box NUMBER!!! MADem May 2016 #207
The 1990'a, when high-wage manufacturing jobs left what would become the rust belt... That Guy 888 May 2016 #101
your comment seems to imply that the 1990's raised only Black incomes-all incomes were raised azurnoir May 2016 #103
But black incomes stayed up, unlike poor whites' incomes Recursion May 2016 #106
No they did not as a nation we rise and fall together azurnoir May 2016 #113
Except that's just not factually true Recursion May 2016 #114
No it is not the only non-white income that is higher is Asian and as a group they are the highest i azurnoir May 2016 #115
Black workers did well in the Clinton years Recursion May 2016 #117
why a chart showing only Black income let's see one that compares it white, Hispanic and Asian azurnoir May 2016 #118
I've in fact done that, and here they are Recursion May 2016 #119
well while I admire the word or powerpoint? work there of those charts albeit they are difficult to azurnoir May 2016 #121
Matlab Recursion May 2016 #122
both are slightly higher today azurnoir May 2016 #124
Black incomes today are nearly double what they were in 1991 Recursion May 2016 #128
In 1991 Blkack median income was $31, 369 per year in 2013 it was $34,598 per year azurnoir May 2016 #130
I'm talking about the poorest two quintiles Recursion May 2016 #131
Do you think that data point was ignored and a different point used ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #174
I think your what you posted, here ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #175
I'm challenging a narrative in which people have cast themselves as the aggrieved heros Recursion May 2016 #179
Aggrieved Heros that they have; but for, an accident of birth, done nothing to earn. 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #182
Clinton's policies are the reason black incomes declined. JRLeft May 2016 #145
They rose Recursion May 2016 #147
They declined due to prison and offshoring. JRLeft May 2016 #150
Nope. Black incomes at all quintiles are up from 1991 Recursion May 2016 #151
Black people are struggling maybe in your bubble life is good. JRLeft May 2016 #155
JRLeft ... you are better than that ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #176
Wages rose due to the bubble economy, it was a facade. JRLeft May 2016 #187
Okay. 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #189
Black wages *didn't* collapse after the 1990s though. That's my point. Recursion May 2016 #210
Or fill the prisons with your friends and neighbors. floriduck May 2016 #178
This message was self-deleted by its author redstateblues May 2016 #18
Good grief, get your decades right--that was the SIXTIES. MADem May 2016 #59
Good grief, get your reading comprehension right -- that's within the OP. Jim Lane May 2016 #105
No--the whole thesis was the "OLD DEM'S" (sic) one. MADem May 2016 #112
How about McNamara going from Ford to SecDef (nt?) Recursion May 2016 #133
You're going way beyond the point of the OP. Jim Lane May 2016 #180
And I think we're pretty effectively arguing it was *not* more progressive back then Recursion May 2016 #186
I agree with you that the issue is cherry-picking. Jim Lane May 2016 #193
It is tiring, isn't it? 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #10
And the willfull deafness that's required to not hear it Recursion May 2016 #50
OMG! Does EVERYTHING have to have a sexist bent? Chasstev365 May 2016 #14
sexist and racist Viva_La_Revolution May 2016 #25
The economy was so fucked up in the seventies. Anyone who thought it was great is blowing smoke. MADem May 2016 #26
Thank god that dark age was swept aside by the mighty hand of Ronald Reagan, amirite? Scootaloo May 2016 #28
Republicans owned the White House for most of the seventies. Carter got 4 years out of ten. nt MADem May 2016 #36
Cool. We're talking about Democrats, though. Scootaloo May 2016 #48
Yes, we are--and once they finally shoved Nixon off the political map, they accommodated Ford, MADem May 2016 #74
So true. Dem2 May 2016 #49
For whom is the economy now built, pray tell? JackRiddler May 2016 #73
Very wealthy white males. 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #107
Yes exactly. JackRiddler May 2016 #120
White incomes today are about the same as 1970, at least for the bottom 50% Recursion May 2016 #123
"Pre-1970 politics" is a vague term. JackRiddler May 2016 #136
Funny ... I sense you are talking around Recursion's post. ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #141
You know "what gives" Recursion May 2016 #149
No doubt! ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #156
I will agree that the "neoliberal" age ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #137
I KNEW you'd be in this moronic thread! This kind of thing is right up your alley Number23 May 2016 #96
I'm like a moth to a flame Recursion May 2016 #100
Bullshit indeed...Dixiecrats anyone? workinclasszero May 2016 #132
Um, no...The Sixties was the decade of Civil Rights when "Dixiecrats turned Republican whathehell May 2016 #135
A greater % of GOP Congressmen voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats Recursion May 2016 #139
Damn those pesky facts again workinclasszero May 2016 #142
Great, but they didn't INITIATE it, did they? Nor have they 'followed up" on it, have they? whathehell May 2016 #143
You try it workinclasszero May 2016 #154
My nostalgia is definitely NOT for white males. I have supported jwirr May 2016 #140
Re-read your post Recursion May 2016 #146
I realize that it sounds like I am supporting your idea but jwirr May 2016 #163
I wasn't aware that economies built for all ethnicities required corruption. DisgustipatedinCA May 2016 #181
God that is one of the most ignorant statements ever phleshdef May 2016 #201
We have few real democrats today, the party has changed so drastically, and not for the better IMO. RKP5637 May 2016 #3
Nah. All I know is an era of centre-right dems. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #4
When Raygun took over Go Vols May 2016 #9
Unfortunately not. liberal_at_heart May 2016 #7
Late seventies? The party of NO BLACK PEOPLE and NO WOMEN? MADem May 2016 #8
One parent working Go Vols May 2016 #11
Your black mayor was an exception in public life. MADem May 2016 #20
And we had a dem president who imprisoned more blacks than any president combined. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #13
In the late seventies? You need to hit the books because I'm giving you an F in US History. MADem May 2016 #23
clinton did, duh Viva_La_Revolution May 2016 #27
This thread is about the late seventies. Try, do, to stay on topic and follow the conversation. nt MADem May 2016 #29
ok, play stupid, i don't care Viva_La_Revolution May 2016 #30
No, what's stupid is to try and bring Clinton into a thread about the seventies. MADem May 2016 #39
k Go Vols May 2016 #53
Bill Clinton was not in public life during that timeframe. MADem May 2016 #56
correct Go Vols May 2016 #58
You can answer your own "..." you know. MADem May 2016 #66
History Go Vols May 2016 #68
Well, shrieking about pale-skinned penises isn't exactly the heights of intellectualism either Scootaloo May 2016 #32
Huh? What is that in aid of, and what does it have to do with the seventies, which is the thread MADem May 2016 #33
Well, every time someone talks about a time before reaganomics... Scootaloo May 2016 #47
I don't mean to be rude, but did you not observe that the GOP owned six years of the seventies? MADem May 2016 #55
Sure I did. Yet here you are, happily running interference for those policies Scootaloo May 2016 #65
I'm saying--and you're missing, apparently--the fact that the seventies SUCKED. MADem May 2016 #67
No, I catch it. I'm just saying it's not actually relevant to the OP topic Scootaloo May 2016 #70
This is just ugly and nasty, so I'm out. MADem May 2016 #76
This message was self-deleted by its author FuzzyRabbit May 2016 #40
Many States supported Tough on Crime Policies including California, NY,etc, people elected Giuliani JI7 May 2016 #86
Meantime, potentially black men voters were in jail because of the drug war disaster. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #88
black men are targeted because of race which includes planting fake evidence JI7 May 2016 #90
But why did Clinton push for policies, incarcerating more black people than any other president? RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #94
crime is a real issue that needed to be dealt with, that black people get unfairly targeted is JI7 May 2016 #95
But we have to be able to call out those who enabled that climate and Bill was an enabler of it. RepubliCON-Watch May 2016 #97
this happened before clinton and it certainly doesn't help to pretend otherwise JI7 May 2016 #98
^^^ This ^^^ 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #16
such anti-woman revisionist whitewashing. shocked I tell you. reddread May 2016 #44
How pathetic. MADem May 2016 #168
how hyperbolic reddread May 2016 #169
NO WOMEN? Try telling that to these terrific Dem Congresswomen from the 1970s Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #159
Out of how many politicians? Your very "exception that proves the rule" reaching, MADem May 2016 #166
accept the F with dignity reddread May 2016 #170
You're trying to create a diversion Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #190
No, I am not--the sexist, racist "good old days" weren't so good. MADem May 2016 #191
Please stick to the subject, which is NOT "general conditions in the 1970s" Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #192
Which initiatives? None of the achievements you mentioned took place in the seventies. MADem May 2016 #194
You keep changing the subject Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #202
I responded to points YOU brought up. MADem May 2016 #206
Spot On! Chasstev365 May 2016 #12
Not only the middle class, but the poor. Hardly any politician even utters that word anymore. merrily May 2016 #45
it is really sad Go Vols May 2016 #64
Yep. That was before Dems acted like Republicans. HooptieWagon May 2016 #17
Yes, I am. My parents were proud socialists who thought FDR was the greatest human being ever Glorfindel May 2016 #19
+1 Go Vols May 2016 #42
Wow...I identify with every word of your post. Punkingal May 2016 #75
sigh rbrnmw May 2016 #21
What you said. nt MADem May 2016 #41
no shit Go Vols May 2016 #46
Yeah Recursion May 2016 #61
Perfect! wildeyed May 2016 #200
Yes. I remember them and I voted for them. Thirties Child May 2016 #24
There's always SOMEONE I like, but Tip O'Neill was the closeupready May 2016 #34
Yes, he was one of my favorites.. whathehell May 2016 #160
Yup. PFunk1 May 2016 #38
This looks like a job for Apostrophe Man!!... SidDithers May 2016 #51
lol Go Vols May 2016 #60
Apostrophe Man needs a visit from Comma Girl. Scootaloo May 2016 #72
Thread win! nt MADem May 2016 #79
I don't see this on TV since Raygun Go Vols May 2016 #52
now it's "buy local" "support small business" etc JI7 May 2016 #83
In 1972, McGovern delegates were refreshingly diverse RufusTFirefly May 2016 #62
And that diversity was not just at the convention. The office jwirr May 2016 #158
That's what's so sad and pathetic about this laughable "Underground" and its RW posters. nt villager May 2016 #77
Sorry your browser doesn't open to any other page--it's tough being a prisoner of Skinner, then? MADem May 2016 #80
I remember, life was still hard, but a hell of a lot better then 2banon May 2016 #85
FDR, JFK, and LBJ had strong Democratic majorities cheapdate May 2016 #87
Because people liked their ideas? Go Vols May 2016 #89
sadly many thought civil rights were a bad idea and started turning republican JI7 May 2016 #91
. Go Vols May 2016 #92
Ideas like Jobs for All? Peace in our Time? Octafish May 2016 #111
Exactly. jwirr May 2016 #161
Congress makes the law, cheapdate May 2016 #171
interlude Go Vols May 2016 #93
We need a NEW NEW DEAL, and that era of Liberalism was not for white males only. Those are the highprincipleswork May 2016 #104
Yes, the Third Wave of Feminism started (and no, it wasn't just for white women) whathehell May 2016 #138
Nostalgia for a time that never was. baldguy May 2016 #108
*Applause* Recursion May 2016 #109
+10000 auntpurl May 2016 #110
Bull. Shit. Unlike you, I suspect, I actually LIVED and WORKED during those times whathehell May 2016 #134
"comparatively positive"? There's a whole herd of bulls producing shit, you got there. baldguy May 2016 #144
Yes, "comparatively positive" Are the words too big for you? whathehell May 2016 #157
Certainly I'm old enough to remember Bill Clinton Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #116
I certainly wouldn't have been a democrat back then nt firebrand80 May 2016 #125
Sure do, but their approach is very unlike what Bernie is trying to do. That is why they succeeded tonyt53 May 2016 #126
I know what real Democrats were thanks to history books, but VulgarPoet May 2016 #129
They're all around you. Octafish May 2016 #152
There's a few left.. whathehell May 2016 #165
I remember when the Democrats were the Party of Big Ideas, not Lydia Leftcoast May 2016 #153
Yes, me too. whathehell May 2016 #164
Some of us don't accept the attempted brainwashing around here. nt BootinUp May 2016 #172
I remember when Dem appointees got health insurance The Second Stone May 2016 #173
Not one of them DOESNT go out of their way to show up in November and vote for the Dem Actor May 2016 #177
especially against Trump, for god's sake Fast Walker 52 May 2016 #184
Life was good? onenote May 2016 #188
You're confusing Democrats with non-Dems who tried to hijack the party - Wallace, Nader, Sanders, wyldwolf May 2016 #197
I voted yes. The first Democrat running for President I remember was Mondale, mvd May 2016 #205
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