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18. I suggest there be just 4 groupings of states/territories.
Thu May 26, 2016, 04:19 PM
May 2016

Every 1-2 months, 12-13 states would hold primaries. So, there would be 4 groupings. Each group would represent the various regions of the US and these groups would rotate each election.

All primaries. No caucuses, which suppress the vote.

No superdelegates.

3 days for voting, including a Saturday, so as to increase turnout. In other words, have the polls open Thursday through Saturday.

That's odd, no one is preventing Californians from voting. Trust Buster May 2016 #1
You are wrong. People in California have been lied to. I know this, as I was one of them. n/t truedelphi May 2016 #3
Gotta ask - By whom? tonyt53 May 2016 #4
It's a bit more complicated than "You cannot vote." truedelphi May 2016 #25
The DNC does not control state elections. Someone else has been lying to you. 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #28
Thank you for a voice of reason tonyt53 May 2016 #32
I was going to add ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #34
which county? Retrograde May 2016 #38
This is Lake County, Calif. Which until now, I had never ever had truedelphi May 2016 #44
You were told you can't vote? Garrett78 May 2016 #19
In 2004, Edwards pulled out AFTER I mailed in my primary ballot voting for him and before the actual yurbud May 2016 #7
Oh, well. I voted in California for nearly 3 decades. Hortensis May 2016 #35
It's over when the magic number is reached...time for the loser beachbumbob May 2016 #2
It would be easier for that "loser" to show class if it was not stolen out from truedelphi May 2016 #5
Probably because they're fiction stories. Try the Disney channel for fairytales. procon May 2016 #21
Oh please-Cue the X Files theme redstateblues May 2016 #53
I am sure she will bow out gracefully after CA. lagomorph777 May 2016 #9
That "loser" stuff is really going to convince Bernie supporters to jump on Hillary's bandwagon yurbud May 2016 #13
I don't think that's the point Armstead May 2016 #17
So what is the point? truedelphi May 2016 #26
I'm a Bernie supporter. I'll leave it to you to figure out. Armstead May 2016 #31
What do you suppose the point of that talking point is? yurbud May 2016 #36
There is no point except an attempt to marginalize and belittle Armstead May 2016 #39
Like that will happen. procon May 2016 #24
Is the position that you describe as belonging to all of us Sanders' supporters truedelphi May 2016 #30
Those are YOUR issues. You'll have to deal with them as best you can. nt procon May 2016 #40
People on DU have said they will vote for Trump? That seems unlikely for longtime progressives yurbud May 2016 #37
Your vote is effected by comments here? GulfCoast66 May 2016 #47
Agreed. Garrett78 May 2016 #48
if these were truly anonymous comments by cranks yurbud May 2016 #54
So you admit GulfCoast66 May 2016 #55
Of course we do dana_b May 2016 #6
I do. It's just the Hillary camp and MSM pushing the Bernie should drop stuff yurbud May 2016 #15
I didn't realize anyone from the Clinton campaign or MSM had called for Sanders to drop out. Garrett78 May 2016 #23
This disgusting trying to push it to the end without it being the end by the MSM and others bkkyosemite May 2016 #8
I voted for other Txbluedog May 2016 #10
No one is stopping them from having their say. hrmjustin May 2016 #11
It's got nothing to do with "having a say" Corporate666 May 2016 #12
They do have a say. NCTraveler May 2016 #14
He should stay in until the delegates and superdelegates actually cast their votes at the convention Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #16
I suggest there be just 4 groupings of states/territories. Garrett78 May 2016 #18
It's not a matter of deserve. it's a matter of stupid voting order. Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #20
That is EXACTLY how I would do it if I were in charge. auntpurl May 2016 #43
Bernie should stay in until he decides to leave. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #22
California has a 40 million population. Why does anyone think any candidate should drop out before onecaliberal May 2016 #27
Who is saying California shouldn't count? Garrett78 May 2016 #29
Oh please, at least three days of the week there is an OP up about how Bernie should save truedelphi May 2016 #45
I see a lot of posts about how Sanders won't end up with more pledged delegates. Garrett78 May 2016 #46
Other. The nomination has to be won at the convention. mikehiggins May 2016 #33
They did. Clinton won. This is amazing. Did we do this in '08 and I just ignored it? seabeyond May 2016 #41
Of course. So long as they vote for the Debbie-Approved candidate. Buns_of_Fire May 2016 #42
Bernie should stay in until the CONVENTION ROLL CALL VOTE... John Poet May 2016 #49
Yes bigwillq May 2016 #50
all primaries oldandhappy May 2016 #51
We have done our due diligence and our votes matter Land of Enchantment May 2016 #52
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