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21. Probably because they're fiction stories. Try the Disney channel for fairytales.
Thu May 26, 2016, 04:34 PM
May 2016

Sanders can't get enough voters interested in him to win. That's his fault, no one else is to blame. All your conspiracy theories may seem real to you, but reasonable people just aren't buying it. No matter what the media says, unless they are offering up hosannas praising Sanders, you loy immediately see some sinister plot and start yelling that you was robbed and the world is out to get you. It's predictable.

That's odd, no one is preventing Californians from voting. Trust Buster May 2016 #1
You are wrong. People in California have been lied to. I know this, as I was one of them. n/t truedelphi May 2016 #3
Gotta ask - By whom? tonyt53 May 2016 #4
It's a bit more complicated than "You cannot vote." truedelphi May 2016 #25
The DNC does not control state elections. Someone else has been lying to you. 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #28
Thank you for a voice of reason tonyt53 May 2016 #32
I was going to add ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #34
which county? Retrograde May 2016 #38
This is Lake County, Calif. Which until now, I had never ever had truedelphi May 2016 #44
You were told you can't vote? Garrett78 May 2016 #19
In 2004, Edwards pulled out AFTER I mailed in my primary ballot voting for him and before the actual yurbud May 2016 #7
Oh, well. I voted in California for nearly 3 decades. Hortensis May 2016 #35
It's over when the magic number is reached...time for the loser beachbumbob May 2016 #2
It would be easier for that "loser" to show class if it was not stolen out from truedelphi May 2016 #5
Probably because they're fiction stories. Try the Disney channel for fairytales. procon May 2016 #21
Oh please-Cue the X Files theme redstateblues May 2016 #53
I am sure she will bow out gracefully after CA. lagomorph777 May 2016 #9
That "loser" stuff is really going to convince Bernie supporters to jump on Hillary's bandwagon yurbud May 2016 #13
I don't think that's the point Armstead May 2016 #17
So what is the point? truedelphi May 2016 #26
I'm a Bernie supporter. I'll leave it to you to figure out. Armstead May 2016 #31
What do you suppose the point of that talking point is? yurbud May 2016 #36
There is no point except an attempt to marginalize and belittle Armstead May 2016 #39
Like that will happen. procon May 2016 #24
Is the position that you describe as belonging to all of us Sanders' supporters truedelphi May 2016 #30
Those are YOUR issues. You'll have to deal with them as best you can. nt procon May 2016 #40
People on DU have said they will vote for Trump? That seems unlikely for longtime progressives yurbud May 2016 #37
Your vote is effected by comments here? GulfCoast66 May 2016 #47
Agreed. Garrett78 May 2016 #48
if these were truly anonymous comments by cranks yurbud May 2016 #54
So you admit GulfCoast66 May 2016 #55
Of course we do dana_b May 2016 #6
I do. It's just the Hillary camp and MSM pushing the Bernie should drop stuff yurbud May 2016 #15
I didn't realize anyone from the Clinton campaign or MSM had called for Sanders to drop out. Garrett78 May 2016 #23
This disgusting trying to push it to the end without it being the end by the MSM and others bkkyosemite May 2016 #8
I voted for other Txbluedog May 2016 #10
No one is stopping them from having their say. hrmjustin May 2016 #11
It's got nothing to do with "having a say" Corporate666 May 2016 #12
They do have a say. NCTraveler May 2016 #14
He should stay in until the delegates and superdelegates actually cast their votes at the convention Cheese Sandwich May 2016 #16
I suggest there be just 4 groupings of states/territories. Garrett78 May 2016 #18
It's not a matter of deserve. it's a matter of stupid voting order. Algernon Moncrieff May 2016 #20
That is EXACTLY how I would do it if I were in charge. auntpurl May 2016 #43
Bernie should stay in until he decides to leave. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2016 #22
California has a 40 million population. Why does anyone think any candidate should drop out before onecaliberal May 2016 #27
Who is saying California shouldn't count? Garrett78 May 2016 #29
Oh please, at least three days of the week there is an OP up about how Bernie should save truedelphi May 2016 #45
I see a lot of posts about how Sanders won't end up with more pledged delegates. Garrett78 May 2016 #46
Other. The nomination has to be won at the convention. mikehiggins May 2016 #33
They did. Clinton won. This is amazing. Did we do this in '08 and I just ignored it? seabeyond May 2016 #41
Of course. So long as they vote for the Debbie-Approved candidate. Buns_of_Fire May 2016 #42
Bernie should stay in until the CONVENTION ROLL CALL VOTE... John Poet May 2016 #49
Yes bigwillq May 2016 #50
all primaries oldandhappy May 2016 #51
We have done our due diligence and our votes matter Land of Enchantment May 2016 #52
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