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105. There has never been a good explanation for Obama's meeting with Bernie.
Sat May 28, 2016, 07:44 PM
May 2016

I believe that it was more than a little chat about the weather.

Further if the FBI's investigation has found evidence that ties the Clinton Foundation to pay for play in arms deals then the jig is up.

I wonder if Kerry and Obama has had something to do with his staying in madokie May 2016 #1
Could be democrattotheend May 2016 #2
Yes POTUS, the de facto leader of the democratic party Txbluedog May 2016 #4
No. I think it's unlikely re. Obama democrattotheend May 2016 #7
Bernie knows a lot of bad things about HRC that he has not brought up. Baobab May 2016 #23
I am not the OP, and I have personal knowledge of this situation. Baobab May 2016 #45
Obama considers Biden a friend Txbluedog May 2016 #72
Biden is not a strong candidate "on the fly" libdem4life May 2016 #84
IMO, the reason no other Democrat dared libdem4life May 2016 #43
"I am not hoping for Clinton to be taken down by scandal" <-- I disagree 99th_Monkey May 2016 #21
... And who will spend her entire tenure in the WH mired to her neck in hearings when not being JudyM May 2016 #25
I really think republicans will be more obstinate to Hillary than to Bernie. It's just their RKP5637 May 2016 #34
At least with Bernie, Republicans need to conjure-up bullshit out of thin air to criticize 99th_Monkey May 2016 #42
Definitely agree!!! n/t RKP5637 May 2016 #48
To be fair, a lot of the "decades of baggage" was pulled out of thin air democrattotheend May 2016 #49
This message was self-deleted by its author silvershadow May 2016 #61
Actually there is some truth there. libdem4life May 2016 #75
Fresh start sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunately a lot of independents in the middle are thinking JudyM May 2016 #90
Absolutely! Same as tRump will get a helluva lot more votes from people who would otherwise JudyM May 2016 #60
Hillary is a politician. Trump is a business man. Hillary will play the political RKP5637 May 2016 #70
That is a very good observation. Made me feel a little ugh in my gut. WTH are we in for... JudyM May 2016 #91
And these are some of his tactics. RKP5637 May 2016 #98
Yes, that too. Thank you. nt 99th_Monkey May 2016 #38
If she broke the law, she should be held accountable democrattotheend May 2016 #47
read the links in the text below this post Baobab May 2016 #50
I've privately thought that Jack Bone May 2016 #26
His debate line was "You're likable enough, Hilllary." nt tblue37 May 2016 #95
The moment. Jesus Malverde May 2016 #97
She came across very charming in that clip. nt tblue37 May 2016 #99
Given a chance to defend her in Hiroshima. Jesus Malverde May 2016 #96
I have my doubts about Hillary winning against Trump. She has too much baggage, right or wrong, RKP5637 May 2016 #30
tRump worries me madokie May 2016 #57
Also, she's a terrible campaigner and not naurallt likeable Indpndntfrombirth May 2016 #83
From what I hear Demsrule86 May 2016 #116
I don't think so Rosa Luxemburg May 2016 #3
Bernie has connections RobertEarl May 2016 #5
It's unlikely but not impossible. DemocraticWing May 2016 #6
I think your analysis is pretty spot on democrattotheend May 2016 #10
It's certainly possible that both those things are motivating him right now. DemocraticWing May 2016 #11
This too. Really interesting Arazi May 2016 #16
I agree. TPTB are far too smart not to have contingency plans no matter what their public RKP5637 May 2016 #55
Maybe He "knows" He ProgressiveEconomist May 2016 #8
I doubt he KNOWS anything. basselope May 2016 #9
To be fair, the same could have been said about Obama in the summer of 2008 democrattotheend May 2016 #12
Then why have superdelegates? basselope May 2016 #20
Ironically, the supers were put in place to stop candidates like Bernie democrattotheend May 2016 #27
And thus is the problem with putting "party" over principles. basselope May 2016 #64
"she did not secure enough pledged delegates" TwilightZone May 2016 #19
No she won't. basselope May 2016 #22
If Sanders is so great at driving turnout mythology May 2016 #29
False conclusions. basselope May 2016 #71
This^^^ libdem4life May 2016 #76
Can you explain how she won the WA primary than? Tavarious Jackson May 2016 #107
Because no one bothers with it since the votes don't count. basselope May 2016 #110
Interesting and with merit Arazi May 2016 #13
Bernie would be a fool to drop out, and he's no fool. AtomicKitten May 2016 #14
If she gets indicted, he has to be ready... Yurovsky May 2016 #15
They will try to give the nod NorthCarolina May 2016 #103
They will try to give the nod to Biden or some other controllable pRick* DJ13 May 2016 #113
I'd be outraged if Bernie wasn't the pick in the event of a HRC withdrawal... Yurovsky May 2016 #117
Although I believe that is possible, I lean more towards understanding the task at hand me b zola May 2016 #17
I don't disagree with any of that democrattotheend May 2016 #24
I have wondered about this for months. IdaBriggs May 2016 #18
There must be a run on tinfoil. Metric System May 2016 #28
what an ugly and unnecessary comment n/t zazen May 2016 #32
k&r for very reasonable question and also very reasonable, balanced tone n/t zazen May 2016 #31
He's staying in because he's ego driven KingFlorez May 2016 #33
Could you make a list of non-ego driven politicians libdem4life May 2016 #52
I think Bernie is less ego-driven than most democrattotheend May 2016 #54
That's surely my take. libdem4life May 2016 #67
None of us know the outcome of these investigations. I think Bernie is staying in for those of us mmonk May 2016 #35
Why do you think Pelosi keeps butting in saying Sanders should stay in the race? Barack_America May 2016 #36
Good point - hadn't thought about that democrattotheend May 2016 #41
I don't think many supers know... Barack_America May 2016 #53
I don't see why Pelosi and DWS would know democrattotheend May 2016 #62
Diane Feinstein, too .. just before he came to Caliornia. libdem4life May 2016 #63
And Harry Reid n/t TexasBushwhacker May 2016 #79
Absolutely. Was just thinking of California libdem4life May 2016 #82
Oh, and Joe Biden TexasBushwhacker May 2016 #85
Ups the Democratic ante yet again. libdem4life May 2016 #87
Sanders ego won't allow him to know something secret and not jjump beachbumbob May 2016 #37
Bingo--An aging egotist ProgressiveEconomist May 2016 #59
And HRC and fans here are sans ego libdem4life May 2016 #69
25 responses and only 2 of them are snark! Actually seems like a discussion happening. JudyM May 2016 #39
It's crossed my mind more than once. Myrina May 2016 #44
Could be he heard it from his MyNameGoesHere May 2016 #46
I think some of the 30,000 missing emails Skink May 2016 #51
I delete that many in a year Zambero May 2016 #109
Are you hiding something? Skink May 2016 #112
How did you know? Zambero May 2016 #118
...add to this the fact that NO ONE from the Sanders cliffordu May 2016 #56
Clap for Tinkerbell!!!! nt msanthrope May 2016 #58
At the very least Urchin May 2016 #65
Agreed. I wish Bernie were not so old democrattotheend May 2016 #66
The term Senior Statesman was coined libdem4life May 2016 #80
Nine More jamese777 May 2016 #68
If I were HRC MFM008 May 2016 #73
Bernie knows a LOT of stuff we don't. pangaia May 2016 #74
Praying for a miracle to give Sanders the nomination is rather sad Gothmog May 2016 #77
Could you look for a new cute put- down. libdem4life May 2016 #86
Well, the initial discussion is presented in a Hortensis May 2016 #89
Hmmm, plausible. I didn't know that about Devine. riderinthestorm May 2016 #78
I didn't know that Kerry himself called for the IG investigation democrattotheend May 2016 #111
if ever there was a 'behind the scenes' kingmaker sorechasm May 2016 #114
Yes, Paul Thompson has it on his timeline riderinthestorm May 2016 #119
In for the fact Sanders has bern saying from the start he was in it to win it. Thinkingabout May 2016 #81
He's staying in because he trounces Trump. Lint Head May 2016 #88
He's pulling a "Clinton 2008" Nevernose May 2016 #92
No. It's ego from a career politician. Nothing more. nt onehandle May 2016 #93
I like how you identified a conduit from state to the Bernie campaign. Jesus Malverde May 2016 #94
I'm sure he know more than people on this board know he knows. Cobalt Violet May 2016 #100
he knows that he can still squeeze a few bucks out of the bros dlwickham May 2016 #101
They are trying to figure out how to tell Hill yourpaljoey May 2016 #102
Hillary could be indicted, but he might not know any more than we do. jfern May 2016 #104
There has never been a good explanation for Obama's meeting with Bernie. wilsonbooks May 2016 #105
i don't think his meeting with Obama had anything to do with this democrattotheend May 2016 #108
Sanders said long ago, he would stay in through the entire process. And so it was. Sunlei May 2016 #106
No He is just a sore lose and wants to hurt Hilalry and the party Demsrule86 May 2016 #115
Hillary Unfit for Presidency november3rd May 2016 #120
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