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2016 Postmortem

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Sun May 29, 2016, 01:39 AM May 2016

For those who are supposedly so worried about a trump presidency. [View all]

Maybe the party shouldn't nominate A person that 67% of democrats think is a liar, the one under FBI investigation. The woman who jeopardized national security, this isn't a right wing fantasy, these are facts. The republicans are organizing and they hate Hillary. Polls show her consistently losing to trump, while sanders beats him handily. So if you Hillary supporters really think trump is the biggest threat to America, you wouldn't be supporting the candidate WHO CANT BEAT HIM.
When you people elect president trump, don't blame us. We've been telling you for months.

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What is it about mr trump you find so appealing? The_Casual_Observer May 2016 #1
Um, that would be Bernie, actually. dchill May 2016 #3
His 46 inch waist? DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #42
So whats Hillary waist size? since you brought that up. bahrbearian May 2016 #68
I don't give a shit what Hillary's waist size is. Do you? DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #69
Wow, you need a Nap. bahrbearian May 2016 #70
Just got back from three hours at the gym. I couldn't feel more alive. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #71
Cool story Bro! bahrbearian May 2016 #72
Plato's ideal man was spiritually, physically, and intellectually at his peak DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #73
IT's good to set goals , even if you'll never obtain them. bahrbearian May 2016 #74
I usually exceed them. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #75
Another cool story. bahrbearian May 2016 #76
I am glad I continue to impress you. I can be your role model. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #80
At 1st I was impressed how tough you sounded, but now we are playing Rain deer games, bahrbearian May 2016 #81
Don't get lube on your Cheetos, just sayin, and certainly don't eat em after... DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #83
You sure have a thing about Lube, Very Telling. bahrbearian May 2016 #84
First mention of it. Try again, after wiping! Hit the mark on my first try, though. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #85
Fix your tag line Grandpa. Silver_Witch May 2016 #92
I was minding my own business and the guy made a wisecrack at my expense. I responded in kind. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #93
None of my business... Silver_Witch May 2016 #95
Thank you for pointing that out. At least someone read my sig line. DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #96
She already can't beat him. dchill May 2016 #2
Exactly. onecaliberal May 2016 #4
A very, very steep downhill. dchill May 2016 #5
^That^ onecaliberal May 2016 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author silvershadow May 2016 #19
. . . what your definition of "is" is? Ed Suspicious May 2016 #78
"steep downfall" made me think of something like this: LiberalElite May 2016 #31
He's actually competitive against her in some blue states as well. bobbobbins01 May 2016 #7
It's gotta be more than that. dchill May 2016 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author silvershadow May 2016 #20
There is no other logical reason. There were many qualified candidates libdem4life May 2016 #59
But, but, but it's her turn. She's entiled to it. TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #8
And she's already wildly unpopular on our own side, and independents hate her. onecaliberal May 2016 #11
Troo dat. TheCowsCameHome May 2016 #12
national poll Thursday showed only 18% "honest and trustworthy".. grasswire May 2016 #17
They have been sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling "la-la-la, we can't hear you." Jackilope May 2016 #10
the way Hillary & surrogates treat Sanderistas, you'd think they were TRYING to elect Trump! cloudythescribbler May 2016 #13
well said, scribbler. nt grasswire May 2016 #18
Actually I think they are trying to hide the fact the progressives wing is the *larger wing silvershadow May 2016 #21
Good point. libdem4life May 2016 #63
Their "logic" if you can call it that dana_b May 2016 #44
What do you think of the primary system? 6chars May 2016 #14
I think lobbyists should not be, because I cannot be certain where their ultimate loyalties lie. silvershadow May 2016 #22
I know this will be a bitter lesson nadinbrzezinski May 2016 #37
It's going to be a disastrous day if Trump wins the Presidency. Then the riots, and I do mean riots YOHABLO May 2016 #15
I hope it doesn't happen. nt silvershadow May 2016 #23
then you should be encouraging people to do the one thing that will keep it from happening onenote May 2016 #32
We are in a primary. You're talking General election strategy. We aren't nearly there yet. nt silvershadow May 2016 #40
Why is it too early to encourage people to vote for the Democratic nominee onenote May 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author silvershadow May 2016 #48
You're the one that brought up the GE, not me. onenote May 2016 #86
The Purity Police are in the house. libdem4life May 2016 #64
I agree, worst thing that could possibly ever happen. So why keep running towards the cliff onecaliberal May 2016 #34
I started a thread with you and others posting in this thread in mind. Garrett78 May 2016 #16
Not to worry, the Dem party leaders have a plan for that ... Scuba May 2016 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author silvershadow May 2016 #41
Yep, the cries of "Nader!" have already begun. Jester Messiah May 2016 #89
It's too late for this gollygee May 2016 #25
How does Trump win without women and minorities? sufrommich May 2016 #26
I've wondered the same thing. Garrett78 May 2016 #39
Angry white men are blind to POC and women. nt hack89 May 2016 #87
trump hasn't even touched the surface of his attacks on bernie . . . you should realize that DrDan May 2016 #27
we are supporting the only candidate that can beat trump...sanders would be mincemeat beachbum bob May 2016 #28
That's a shallow take on a layered electorate. saltpoint May 2016 #29
The person with the most delegates gets the nomination oberliner May 2016 #30
But we HAVE to nominate someone historic. MadDAsHell May 2016 #33
As long as the historic candidate has a lot more votes what's the problem? DemocratSinceBirth May 2016 #46
I think the oligarchy played this perfectly. The dems nominate a corporatist candidate with Doctor_J May 2016 #35
yes - it really is brilliant dana_b May 2016 #45
Why do some of you think you are immune to a Trump Presidency. JoePhilly May 2016 #36
Why do you think we're immune to a Clinton presidency? Doctor_J May 2016 #38
Amen. nt silvershadow May 2016 #43
Because her peeps think the only people DLC policies hurt Hydra May 2016 #49
You'll do much better under Trump. JoePhilly May 2016 #62
Lol Hydra May 2016 #65
You'll do much better under Trump. JoePhilly May 2016 #60
^^^^^^^^^^^ Amen! ^^^^^^^^^^^ pdsimdars May 2016 #50
Nah. That would make FAR too much sense. Shadowflash May 2016 #51
You didn't warn us creeksneakers2 May 2016 #52
Poor little things. How dare we stand on principle for once instead of voting for a liar who onecaliberal May 2016 #91
Losers whine creeksneakers2 May 2016 #94
I didn't threaten anything. Like I said, comprehension problems. onecaliberal May 2016 #97
The people have voted and they have chosen Hillary as the nominee. It sounds like you think Super Metric System May 2016 #53
Hillary was chosen but not by the voters. And the math proves it -- 261 to 2. IdaBriggs May 2016 #55
Over 13 million PEOPLE have voted for her. You can write a book justifying otherwise, but reality Metric System May 2016 #56
And millions more have not. And polls consistently say they don't like her. IdaBriggs May 2016 #57
Using that logic, millions more have also NOT voted for Sanders. Metric System May 2016 #58
And millions didn't vote for Obama in the 2008 primary. That's what happens in a primary. Garrett78 May 2016 #61
Clinton only got where she is by the DNC... AmBlue May 2016 #98
A majority of Democrats have voted for Clinton and refused to vote for Sanders. Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #54
EXACTLY. n/t Triana May 2016 #66
Or, if they are worried about Trump SCantiGOP May 2016 #67
Huh. And the 'liar' that everyone hates is beating Bernie pretty badly. bullimiami May 2016 #77
Which doesn't help her beat Trump. progressoid May 2016 #90
Political purity my Aunt Fanny. DinahMoeHum May 2016 #79
If they had real positions instead of those that blow in the wind..... nolabels May 2016 #82
relax oldandhappy May 2016 #88
Why do Bernie fans welcome a Trump presidency? workinclasszero May 2016 #99
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