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5. I think when it is all said and done and the numbers looked at.
Tue May 31, 2016, 10:23 AM
May 2016

The turnout for Hillary will be an average number of Democratic party voters turning out.

The turnout for Trump will be an average number of Republican party voters turning out plus a number of rightwing people who have never voted before.

The new people that voted for Bernie in the primaries that have never voted before will go back to the status of "non voting Americans" which is usually around 40% of Americans.

If the country is unbalanced enough to elect an unqualified bigot, it says much more about the Trust Buster May 2016 #1
All this means is that Hillary will have to work at getting more voters to support her yeoman6987 May 2016 #3
Nope. Trump stands alone. If the American people are foolish enough to vote for this Trust Buster May 2016 #6
No. That doesn't mean that. It literally means Hillary will need more voters to yeoman6987 May 2016 #9
Nope, Americans have a propensity to avoid personal responsibility. They won't get away with it Trust Buster May 2016 #12
No, it means that the Repubs pitched the Dems a lazy softball and we whiffed. Jester Messiah May 2016 #17
Is this the HRC excuse thread? Skink May 2016 #2
I think when it is all said and done and the numbers looked at. LiberalArkie May 2016 #5
Don't worry, African Americans, Latinos, and Women will turn out in record numbers to FSogol May 2016 #11
And there is also the possibility that the Libertarian party may pull most of Trumps LiberalArkie May 2016 #14
The Libertarians will continue their streak of being a non-factor in US Politics. n/t FSogol May 2016 #16
Don't be so sure Robbins May 2016 #15
This should be moved to GD. Sheepshank May 2016 #4
It mentioned a Democratic party candidate. Thus GD-P LiberalArkie May 2016 #7
You are trumpeting Trump and my OPINION is this should be in GD Sheepshank May 2016 #8
Take a break.. LiberalArkie May 2016 #10
It's just how things are around here right now, I guess bonemachine May 2016 #18
All the more reason to work as hard as we can on her behalf oberliner May 2016 #13
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