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2016 Postmortem

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Sun Jun 5, 2016, 11:48 PM Jun 2016

Where will I go? [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by BooScout (a host of the 2016 Postmortem forum).

Where will I go?

I have been with DU since the stolen election of 2004. I will probably leave with the stolen primary of 2016.

The purged voters, the changed party affiliations, the electronic machines, Bill's electioneering at the polls, the closed polling places, the DNC with an agenda, the computer firewall, the biased media, the exit polls that are "off" time and time again - always in Hillary's favor...yet, so few Hillary supporters show any concern or sympathy or compassion for these "anomalies". I do not fault Hillary for these things. She has a campaign to run, but SOMEBODY is rigging this election, and we all know it.

As "THE DATE" of the big DU change keeps getting thrown into our faces, and super delegates are counted with pledged before they've voted (even here at DU), and the media arrogantly claims they will call Hillary the winner by 5:00pm on Tuesday, I am compelled to ask -- where will I go?

Recently, I have posted information on why I DON'T want Hillary, why I think the democratic party should not support Hillary, but I have never personally attacked a Hillary supporter nor mocked them. During this entire process, I have not once put anyone on ignore, because I do not want to live in a vacuum - people disagree, sometimes vehemently. Nevertheless, I have been shocked by the kind of attacks I have received from the other side. The level of anger, the amount of mockery, combined with the constant spiking of the ball during blatant election "shenanigans" -- it has been all too much for me.

I do not know if I can vote for Hillary in the general election anymore. Not because of DU - although the most ardent Hillary supporters here are actually hurting her chances more than they are helping - but because of myriad reasons that I need not repeat in this post; we all know them. Unfortunately, here at DU, when I say I cannot vote for Hillary, I am accused of supporting Trump. I am told that I cannot allow a Trump presidency to occur, therefore I must vote for Hillary. In what world does one deduce from my non-vote (or my possible write-in of Bernie) that I am supporting Trump? If I cannot bring myself to vote for her in good conscience, then that is not MY fault if she loses. It is the establishment that has created a situation where that can happen. THEY have promoted a flawed candidate, for I, alone, am simply not that important. If she loses, then the masses feel as I do, and we all collectively cannot bring ourselves to support Hillary. The masses can never be blamed for the outcome, for in a democracy, they matter most. When a group in power ignores those masses, it could be to their peril, as history has shown us many times.

Traditionally in an election, independent voters are the ones a candidate wants in order to win. Somehow, in this democratic primary, they are toxic, they are the problem, they should not be allowed to play ball with the democrats during their game. Everyone knows, it is the independents who decide elections in this country, yet I am watching as the democrats are telling them all to basically fuck off. That doesn't bode well for the democrats. Not at all.

I do not know if I will stay at DU, and I feel very sad about this revelation. This has been my favorite place to visit on the internet every day since 2004. I tried to stick with Dailykos after kos made his change. I tried to see the sensibility of it. Instead, what I saw was a purging of great posters and an ever-increasing vapid echo chamber. At the point kos began posting disgusting false diaries about Bernie being racist and supporting violence, I could no longer participate. I am not alone. It's not unusual to see a post with 90 recommends near the top of the recommended list. I remember when that number would be near a thousand. Will DU also descend into such a sad shell of its former self?

Where will I go?

I have things to do in my own life. Goals to achieve. I hope I will immerse myself in these quests of self-actualization. Maybe over time I will find my way back to DU. I do not know.

As for alternative websites, jackpineradicals is growing, but it, too, is another echo-chamber. Of course, it is an echo chamber for my guy, but I never wanted an echo chamber. I wanted fair.

I guess that's the bottom line of this meandering post. I have been searching for fairness and wisdom. It's in short order these days.

Where will I go?

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Where will I go? [View all] FourScore Jun 2016 OP
thoughtful and eloquent post, my friend... grasswire Jun 2016 #1
Thank you for saying that. Here is a Clinton supporter's reaction to my post: FourScore Jun 2016 #8
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Their ideas are so great, only THEY can be privy to them. [n/t] Maedhros Jun 2016 #13
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OH!! grasswire Jun 2016 #24
+1 Dems to Win Jun 2016 #10
Shocked and disgusted at the dismissiveness being evidenced with the voter suppression and fraud. Xyzse Jun 2016 #2
well, as a news source, DU will be invalid soon. grasswire Jun 2016 #15
bernie says the campaign is NOT rigged. remember him the guy you want to win? msongs Jun 2016 #3
But he is about to go under the bus GulfCoast66 Jun 2016 #4
His actual statement: FourScore Jun 2016 #7
That's the way I'm feeling about the country in general. Where will I go? bjo59 Jun 2016 #5
"...the stolen primary of 2016" Tarc Jun 2016 #6
Go where your conscience leads you... Contrary1 Jun 2016 #12
I refuse to watch the Hillary-Trump Reality TV Show, directed by Bill Clinton Dems to Win Jun 2016 #16
I completely get it. FourScore Jun 2016 #17
It's the truth...needs to be said as often as possible. Thanks for your wonderful OP though I don't haikugal Jun 2016 #21
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Let the birdie lead the way grasswire Jun 2016 #25
I was originally at DU from 2001->2004 basselope Jun 2016 #22
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