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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Jun 6, 2016, 05:05 AM Jun 2016

All the ways you let me down... [View all]

Universal Health Care: not possible in this country, ever.

Debt & Tuition Free College: Oh free stuff! Get a job slackers.

Mass Incarceration: don't break the law and you won't go to prison.

Private Prisons: are more efficient and save us money.

Capital Punishment: some crimes deserve an eye for an eye.

Fracking: a green replacement for coal.

Nuclear Energy: clean energy.

Renewable Energy: what, from unicorn farts?

Marijuana: put down the pipe and get a job, Cheech.

Campaign Finance: money has no effect on policy, none.

Predatory Loan Sharks: provide a valuable public service in low income communities.

Health Insurance: a necessary evil.

For-Profit Healthcare: provides the best healthcare in the world.

Mass Surveillance: I've got nothing to hide.

Corporate Media: fair and balanced.

Taxing the Rich: hurts job creators.

Big Banks: make the world go 'round.

Minimum Wage: raises prices and destroys jobs.

Socialism: some people are lazy and want a free ride.

Welfare: I worked hard to earn what I've got.

Trade Deals: bringing jobs to impoverished people.

Pharmaceuticals: all that money goes to R&D and saves lives.

Perpetual War: just keep it someplace where I don't have to see it.

Drone Strikes: not terrorism.

Iraq War Votes: old news, let it go already.

Israel: noble defenders of all that is good.

Palestine: a radical terrorist infestation.

Saudi Arabia: the good guys in the middle east.

DOMA: a sensible position at the time.

Corruption: put on your tinfoil hat.

Exit Polls: junk science.

Issue-Driven Campaigning: going negative.

Negative Campaigning: the truth hurts.

Lobbyists: provide valuable insight from industry experts.

Superdelegates: the Republicans wish they had them too this year.

Protesters: unemployed trouble makers

Campaign Rallies: too bad they don't vote.

Astroturfing: I wish I was getting paid for this post! /s

Democracy: DROP OUT NOW!

Voter Suppression: OMG CONSPIRACY!

Election Fraud: SORE LOSER!

Bernie Sanders: EGOMANIAC!

Sanders Supporters: undercover racists and misogynists.

Liberals: we don't need you.

Independents: get your own party or shut up.

Millennials: grow up and move out of your parents basement.

Change: only happens incrementally, we're progressives not radicals.

Political Revolution:

I'm not so sure I want to be a progressive anymore. Or at least, I am sure that I was never this kind of progressive.

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All the ways you let me down... [View all] MinnesotaRob Jun 2016 OP
Excellent list. SamKnause Jun 2016 #1
Nothing here on guns? annavictorious Jun 2016 #2
When you call people racists .... peace13 Jun 2016 #3
... Scuba Jun 2016 #4
Orwell. VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #16
Can't tell if that list is from a republican or from the Hillary group Doctor_J Jun 2016 #5
Republican or Hillary group? BernieforPres2016 Jun 2016 #8
Just use/become Liberal... disillusioned73 Jun 2016 #6
Bookmarking - as a resource when I am told that Bernie and Hillary are so very much alike djean111 Jun 2016 #7
Lol, no shit, so amazing how many HILL fans all of the sudden hated single payer. Nt Logical Jun 2016 #9
Simply brilliant, breath taking. . . Lots of thought and work went into this. Thanks. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #10
Welcome to DU... SidDithers Jun 2016 #11
I don't trust your list, when it comes down to it these least are full of shit and half truths to.. uponit7771 Jun 2016 #12
Wow! Punkingal Jun 2016 #13
Excellent list but looks like a few things are missing. 2cannan Jun 2016 #14
Yes, by no means an exhaustive list... MinnesotaRob Jun 2016 #18
"Prgressive anymore." I doubt you ever were to begin with. YouDig Jun 2016 #15
Bookmarking, kicking, and rec'ing. nt VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #17
I do believe I have seen all of that on this site. Very sad. nt Live and Learn Jun 2016 #19
thank you for registering in order to share your sour grapes with us nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #20
The blinders necessary to block all of this out felix_numinous Jun 2016 #21
MinnesotaRob—Perpetual War: Trending No. 1 in “Job Opportunities.” CobaltBlue Jun 2016 #22
All excellent issues. K&R JEB Jun 2016 #23
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