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5. You know I have been sitting here analyzing the Guardian website (live results voting)
Wed Jun 8, 2016, 02:49 AM
Jun 2016

and I just don't see what all the crowing has been about.

First of all, I think Hillary jumped to a big lead in California because they counted the mail in votes, which many of her supporters do. Over the last hour as I tediously watched, her percentage has very slowly been dropping and Sanders has very slowly been inching up. When last I looked, she was at 59.7 and he was at 39.3 with 36 percent of the vote counted. I don't know what percentage of the overall vote the mail-in constitutes, but at this point, I don't know how anyone knows how California ends up. Now this from looking at the Guardian website.

She did do well in NJ as expected, winning by 26.6 points when I last looked, and that was with 99.1 percent of the vote in. That is about what was projected.

She won New Mexico by 3 points. That was one that could have gone either way. They both hoped to take it, she did but only by 3. Won't make a big difference.

Montana Bernie won as was expected. When last I looked with 77.4 percent of the vote he won by about 5.4; don't know what the final numbers will be but that is respectable and it has been called for him.

Bernie hoped to win both the Dakotas -- he lost SD by 2 points but won ND by 38.6 points. The Dakotas gave him a good night!

So we just have to have wait for California to finish and we do have the comfort of knowing the election is being monitored by the Election Integrity group since there are no exit polls. So I think it too early to tell if that early AP maneuver hurt him or not.

But I am proud of Bernie Sanders performance, and I am proud to be his supporter. Nice going, Senator Sanders.


BERNIE IS NOT CONCEDING YET! [View all] mylye2222 Jun 2016 OP
Well, yeah RobertEarl Jun 2016 #1
No need to concede. Skink Jun 2016 #2
Bernie will not get a cabinet position. He might retain some Senate assignments if he remains a Dem LuvLoogie Jun 2016 #3
And "might" is an awful big word right now. Nice observation by the way. tonyt53 Jun 2016 #26
Not explicitly but he isn't' actively contesting the nomination either nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #4
You know I have been sitting here analyzing the Guardian website (live results voting) Samantha Jun 2016 #5
+1 pat_k Jun 2016 #7
Thank you for that. Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #8
I read that turnout was 10 percent less than previously expected Samantha Jun 2016 #22
Yes! 840high Jun 2016 #11
Update, she won California by double digits. nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #19
Won North Dakota??? 355 people voted. Not no way, not no how will a Democrat carry ND this fall tonyt53 Jun 2016 #30
I watched MSNBC around 2 a.m. to see if Bernie would concede. PADemD Jun 2016 #6
He has already said... pat_k Jun 2016 #9
I'm glad he didn't concede. It was a good speech. PADemD Jun 2016 #10
I wish I'd seen the disappointed anchors. pat_k Jun 2016 #14
Talk is cheap Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #17
Wow marions ghost Jun 2016 #20
Personally I thougt it was a sad speech from a guy who lost and can't get over it. nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #18
deleted pat_k Jun 2016 #13
We just had this thing called an "election" that you may have missed. Donald Ian Rankin Jun 2016 #12
The voters have made their choice. It wasn't Bernie. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #15
Really how? Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #16
He's going to be just another nobody at that convention for a party, he doesn't even belong to. MoonRiver Jun 2016 #21
Better rethink that... HumanityExperiment Jun 2016 #35
he didn't even mention the nomination in his speech last night. he's not trying to win anymore geek tragedy Jun 2016 #23
Sanders will never concede MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #24
lives in his own virtual world MariaThinks Jun 2016 #28
His concession is not required in any way. MineralMan Jun 2016 #25
power... HumanityExperiment Jun 2016 #36
Bernie's power is fading, day by day. MineralMan Jun 2016 #37
people power HumanityExperiment Jun 2016 #41
I would have liked him to be VP. But after this irrational resistance MariaThinks Jun 2016 #27
second is the first loser. stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #29
It is done. seabeyond Jun 2016 #31
why is he cutting his campaign staff again? MariaThinks Jun 2016 #32
The campaign is over. There's no reason to retain them. MineralMan Jun 2016 #38
but he's not conceding. MariaThinks Jun 2016 #39
That doesn't matter. Concede or not, there is no more MineralMan Jun 2016 #42
The main reason they want him out is so when the FBI report drops they can slide in Biden or some... yourout Jun 2016 #33
Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. StevieM Jun 2016 #45
He doesn't need to. NCTraveler Jun 2016 #34
Hard no...nt SidDithers Jun 2016 #40
Anyone know of pdsimdars Jun 2016 #43
K&R Good felix_numinous Jun 2016 #44
What he does now doesn't matter at all. He could have played this well and gotten himself Squinch Jun 2016 #46
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