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2016 Postmortem

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Wed Jun 15, 2016, 10:54 PM Jun 2016

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This message was self-deleted by its author (ChisolmTrailDem) on Thu Jun 16, 2016, 10:59 AM. When the original post in a discussion thread is self-deleted, the entire discussion thread is automatically locked so new replies cannot be posted.

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Good for him. RandySF Jun 2016 #1
writing a speech, where are you? swhisper1 Jun 2016 #3
Writing a speech instead of doing his job. RandySF Jun 2016 #6
his campaign is still active, he is excused swhisper1 Jun 2016 #8
He's AWOL RandySF Jun 2016 #9
Personally, I think attacking Sanders on this is Hortensis Jun 2016 #89
The primaries are over. George II Jun 2016 #113
You probably don't want to talk about the attendance levels of senators running for president.. Kentonio Jun 2016 #85
Excellent point... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #95
Swift boater..... Loudestlib Jun 2016 #136
I wonder if anyone informed him before hand wallyworld2 Jun 2016 #60
One minute SBS is an ATTENTION HOUND, the next minute NOT INTERRUPTING OTHER SENATORS TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #123
Apparently wallyworld2 Jun 2016 #125
they do not do homework swhisper1 Jun 2016 #2
Most of those now talking absolute bullshit about Bernie now CHEERED him on in 2010... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #4
You'll just love posts #35, 50 and 51 Ned_Devine Jun 2016 #53
I know what you mean. I have LOTS blocked and my OP is bringing out more of these rabid... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #58
Whoever made the McDonald's reference had a great point Ned_Devine Jun 2016 #65
Thank you, Ned. I just don't understand it. I don't get the raw hatred for Bernie here. I guess... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #68
I thought it would slack off now, but I'm still using the block. woodsprite Jun 2016 #148
It's the only way. A mill goes a long way. MaeScott Jun 2016 #122
WHERE IS HE NOW? Txbluedog Jun 2016 #5
Where were you in 2010? nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #7
Being pummeled by a bunch of clueless idiots living in denial... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #93
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #10
Bingo. zonkers Jun 2016 #17
So right on! Exaxtly right. rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #28
god I feel your pain ciaobaby Jun 2016 #33
yep 840high Jun 2016 #34
Exactly. nenagh Jun 2016 #44
It's more like going to Wal-Mart Scootaloo Jun 2016 #83
Lol, you just joined, right? cwydro Jun 2016 #90
And now he's gone. Good riddance. I am sick and tired of those who only post about about how they .. marble falls Jun 2016 #102
That's because you thought by its design that the "D" stood for democratic... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #94
What was his filibuster exactly? Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #11
What a revolting post. Off to my Forever Ignored Club! nt valerief Jun 2016 #13
Speaking of that, lol, the board is showing 19 replies to this post so far but I only see... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #18
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #23
Goodbye, forever. Revel in your hatred without me. Oh, and by the way, how can you hate... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #24
You're a jerk. Alert on me. 840high Jun 2016 #36
Look at the number of posts in the last 90 days and compare the total number of posts Autumn Jun 2016 #139
"kindness and love" such bull shit..... ciaobaby Jun 2016 #38
test snooper2 Jun 2016 #142
You weren't here during that fillibuster. This entire forum was cheering Bernie on, including those ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #14
Fake filibuster Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #25
Hey your candidate (apparently) won...Get over it. Jesus Christ on a Cracker Armstead Jun 2016 #130
Is everything so binary and absolute in your world? "The entire forum" Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #32
Bernie was a hero here and none of your minimizing of that will change what I saw here with... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #40
The only hatred I see here is burning, pulsing, seething, out of your posts. Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #43
Never thought I'd say this to you but, goodbye Mary Ktteh. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #48
The only thing I see tonight from Hillers is a barnstorm of snark, snicker and smarmy fakery. ancianita Jun 2016 #56
Did you read the accusatory OP? George II Jun 2016 #115
THAT, sir, is the CONSEQUENCE of the barnstorm of snark, NOT THE CAUSE. Pay attention to the ancianita Jun 2016 #141
There are no other threads referenced in the OP, so what do you want me to "pay attention to"? George II Jun 2016 #152
OMG I saw the veins too! Yup! bettyellen Jun 2016 #63
Yes! sheshe2 Jun 2016 #66
So was John Lewis but his past deeds didn't save him. leftofcool Jun 2016 #103
DU has never really been united about anything, except Bush. .99center Jun 2016 #76
Hillarians like wars now, since their leader never met a war she didn't love Doctor_J Jun 2016 #111
Jury results JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2016 #145
Was 'Sequestration' AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #16
Yes it was at the time. Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #26
You actually fell for that? AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #61
sound fake wallyworld2 Jun 2016 #45
Par for the course. Bernie has stated before he's for what this filibuster is about. valerief Jun 2016 #12
fake filibuster Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #27
it was about middle of the road gun control? snooper2 Jun 2016 #143
Kick. zonkers Jun 2016 #15
They HATE Bernie. I wonder why that is... nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #20
Because Bernie is the good guy. nt valerief Jun 2016 #22
Because he dared to run for the nomination ms liberty Jun 2016 #134
Seriously the hatred is so strong on DU. Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #19
They HATE him with a white-hot rage, indeed. One has to wonder why they hate him so much. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #21
Maybe because he has refused to concede...disrepectful Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #29
And that justifies *hating* the guy? Seriously? The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #31
Even HILLARY knows better than you all why Bernie has not conceded. Respect her. ancianita Jun 2016 #64
I don't get it. I get disagreeing; I get criticizing. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #30
I think this hate is a harbinger of something weird and unsettling zonkers Jun 2016 #67
It's like the feeling of being in a room alone yet feeling an evil, hateful presense. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #77
I hear that. Wonder where its all gonna go. I will be spending a lot less time here. These zonkers Jun 2016 #81
See, this thing goes both ways. Lots of Bernie supporters on DU HATE Hillary MadBadger Jun 2016 #110
I don't hate. LWolf Jun 2016 #118
They hate him because he represents honesty and they can't handle that. rhett o rick Jun 2016 #54
That is a very big part of what's going on here: "They want the comfort of living in the shadow... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #70
... sheshe2 Jun 2016 #71
You've got to be kidding treestar Jun 2016 #121
Reminds me of Bush supporters circa 2000. vintx Jun 2016 #146
That was THEN.... chillfactor Jun 2016 #35
Running for president, to effect change in other areas, besides gun control. Matt_R Jun 2016 #124
Hillary missed far more Senate votes in 08 than Bernie has in 16 Omaha Steve Jun 2016 #150
Filibuster? sheshe2 Jun 2016 #37
Yes CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #47
I love Wendy Davis, I knocked doors and phone banked for her. Goodbye, sheshe2. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #73
Am I on ignore? sheshe2 Jun 2016 #75
test! stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #129
Boo hoo CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #39
Goodbye. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #46
I'm heartbroken CorkySt.Clair Jun 2016 #49
(A repost from the Renew Deal Thread trashing Bernie for absence from Senate now): cloudythescribbler Jun 2016 #41
I don't see them complaining about Feinstein and Boxer not being there. nt valerief Jun 2016 #42
I know right, they don't care about that. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #74
Of course not. vintx Jun 2016 #147
it wasn't a filibusterer dlwickham Jun 2016 #50
and he wasn't alone dlwickham Jun 2016 #51
Mary Landrieu, whose defeat to a Republican BainsBane Jun 2016 #55
well duh dlwickham Jun 2016 #59
... LexVegas Jun 2016 #52
If he did show up he'd be crapped all over for "grandstanding." The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #57
That's right because these people fucking hate him and he wouldn't be able to win for losing... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #62
very Nixonian of you redstateblues Jun 2016 #126
What I find odd is that truebluegreen Jun 2016 #69
IKR! The very reason for my OP...I saw all those and had enough already. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #72
I think they hate him truebluegreen Jun 2016 #79
Brockpuppets serving brockoli, I expect. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #78
LOL. Good one. Nt truebluegreen Jun 2016 #80
He always did something in the past...where is he now? workinclasszero Jun 2016 #82
Exactly working.. this is what our Beautiful Dems are doing Right Now. Cha Jun 2016 #86
Bernie made his statement against assault rifles hopemountain Jun 2016 #84
Making statements all day long is one thing RandySF Jun 2016 #87
Prescisely.. I'm so grateful for what our Dems are doing Right Now.. statements don't get change in Cha Jun 2016 #88
Everyone's position has been clearly stated, so we don't need to do anything? brooklynite Jun 2016 #101
Not a filibuster, just a bash. Of an Obama deal, naturellement. So where was Bernie ucrdem Jun 2016 #91
He's still not Jesus, you know. That filibuster has nothing to do with now... BobbyDrake Jun 2016 #92
He also voted against the Brady Bill several times obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #97
Duers criticize HRC for stuff she did when she was a teenager obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #96
Well, yes I do. auntpurl Jun 2016 #98
"You dare to criticize him now." NCTraveler Jun 2016 #99
Good deeds in the past... Skid Rogue Jun 2016 #100
Oh, how dreadful! Such drama! NurseJackie Jun 2016 #104
This is really disheartening. Bernie is a treasure and he's being treated like trash Vinca Jun 2016 #105
#BernieMath. It wasn't a filibuster. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #106
Yes, I will be critical of him today. it is 2016!! Time for him to get back to his paying job- riversedge Jun 2016 #107
Thank you! How soon they forget. Jackilope Jun 2016 #108
They are mad that he filibustered Hillary's war Doctor_J Jun 2016 #109
The filibuster was against a tax bill. onenote Jun 2016 #133
It was about a tax bill that had already passed. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #138
It's 2016 Setsuna1972 Jun 2016 #112
That was a filibuster about tax cuts, this is a filibuster about Americans' LIVES. George II Jun 2016 #114
It's 2016. Sunsky Jun 2016 #116
Good post. Welcome to DU! auntpurl Jun 2016 #117
Thanks Sunsky Jun 2016 #140
"dare?" treestar Jun 2016 #119
They're just poking fun at Bernie supporters. They know Bernie is one of the actual good ones in DC. NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #120
I think they are keeping up the hate to full tilt is because they know the FBI investigation litlbilly Jun 2016 #131
Why else? NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #144
He wasn't alone. He took the first two hours, then handed off the lecturn TwilightZone Jun 2016 #127
Well, now you've just gone and ruined the outrage... brooklynite Jun 2016 #128
Yes accuracy is important, and your post heading is misleading onenote Jun 2016 #132
I stand corrected - my post was based on the HP story. That being said, he wasn't alone... TwilightZone Jun 2016 #135
NO ONE should accept a 16 yer old stand by any elected official, with no action today Sheepshank Jun 2016 #137
To follow up... Else You Are Mad Jun 2016 #149
Ending this because I'm sick of seeing the continued hatred and complete lack of compassion as... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #151
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