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Nah, people will just be accused of sexism constantly. QC Jun 2016 #1
They are different people, that wouldn't really fit Clinton JI7 Jun 2016 #2
Why did the meme in the OP become unpopular on DU do you think? Fumesucker Jun 2016 #3
because it was mostly a campaign thing and Obama isn't running for anymore JI7 Jun 2016 #5
I don't recall it that way Fumesucker Jun 2016 #8
it was made for the election for those who support him JI7 Jun 2016 #9
Because Obama isn't running? NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #6
I still agree with your brilliant essay on Hillary from 2008... Fumesucker Jun 2016 #7
Ah, the ol' ... NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #10
It wasn't that you didn't support her, you analyzed her flawed character brilliantly in my opinion Fumesucker Jun 2016 #11
She is flawed. NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #12
Hmm, sounds like Obama 2008 Fumesucker Jun 2016 #13
Sorry - not getting the connection. n/t NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #14
I have a higher opinion of your intelligence than that Fumesucker Jun 2016 #15
Thanks for the "higher opinion". NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #16
The same crap was flung by the Clinton campaign against Obama and his supporters... Armstead Jun 2016 #25
I agree. That "Savior" meme really rankles me. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #28
My guess is that some will be allowed to sling any insults they QC Jun 2016 #29
My guess is that Skinner won't want that result but a lot of jurors will. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #31
I'm not holding my breath. QC Jun 2016 #35
A-friggin'-men! Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #27
Google Images Has Nada.... Grassy Knoll Jun 2016 #4
Yep, it will be 24/7... Ino Jun 2016 #17
+1 leeroysphitz Jun 2016 #22
Not to worry....a bird landed on Bernie's podium... Cali_Democrat Jun 2016 #24
Obama's primary opponent was a true team player who graciously endorsed geek tragedy Jun 2016 #18
What does that have to do with the OP? Fumesucker Jun 2016 #33
because a bunch of delicate flowers will cry "authoritarian" and compare her to Stalin geek tragedy Jun 2016 #34
I understand you'd like to believe this and I can't blame you Fumesucker Jun 2016 #37
women aren't seen in our culture as authority figures geek tragedy Jun 2016 #38
You should hang out more in the Hillary group needledriver Jun 2016 #19
I hope not. Lol. Never liked that meme. bigwillq Jun 2016 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #21
Awesome, true and sad. stealing n/t leeroysphitz Jun 2016 #23
😁 Purveyor Jun 2016 #26
I won't go in the HRC Group, thanks for bringing it here Fumesucker Jun 2016 #36
Sorry. I'll make it go away. nt cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #41
That was a joke, son. A joke. Fumesucker Jun 2016 #42
Obama was more or less an unknown quantity though, NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #30
There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. Lord Acton Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2016 #32
Put that in this context... hootinholler Jun 2016 #39
As far as I know Fumesucker Jun 2016 #40
Gotta tell ya, Fumesucker senz Jun 2016 #43
Thank you Fumesucker Jun 2016 #44
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