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geek tragedy

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34. because a bunch of delicate flowers will cry "authoritarian" and compare her to Stalin
Fri Jun 17, 2016, 12:29 PM
Jun 2016

if she were to be presented in such a way.

Also, like it or not that piece of stagecraft at the convention involved presenting Obama as an alpha male asserting his dominance.

Women don't get to run that particular play.

Nah, people will just be accused of sexism constantly. QC Jun 2016 #1
They are different people, that wouldn't really fit Clinton JI7 Jun 2016 #2
Why did the meme in the OP become unpopular on DU do you think? Fumesucker Jun 2016 #3
because it was mostly a campaign thing and Obama isn't running for anymore JI7 Jun 2016 #5
I don't recall it that way Fumesucker Jun 2016 #8
it was made for the election for those who support him JI7 Jun 2016 #9
Because Obama isn't running? NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #6
I still agree with your brilliant essay on Hillary from 2008... Fumesucker Jun 2016 #7
Ah, the ol' ... NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #10
It wasn't that you didn't support her, you analyzed her flawed character brilliantly in my opinion Fumesucker Jun 2016 #11
She is flawed. NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #12
Hmm, sounds like Obama 2008 Fumesucker Jun 2016 #13
Sorry - not getting the connection. n/t NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #14
I have a higher opinion of your intelligence than that Fumesucker Jun 2016 #15
Thanks for the "higher opinion". NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #16
The same crap was flung by the Clinton campaign against Obama and his supporters... Armstead Jun 2016 #25
I agree. That "Savior" meme really rankles me. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #28
My guess is that some will be allowed to sling any insults they QC Jun 2016 #29
My guess is that Skinner won't want that result but a lot of jurors will. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #31
I'm not holding my breath. QC Jun 2016 #35
A-friggin'-men! Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #27
Google Images Has Nada.... Grassy Knoll Jun 2016 #4
Yep, it will be 24/7... Ino Jun 2016 #17
+1 leeroysphitz Jun 2016 #22
Not to worry....a bird landed on Bernie's podium... Cali_Democrat Jun 2016 #24
Obama's primary opponent was a true team player who graciously endorsed geek tragedy Jun 2016 #18
What does that have to do with the OP? Fumesucker Jun 2016 #33
because a bunch of delicate flowers will cry "authoritarian" and compare her to Stalin geek tragedy Jun 2016 #34
I understand you'd like to believe this and I can't blame you Fumesucker Jun 2016 #37
women aren't seen in our culture as authority figures geek tragedy Jun 2016 #38
You should hang out more in the Hillary group needledriver Jun 2016 #19
I hope not. Lol. Never liked that meme. bigwillq Jun 2016 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #21
Awesome, true and sad. stealing n/t leeroysphitz Jun 2016 #23
😁 Purveyor Jun 2016 #26
I won't go in the HRC Group, thanks for bringing it here Fumesucker Jun 2016 #36
Sorry. I'll make it go away. nt cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #41
That was a joke, son. A joke. Fumesucker Jun 2016 #42
Obama was more or less an unknown quantity though, NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #30
There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. Lord Acton Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2016 #32
Put that in this context... hootinholler Jun 2016 #39
As far as I know Fumesucker Jun 2016 #40
Gotta tell ya, Fumesucker senz Jun 2016 #43
Thank you Fumesucker Jun 2016 #44
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