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winter is coming

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42. But I've been told that Sanders' influence is waning. I've read that here on DU,
Sat Jun 18, 2016, 11:13 AM
Jun 2016

and the media pundits are pushing it, hard. If that's true, it wouldn't matter what Sanders does: his endorsement would hold no weight and his delegates would dump him after the first vote at the convention.

So, which is it?

As a Bernie supporter I don't need him to tell me anything. peace13 Jun 2016 #1
MSM in her pocket? Clearly you watched very little of the media coverage during the primaries... Lucinda Jun 2016 #2
Well Bernie was missing from all MSM reports for months. peace13 Jun 2016 #6
Yep 840high Jun 2016 #10
Senator Sanders liberal from boston Jun 2016 #58
Yes I know. peace13 Jun 2016 #60
I agree. He brought voters into the nomination process. It's up to them if they want to stay George Eliot Jun 2016 #72
Perfectly stated. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2016 #85
I think the Sanders supporters can think for themselves. Although it's kind of funny to imagine eastwestdem Jun 2016 #3
I'll imagine them searching through Hills emails... peace13 Jun 2016 #5
Exactly. By far most of them, anyway, Hortensis Jun 2016 #12
And 72% of them are voting for Hillary. Squinch Jun 2016 #34
Yes, the vast majority of his supporters will be voting for Hillary. All one needs to do is look at still_one Jun 2016 #83
The vast majority are sane, reasonable people of good will. Squinch Jun 2016 #92
This is a common term during elections question everything Jun 2016 #49
Do you mean release his delegates? okasha Jun 2016 #4
That, too. question everything Jun 2016 #51
Silliness pat_k Jun 2016 #7
+1. He has 2 priorities and is perfectly capable of running his strategy to accommodate both. JudyM Jun 2016 #64
The only supporters he can "release" are the delegates pledged to him. SheilaT Jun 2016 #8
"Release" his supporters? pinebox Jun 2016 #9
...!100++++ 840high Jun 2016 #11
RELEASE THE HOUNDS! hootinholler Jun 2016 #15
The first step in questioning everything, is questioning the shit you write. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #13
As long as Bernie is still in the race I'll fully support him. B Calm Jun 2016 #14
I FULLY support Bernie, regardless if he's still in the race. pinebox Jun 2016 #17
Trump won't win and Sanders can keep his supporters MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #16
Oh? Is that a fact? pinebox Jun 2016 #19
Sanders over hyped support = votes MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #21
Sure you think that pinebox Jun 2016 #22
The people who say the pen is mightier than the sword MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #27
And one big problem... LenaBaby61 Jun 2016 #31
We will never know how much the internal split in the party, the challenge by Kennedy to Carter question everything Jun 2016 #53
Name one revolution? pinebox Jun 2016 #48
Yeah if you discount decades of oppression leading up MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #56
Sure. That's how you roll. pinebox Jun 2016 #57
Obama was cool then and young people showing up at rallies didn't have to pretend they were there politicaljunkie41910 Jun 2016 #66
You are greatly mistaken pinebox Jun 2016 #76
Bernie is old and tired and knows he doesn't have the stamina CountAllVotes Jun 2016 #77
Exactly. They can spew their hate all they wish pinebox Jun 2016 #81
Didn't need them in 2000, 2010, or 2014. seabeckind Jun 2016 #26
"Go off and fight your paper revolution and be happy." Wow - sounds like you have an anger problem. jillan Jun 2016 #69
I have voted in every single election since 1979, solid Dem. peacebird Jun 2016 #78
I think the poster is refering to the dead-enders not being needed brush Jun 2016 #80
Thank you so much. coyote Jun 2016 #52
release me? I didn't know I was being held captive. Exilednight Jun 2016 #18
The longer he stays in, the more harm he does to the progressive cause. baldguy Jun 2016 #20
Maybe he has a different definition of progressive. seabeckind Jun 2016 #25
Any definition of "progressive" must include advocating for actual progress. baldguy Jun 2016 #29
No. The definition of progress MUST include the goal. seabeckind Jun 2016 #32
Just as an example: $15/hr is a goal. $12/hr is a huge progressive step toward that goal. baldguy Jun 2016 #38
When you get done with the deflections, seabeckind Jun 2016 #40
That's an actual example from real life. baldguy Jun 2016 #45
How about doing something about job outsourcing and labor relations? seabeckind Jun 2016 #46
And now you're deflecting. Also proving my point, incidentally. baldguy Jun 2016 #47
Focusing on the picayune. seabeckind Jun 2016 #50
You're the one that said $12/hr couldn't get through Congress. baldguy Jun 2016 #62
Beautifully put! athena Jun 2016 #89
I think Sanders knows a lot more about the process than any of us. Orsino Jun 2016 #23
As a 30 plus year politician he should have kissed own more MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #28
So how many ideals and principles seabeckind Jun 2016 #35
I don't feel dirty at all MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #39
Not quite the same thing. seabeckind Jun 2016 #44
Oh for effs sake MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #82
You mean this isn't what you said? seabeckind Jun 2016 #84
Work for political change MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #90
Thanks for the deflection seabeckind Jun 2016 #91
Ah. A free-stuffer. n/t Orsino Jun 2016 #75
You mean like Hillary in 2008 when she lost a national campaign? jillan Jun 2016 #70
Not to mention that it will go on his permanent record!! seabeckind Jun 2016 #24
Oh my the guilt trip. You do realize this drivel convinces no one. gordianot Jun 2016 #30
I disagree. Sanders's actions no longer matter. Hillary will beat Trump with or without him. Squinch Jun 2016 #33
We have been told for months we are not Democrats Duckhunter935 Jun 2016 #36
We need some music in here! QC Jun 2016 #37
Lol - I thought the same thing when I read this. jillan Jun 2016 #71
"release"? We're not shackled to him and are capable of making our own decisions. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2016 #41
But I've been told that Sanders' influence is waning. I've read that here on DU, winter is coming Jun 2016 #42
Bad, sheepdog. Bad, Bernie. aikoaiko Jun 2016 #43
Funny how he and his fans don't think "everything" includes an endorsement. They let Bernie lie. CrowCityDem Jun 2016 #54
What on earth are you even trying to talk about? Scootaloo Jun 2016 #55
Perhaps he doesn't "know it" because it's NOT TRUE MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #59
I keep reading that Trump would win the Democratic Primary if... Matt_R Jun 2016 #61
More tripe mascarading as informed opinion. blackspade Jun 2016 #63
Release Me HarmonyRockets Jun 2016 #65
Let Sanders be. Why the pressure? akbacchus_BC Jun 2016 #67
Just look around you, here, on GDP question everything Jun 2016 #86
What does "release" his supporters mean? How does he release us? I honestly have no clue jillan Jun 2016 #68
Nader as "spoiler" is a simplistic myth AntiBank Jun 2016 #73
Number 1, how I vote will not depend on what Bernie says, even if I did go caucus for him TheFarseer Jun 2016 #74
I was thinking "call a waaaaaaa-mbulance!" chervilant Jun 2016 #79
Bernie!Bernie!Bernie! coco77 Jun 2016 #87
Sanders is hurting his so called revolution Gothmog Jun 2016 #88
You blame Bernie for Trump being in the news? AgingAmerican Jun 2016 #93
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