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2016 Postmortem

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red dog 1

(27,987 posts)
Sun Jun 26, 2016, 06:50 PM Jun 2016

So who would YOU like to see as Hillary Clinton's running mate? [View all]

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My choice is Elizabeth Warren
IMO, choosing her would unite the Democratic Party. and Warren would "destroy" whoever Trump picks as his running mate (in the Vice-Presidential debates)

If none of the posted choices appeals to you, please post a reply naming your choice.

66 votes, 6 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Julian Castro
9 (14%)
Sen. Al Franken (Minnesota)
8 (12%)
Sen. Michael Bennet (Colorado)
0 (0%)
Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA)
1 (2%)
Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio)
2 (3%)
Sen. Tim Kaine (Virginia)
4 (6%)
Secretary of Labor Tom Perez
1 (2%)
Maryland Gov. Martin I'Malley
9 (14%)
Sen. Bernie Sanders
5 (8%)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
27 (41%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I wasn't on board the Warren train at first but now I 100% am. Agschmid Jun 2016 #1
I really like Warren but I don't think she will take it. William769 Jun 2016 #4
I love her but we can't afford to lose ANY Senators in the Senate. TeamPooka Jun 2016 #17
This is my issue as well DeadLetterOffice Jun 2016 #19
If there was a Democratic Gov in Mass or even Ohio completely different stories TeamPooka Jun 2016 #21
Warren departure would force a special election, Gov. would not choose her replacement Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #57
The temp replacement is how Scott Brown first got in. It helps a candidate TeamPooka Jun 2016 #59
One word. Trump. Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #63
One word - Celebrity. It is the most powerful force in the country TeamPooka Jun 2016 #64
Not buying it. Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #68
Underestimating your opponent always works out so well. nt TeamPooka Jun 2016 #76
I do not think either of them wants Clinton / Warren. bobGandolf Jun 2016 #48
Hear, hear ailsagirl Jun 2016 #75
I'Malley? L. Coyote Jun 2016 #2
Ya seen one vowel, ya seen 'em all. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #6
LOL. All five, or six, or something. L. Coyote Jun 2016 #31
you know, as opposed to U'Malley. Hiraeth Jun 2016 #35
Al Franken (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jun 2016 #3
Wow! red dog 1 Jun 2016 #10
+1 BootinUp Jun 2016 #15
+2 Kaleva Jun 2016 #16
Franken would be an excellent attack dog... welivetotreadonkings Jun 2016 #36
Franken's been my VP choice all alongI stuffmatters Jun 2016 #51
Would love to see O'Liley blow his top over Al being veep. a kennedy Jun 2016 #60
A really dynamic person Hekate Jun 2016 #5
Yes. Now that you mention it, it's a major Hortensis Jun 2016 #32
Michelle Obama. Hillary works would be implemented so lovingly by Michelle. Just dreaming. The Wielding Truth Jun 2016 #79
Not a seated Senator. longship Jun 2016 #7
Yeah, as much as I like Franken, you're right (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jun 2016 #8
I like Franken, too. But he's another great Senator. We need him there. longship Jun 2016 #9
Minnesota has a dem governor who would replace franken with a dem nt msongs Jun 2016 #38
+1 DeadLetterOffice Jun 2016 #20
The logic of that is inescapable, but the VP -is- the president of the senate HereSince1628 Jun 2016 #53
The national celebrity is a draw, but I think that should be resisted this year. longship Jun 2016 #54
Well we could consider former senators like Mark Udall HereSince1628 Jun 2016 #85
Bernie is the top choice RobertEarl Jun 2016 #11
i agree! red dog 1 Jun 2016 #13
This guy of course MyNameGoesHere Jun 2016 #12
Well, he is a progressive, and Hillary needs to "balance the ticket" red dog 1 Jun 2016 #14
Take out Charlie Crist off your poll and add Al Franken csziggy Jun 2016 #18
Tom Harken Armstead Jun 2016 #22
He's definitely "one of the good guys" red dog 1 Jun 2016 #24
Donald Trump...maximum triangulation Teamster Jeff Jun 2016 #23
I Voted Warren But I'm Kind of Intriqued by New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich Stallion Jun 2016 #25
I don't know if he's bilingual, red dog 1 Jun 2016 #30
Tim Kaine speaks fluent Spanish Motley13 Jun 2016 #84
From the choices on the list TheFarseer Jun 2016 #26
I'll get behind whomever Clinton picks. I do hope it is someone who The Second Stone Jun 2016 #27
^^^This!!! DemonGoddess Jun 2016 #28
me too!! Hiraeth Jun 2016 #34
If not one of the Castro bros, then Becerra could be a successor politically cloudythescribbler Jun 2016 #29
You make some excellent points. red dog 1 Jun 2016 #72
Don't worry. She will pick the right one. Hiraeth Jun 2016 #33
Of those choices, Franken because Buzz cook Jun 2016 #37
I'd like to see Bill O'Reilly's head explode too! red dog 1 Jun 2016 #40
Since you didn't include somebody on the short list who is actually being vetted... MohRokTah Jun 2016 #39
You left off Sherrod Brown... John Poet Jun 2016 #41
Sherrod Brown is now one of the 10 choices red dog 1 Jun 2016 #43
Perez hollowdweller Jun 2016 #42
Perez? red dog 1 Jun 2016 #44
Tom Perez HarmonyRockets Jun 2016 #50
Perez and Becerra are now included in the poll red dog 1 Jun 2016 #71
After seeing and hearing Hillary and Elizabeth together today, John Poet Jun 2016 #45
Gavin Newsom would be a good call, too Warren DeMontague Jun 2016 #46
I agree red dog 1 Jun 2016 #73
Wendy Williams. /nt tonedevil Jun 2016 #47
I really hope she picks Warren. musicblind Jun 2016 #49
+ 1000 red dog 1 Jun 2016 #81
Martin Heinrich? Wendy Davis? TOM HARKIN??? Night Watchman Jun 2016 #52
Heinrich, Davis & Harkin are now off the list of choices red dog 1 Jun 2016 #78
I thought about answering, "All of the above" rock Jun 2016 #55
Tim Kaine is now in the Senate. Raine1967 Jun 2016 #56
Thanks for that red dog 1 Jun 2016 #69
Glad to help! Raine1967 Jun 2016 #74
Count me in for Al Franken! He would be like Biden 2.0, but with more finesse! mentalsolstice Jun 2016 #58
I like O'Malley..tall, good lookin....nt asuhornets Jun 2016 #61
anyone she picks will be fine by me, i like kaine the least though La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2016 #62
My two criteria Retrograde Jun 2016 #65
+ 1 red dog 1 Jun 2016 #70
Of course I will vote for Hilary regardless of her running mate….but... Demoiselle Jun 2016 #66
…And before you jump all over me for being a shallow "Lookist"…let me emphasize that I mean Demoiselle Jun 2016 #67
Sherrod Brown Motley13 Jun 2016 #77
I voted for Becerra. BlueStater Jun 2016 #80
I love Elizabeth Warren. redstatebluegirl Jun 2016 #82
What happens to her seat in the Senate is not as important as defeating Trump, IMO red dog 1 Jun 2016 #83
All of you Warren fans, were you gung-ho for her to run last year SheilaT Jun 2016 #86
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