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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Aug 1, 2016, 02:20 PM Aug 2016

What People Over 50 Arenít Hearing In All This Election Noise [View all]

Huffington Post:

Whether you think America already is great or needs to be made great again, if you are over 60, you may be feeling like wallpaper in this election’s run-up about now: You are there, presumably contributing to the room’s decor, but it’s finally dawning that nobody actually sees you.

Between the “believe me I’ll fix it” Trump answer to everything and the “yeah but is she trustworthy?” feelings about Clinton, there remains one truism: The 2016 presidential election is not about growing old in America. Neither candidate has made Social Security reform, Medicare insanity, ageism or elderly poverty so much as a talking point let alone a priority.

We published this originally last May, and since nothing has changed, we’re trying again!

Over 50? Where The Candidates Stand On Issues That Matter To You...

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eh?? speak up, sonny!* unblock Aug 2016 #1
As someone who is over 60, I can say that most Democrats I know don;t feel the way that you describe tonyt53 Aug 2016 #2
Agree, Wellstone ruled Aug 2016 #3
+1 (nt) LongtimeAZDem Aug 2016 #6
Agreed, Jamaal510 Aug 2016 #7
^^^This!!! DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #18
You don't just need to assume, she addressed it early on in the campaign Person 2713 Aug 2016 #31
Nah.. Trump's 39, sorry Mr. Benny! whistler162 Aug 2016 #47
+1 Well said. n/t FSogol Aug 2016 #32
I'm impacted by SS and Medicare, but I believe the best way to help SS/MC is to improve the economy. Hoyt Aug 2016 #4
The cap on paying into SS and Medicare absolutey must be raised. pangaia Aug 2016 #35
Don't cover me up with that broad brush. TexasProgresive Aug 2016 #5
THIS ^^^^^^ radical noodle Aug 2016 #9
+1000! DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #19
We shouldn't have to be 'soldiering' on. pangaia Aug 2016 #36
I'm not sure what your point is but if you object to the military term replace it with TexasProgresive Aug 2016 #38
I just mean that it should not have to be such an endless, decades long fight. pangaia Aug 2016 #39
Well, I'm 71, and I've had no problem hearing about those things. MineralMan Aug 2016 #8
+1000! DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #20
I'm just a tad older than 71 BlueMTexpat Aug 2016 #43
The over-50 age group is more aware of the danger of Trump. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #10
We saw what a Trump can do and we read our history books liberal N proud Aug 2016 #30
I don't have time to look it up right now, but... MindPilot Aug 2016 #11
yes she did nt msongs Aug 2016 #13
Almost 70 here and don't feel like wallpaper Lebam in LA Aug 2016 #12
Hillary has spoken out and supports expanding medicare and social security. Bongo Prophet Aug 2016 #14
Expanding social security to benefit more elderly caregivers! bettyellen Aug 2016 #21
Yes! That could really help a LOT of people as well! Bongo Prophet Aug 2016 #22
Exactly!! bettyellen Aug 2016 #23
As An Older Gen Xer roaminronin Aug 2016 #15
Same here Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #16
This also happened TuxedoKat Aug 2016 #17
Yes, I Am RobinA Aug 2016 #44
Lots of the boomers had their pensions stripped too... bettyellen Aug 2016 #24
Elections have consequences Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #26
I agree, but not sure why you're so snide with a lifelong Dem. bettyellen Aug 2016 #37
I did not mean to be snide. I am a lifelong Dem too...sorry. Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #48
You blame baby boomers for things Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #27
Older voters also want what is best for the country and don't need to be catered to. Demsrule86 Aug 2016 #25
That is not accurate. Social security and Medicare are part of her campaign still_one Aug 2016 #28
That is not true Clinton has talked about Medicare expanding to50- 55 and assured social security Person 2713 Aug 2016 #29
Nonsense JoePhilly Aug 2016 #33
You must have missed it. I hear Hillary talking about it. lonestarnot Aug 2016 #34
Article detached from reality. Or else is a disinformation piece. emulatorloo Aug 2016 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author Autumn Aug 2016 #41
Yeah, But RobinA Aug 2016 #42
We that are over 50 DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #45
Issues related to 'over 50s' are addressed on the Ds website. Sunlei Aug 2016 #46
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