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Response to still_one (Original post)

So CNN stirs the shit, and you show up asking for a hot bowl? BobbyDrake Oct 2016 #1
Actually the story was started by Politico, and others are picking up on it. I stand by what I said still_one Oct 2016 #2
Right, and your plan to create a "united party" is to crap on a popular ex-president? BobbyDrake Oct 2016 #5
I had a similar thought about Bill as he made the President and others wait while he was socializing monmouth4 Oct 2016 #6
For better or worse phrasing, he brought attention to single payer. MaeScott Oct 2016 #60
I agree. He can go home now and wait for the election to be over. n/t pnwmom Oct 2016 #3
We need a united party, and injecting things like this into the fray does not do us any good. While still_one Oct 2016 #8
Agree as well.......go home and STHU. a kennedy Oct 2016 #17
He knows what he is doing. Giving Hillary some daylight to win this thing! Mamajami Oct 2016 #4
Exactly. Bill is a master of the 'sister souljah' moment. /nt radius777 Oct 2016 #23
I remember a time when there were arguments against breaking up ACA Goblinmonger Oct 2016 #41
I agree with everything he said justiceischeap Oct 2016 #7
It is how he said it, not that it doesn't need to be fixed. still_one Oct 2016 #10
I still don't have a problem with how he said it justiceischeap Oct 2016 #14
I am on an employer provided plan Drahthaardogs Oct 2016 #18
Ditto! Me, too. hamsterjill Oct 2016 #25
Perhaps your assessment is right, or the media was misrepresenting this as though Bill Clinton was still_one Oct 2016 #19
Me too. OKNancy Oct 2016 #11
I could get a cheaper plan but the 10k deductible makes no sense for me justiceischeap Oct 2016 #13
Ours is a $4500 deductible, plus another 2000.00 - so total out of pocket per year is 6500.00 OKNancy Oct 2016 #15
The health profiteers make me sick and Bill rich. GeorgeGist Oct 2016 #9
Bill is not becoming rich because of this, but the health insurers sure are, and that is why the still_one Oct 2016 #12
He's not wrong, but the irony is thick.... vi5 Oct 2016 #16
It does sound like Bill is criticizing a popular president. Why not wait on this until Nov. 9. anamandujano Oct 2016 #20
That is my gripe. The ACA's deficiencies should be addressed, but not by presenting the still_one Oct 2016 #22
I think this is strategy, Bill isn't stupid. radius777 Oct 2016 #21
This is what I think too. DawgHouse Oct 2016 #108
He should shut the fuck up when telling the truth? NCTraveler Oct 2016 #24
Did he explain that Obama had to compromise with the pukes and did the best he could? anamandujano Oct 2016 #28
Yes, every time a camera is on him he has hours to explain a position. NCTraveler Oct 2016 #29
Forget the "high horse" business. He could be more diplomatic instead of divisive. anamandujano Oct 2016 #31
That was my characterization of Bill Clinton, for exactly the reason you gave, he could have used still_one Oct 2016 #37
I'm in agreement with him as well. PragmaticLiberal Oct 2016 #43
What compromise from President Obama? And in return the GOP gave him ZERO votes in favor of ACA. KeepItReal Oct 2016 #30
I'm no diplomat but how about, "This is how we're going to fix the health care problem." anamandujano Oct 2016 #35
ACA is President Obama's. It has major issues. I'm cool with Clinton stating the obvious. KeepItReal Oct 2016 #42
Things seem to be going well. Why throw a buzz saw into the works at this time? anamandujano Oct 2016 #45
It was the blue dogs, or nothing would have resulted still_one Oct 2016 #103
Obama didn't compromise Ms. Yertle Oct 2016 #89
No he did not compromise with the pukes. former9thward Oct 2016 #91
Nope GhostofFDR Oct 2016 #111
The poster I ws replying to said he had to compromise with Rs. former9thward Oct 2016 #116
No, but he shouldn't phrase it in terms of slighting President Obama. As far as your still_one Oct 2016 #32
With the direction you are going at here..... NCTraveler Oct 2016 #71
I do recognize the middle class is important. I am part of that middle class still_one Oct 2016 #76
Holy shit Goblinmonger Oct 2016 #44
The primary is over. Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #55
No clue what you are talking about. NCTraveler Oct 2016 #72
So when Chelsea said Sanders wanted to dismantle Obamacare Goblinmonger Oct 2016 #81
But but but. That was different. That was the primary. AtheistCrusader Oct 2016 #104
Snort! Arazi Oct 2016 #105
Kinda Ironic zipplewrath Oct 2016 #46
He said a LOT more than those few sentences over a 30-second period. What did he say just before... George II Oct 2016 #26
As usual George you are right, and as usual if given the opportunity, the media will go out of its still_one Oct 2016 #34
Bill is just pulling Hillary away from Obama and the ACA and I actually agree with him NWCorona Oct 2016 #27
Yes she did, but she didn't do it by putting President Obama in a negative light still_one Oct 2016 #33
Bil is speaking for me. I loathe the ACA. We need Single Payer. Auggie Oct 2016 #54
yes, but that isn't what he is saying. still_one Oct 2016 #86
He's saying the ACA is fucked-up. And it is. Auggie Oct 2016 #87
The public option, single payer or Medicare for all didn't have the votes in 2000 still_one Oct 2016 #88
You are changing the discussion Auggie Oct 2016 #92
You changed the discussion. You implied BIll Clinton was suggesting single payer, and that is still_one Oct 2016 #93
I said we need Single Payer Auggie Oct 2016 #94
I agree still_one Oct 2016 #95
The AC is a great first step to get healthcare for everyone. Agnosticsherbet Oct 2016 #36
I agree, and as has been pointed out in this thread, there are a good number who have been left out still_one Oct 2016 #38
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #39
Maybe he is angling ultimately for single payer? apcalc Oct 2016 #40
And it's a great idea AFTER. NOV. 8. anamandujano Oct 2016 #47
Hear ya there. apcalc Oct 2016 #56
First of all...Congress is to blame for much of this... Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #48
+1 Demsrule saidsimplesimon Oct 2016 #52
So kind thanks! nt Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #96
I disagree saidsimplesimon Oct 2016 #106
My daughter is on Obamacare because her Dad retired (forced) early and she can't be on his Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #118
I remember when some here spoke ill of the ACA... SixString Oct 2016 #49
Go and watch the video, he's not bashing Obama, that's CNN's spin. radius777 Oct 2016 #50
So was DADT. Orsino Oct 2016 #51
Incrementalism. The 80s/90s were the most politically conservative radius777 Oct 2016 #58
Yep. Just as Obama judged that single-payer was a losing proposition. Orsino Oct 2016 #59
Agree. Obama is a pragmatist just as Bill was, radius777 Oct 2016 #61
This ^ Kathy M Oct 2016 #113
This gay, happily married poster agrees with you. yardwork Oct 2016 #65
Clinton's statement will play with the millennials. They are a target group right now. jalan48 Oct 2016 #53
It's a useful comment as ACA has shortcomings and beachbum bob Oct 2016 #57
Days before 2nd debate, Bill gives Trump major talking point. tman Oct 2016 #62
NO!! He's giving Hillary a winning opening. I hope Trump takes the bait. It's wiggling on the hook Mamajami Oct 2016 #64
Good luck getting ahead of the headlines/talking points already in motion. tman Oct 2016 #67
No , not a stupid choice of words Kathy M Oct 2016 #112
Bill Clinton is a shrewd campaigner. yardwork Oct 2016 #63
You might be right, and the media might also be putting more emphasis on the still_one Oct 2016 #69
The republicans have destroyed ACA... Joe941 Oct 2016 #66
I think it is good that he is recommending what needs to be fixed in the ACA, I just think still_one Oct 2016 #68
The problem is... Joe941 Oct 2016 #70
Nobody who supports Obama will turn toward Trump over this. yardwork Oct 2016 #75
It is not a spat...Obama would be the first one to tell you...we need to work on it...Congress is to Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #97
It's not possible to give them more ammo on ACA. yardwork Oct 2016 #74
Just jealous because he could not do shit about healthcare helpisontheway Oct 2016 #73
lol oh Bill... nt retrowire Oct 2016 #77
Uh, let's see, my plan is better, deductible is $1,000 less, louis-t Oct 2016 #78
What Possibly Could Bill Clinton Have Been Thinking DallasNE Oct 2016 #79
As has been pointed out to those in this thead that the ACA has left behind still_one Oct 2016 #84
Well.... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #80
ACA sucks, but it is better than what we had before. The Clinton plan from the 90s was better. apnu Oct 2016 #82
Perfectly said. reflection Oct 2016 #100
fix it. social security is not what it was day 1. pansypoo53219 Oct 2016 #83
Yes. still_one Oct 2016 #85
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #90
Scarborough is doing the backstroke like a pig in shit. FFS Bill, if you can't have coherent on OnDoutside Oct 2016 #98
Bill screwed up badly Stuckinthebush Oct 2016 #99
I think we now know how ordinary Republicans feel when Trump goes off the wall. It's not nice. OnDoutside Oct 2016 #101
first thing Bill Clinton has said in a long time ibegurpard Oct 2016 #102
This speaks to my hate to love Bill Clinton syndrome. MyNameGoesHere Oct 2016 #107
well put still_one Oct 2016 #110
Seems to me... GhostofFDR Oct 2016 #109
Not at all Kathy M Oct 2016 #114
A thread from yesterday or day before on the same subject Kathy M Oct 2016 #115
With friends like this... Joe941 Oct 2016 #117
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