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12. I also agree!!!
Tue Oct 4, 2016, 08:44 PM
Oct 2016
They have urged their constituents to be ill-at-ease, as well as being ill-informed. They have promoted the idea that education is for the elite rather than for the masses; they have preached the gospel that science is contrary to God’s word; they have praised stupidity as being the natural order.

So insightful.

Please, Nance, get this out there.
I posted it to my FB, so that's a start!
My dear Nance, you should submit this amazing essay to every newspaper in the USA. CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2016 #1
Agree! protect our future Oct 2016 #8
Agree also... Hachetman Oct 2016 #49
I also agree!!! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #12
Agree TryLogic Oct 2016 #24
Please consider this suggestion! LTTE's everywhere! n/t archiemo Oct 2016 #25
Absolutely agree! It's too important. FailureToCommunicate Oct 2016 #56
I agree. n/t monmouth4 Oct 2016 #2
Brilliant writing! redstateblues Oct 2016 #3
I wish Kaine could get this entire rant in tonight. Mamajami Oct 2016 #4
k and r...great essay..great post Stuart G Oct 2016 #5
A great statement Nance. Recommended. panader0 Oct 2016 #6
Uh-HUH!!!! calimary Oct 2016 #7
Yes. sheshe2 Oct 2016 #9
Facts Bob Loblaw Oct 2016 #10
I am upset that the GOP has inspired in me such a level of dislike for them that I am ... Yonnie3 Oct 2016 #11
My only regret is that I cannot recommend this more than once. nt Rex Oct 2016 #13
K&R +100 Greywing Oct 2016 #14
...... paleotn Oct 2016 #15
But, don't they bill themselves as "The Party of Lincoln"? George II Oct 2016 #16
Lincoln would volstork Oct 2016 #33
K&R mcar Oct 2016 #17
It's ironic that as Repub voters claim to love rugged individualism... Beartracks Oct 2016 #18
They don't love rugged individualism, they don't even know what it means The Genealogist Oct 2016 #27
hear, hear NanceGreggs ailsagirl Oct 2016 #19
Very True Marc2010 Oct 2016 #20
Yes, and do ALL of you remember a Republican member of Congress calling OUR president BigDemVoter Oct 2016 #21
We ALL remember. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #22
Amazing piece! herding cats Oct 2016 #23
Righteous, Nance - thank you! hatrack Oct 2016 #26
Superb piece! But you left out ONE thing! lastlib Oct 2016 #28
Repubs need to read this, not DUers. MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #29
All attempts to unite us as Americans ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #31
"The Democrats see our unity as a strength - the Republicans see it as a threat." volstork Oct 2016 #34
I hope I'm wrong, but if I was a betting person, I'd say 1 year from now... MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #54
Great article, truthful and needs to be said over and over. Democrats will do the RNC a great Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #30
There is no doubt in my mind ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #35
Yes, I hate to think about the Trump presidency results, Hillary will save us from Trump. Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #36
Right on the money again, Nance. However... world wide wally Oct 2016 #32
And it won't. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #38
K&R Gothmog Oct 2016 #37
Excellent! Turin_C3PO Oct 2016 #39
K&R ismnotwasm Oct 2016 #40
Bada Bing The Wizard Oct 2016 #41
I could be wrong ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #42
Not bested, just augmented. The Wizard Oct 2016 #43
K&R stage left Oct 2016 #44
K&R! DemonGoddess Oct 2016 #45
The GOP they built THAT! LittleGirl Oct 2016 #46
Beautiful classykaren Oct 2016 #47
Spot on, Nance! mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #48
Well said. nt oasis Oct 2016 #50
k and r --and, please, as others have said, ltte's everywhere. niyad Oct 2016 #51
One of your best, Nance NastyRiffraff Oct 2016 #52
EXACTLY!!!!!!!! But they will never admit this. Fast Walker 52 Oct 2016 #53
Rec #200 Coyotl Oct 2016 #55
Very accurate article. jon31433 Oct 2016 #57
Bravo!!! McCamy Taylor Oct 2016 #58
Nancy, can I submit your letter to my local newspaper under your name?? Jack-o-Lantern Oct 2016 #59
Yes, of course. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #61
K & R Scurrilous Oct 2016 #60
K&R betsuni Oct 2016 #62
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