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52. One of your best, Nance
Wed Oct 5, 2016, 12:05 PM
Oct 2016

and that's saying a LOT.

As for the so-called sane Republican leaders, fuck 'em all. Looking at you, Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan. You created this monster; you nursed him, diapered him, coddled him, tried unsuccessfully to stop his cries and his tantrums. Now you have to live with the spoiled brat in your basement.

My dear Nance, you should submit this amazing essay to every newspaper in the USA. CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2016 #1
Agree! protect our future Oct 2016 #8
Agree also... Hachetman Oct 2016 #49
I also agree!!! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #12
Agree TryLogic Oct 2016 #24
Please consider this suggestion! LTTE's everywhere! n/t archiemo Oct 2016 #25
Absolutely agree! It's too important. FailureToCommunicate Oct 2016 #56
I agree. n/t monmouth4 Oct 2016 #2
Brilliant writing! redstateblues Oct 2016 #3
I wish Kaine could get this entire rant in tonight. Mamajami Oct 2016 #4
k and r...great essay..great post Stuart G Oct 2016 #5
A great statement Nance. Recommended. panader0 Oct 2016 #6
Uh-HUH!!!! calimary Oct 2016 #7
Yes. sheshe2 Oct 2016 #9
Facts Bob Loblaw Oct 2016 #10
I am upset that the GOP has inspired in me such a level of dislike for them that I am ... Yonnie3 Oct 2016 #11
My only regret is that I cannot recommend this more than once. nt Rex Oct 2016 #13
K&R +100 Greywing Oct 2016 #14
...... paleotn Oct 2016 #15
But, don't they bill themselves as "The Party of Lincoln"? George II Oct 2016 #16
Lincoln would volstork Oct 2016 #33
K&R mcar Oct 2016 #17
It's ironic that as Repub voters claim to love rugged individualism... Beartracks Oct 2016 #18
They don't love rugged individualism, they don't even know what it means The Genealogist Oct 2016 #27
hear, hear NanceGreggs ailsagirl Oct 2016 #19
Very True Marc2010 Oct 2016 #20
Yes, and do ALL of you remember a Republican member of Congress calling OUR president BigDemVoter Oct 2016 #21
We ALL remember. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #22
Amazing piece! herding cats Oct 2016 #23
Righteous, Nance - thank you! hatrack Oct 2016 #26
Superb piece! But you left out ONE thing! lastlib Oct 2016 #28
Repubs need to read this, not DUers. MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #29
All attempts to unite us as Americans ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #31
"The Democrats see our unity as a strength - the Republicans see it as a threat." volstork Oct 2016 #34
I hope I'm wrong, but if I was a betting person, I'd say 1 year from now... MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #54
Great article, truthful and needs to be said over and over. Democrats will do the RNC a great Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #30
There is no doubt in my mind ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #35
Yes, I hate to think about the Trump presidency results, Hillary will save us from Trump. Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #36
Right on the money again, Nance. However... world wide wally Oct 2016 #32
And it won't. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #38
K&R Gothmog Oct 2016 #37
Excellent! Turin_C3PO Oct 2016 #39
K&R ismnotwasm Oct 2016 #40
Bada Bing The Wizard Oct 2016 #41
I could be wrong ... NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #42
Not bested, just augmented. The Wizard Oct 2016 #43
K&R stage left Oct 2016 #44
K&R! DemonGoddess Oct 2016 #45
The GOP they built THAT! LittleGirl Oct 2016 #46
Beautiful classykaren Oct 2016 #47
Spot on, Nance! mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #48
Well said. nt oasis Oct 2016 #50
k and r --and, please, as others have said, ltte's everywhere. niyad Oct 2016 #51
One of your best, Nance NastyRiffraff Oct 2016 #52
EXACTLY!!!!!!!! But they will never admit this. Fast Walker 52 Oct 2016 #53
Rec #200 Coyotl Oct 2016 #55
Very accurate article. jon31433 Oct 2016 #57
Bravo!!! McCamy Taylor Oct 2016 #58
Nancy, can I submit your letter to my local newspaper under your name?? Jack-o-Lantern Oct 2016 #59
Yes, of course. NanceGreggs Oct 2016 #61
K & R Scurrilous Oct 2016 #60
K&R betsuni Oct 2016 #62
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