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32. Rec #150!!!! Yay me!!!
Wed Oct 12, 2016, 10:03 PM
Oct 2016

He's not just human waste, he's a lukewarm slurry of waste collected from every zoo in the country, garnished with the dead bodies of Andrew Brietbart, Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell, Antonin Scalia, Phyllis Schaffly, Ronnie Raygun and George Wallace and served to the trumpanzees with a side of copies of every book (ghost)written by Rash Limpbutt, Ann Coulter, O'Loofah, Shammity and all the rest of them, fried in snake oil with a dipping sauce of puréed ghost pepper.
...even though that's an insult to human waste everywhere. calimary Oct 2016 #1
+1 LiberalLoner Oct 2016 #52
Sorry, I cannot recommend this Tarc Oct 2016 #2
The toxic waste from 80s Robocop JHB Oct 2016 #8
Night soil is useful in many cultures as a fertilizer! MADem Oct 2016 #3
Plus, with all of Trump's sex talk, a "Trump potato" could mean something totally different! 4lbs Oct 2016 #6
His followers are all potatriots. Ligyron Oct 2016 #42
Trump gets upgraded from doggy doo with the help of Kellyanne. oasis Oct 2016 #4
He has Fecal Personality Disorder. kairos12 Oct 2016 #7
You know what they say! Plucketeer Oct 2016 #9
Done but with apologies to human waste everywhere workinclasszero Oct 2016 #10
Obama leaves more presidential material in the WH toilet every morning Rocknrule Oct 2016 #11
Insulting to human waste Johnny2X2X Oct 2016 #12
What Johnny2X2X said Dracaena Oct 2016 #31
He looks like he has ISD BSdetect Oct 2016 #13
He is BigMin28 Oct 2016 #14
u are too kind Cryptoad Oct 2016 #15
I dont think we should stoop to his level FreeState Oct 2016 #16
All his weird ties to Russia mdbl Oct 2016 #17
Works for me! MoonRiver Oct 2016 #18
Rec'd, If he becomes Führer please delete all traces. fleabiscuit Oct 2016 #19
Cesspool Sewage Waste Cakes488 Oct 2016 #20
Trump sure is full of it GreydeeThos Oct 2016 #21
I don't think so. Human waste has some redeeming value. George II Oct 2016 #23
The Cesspool of Despicables himself meow2u3 Oct 2016 #24
K&R mcar Oct 2016 #25
Trump is performing a crucially important public service ... Martin Eden Oct 2016 #26
He is the worst possible kind of human - one with no feelings of empathy unitedwethrive Oct 2016 #29
He's worse than human waste onecaliberal Oct 2016 #30
Rec #150!!!! Yay me!!! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #32
K&R Gothmog Oct 2016 #33
As are each and every one of his supporters 47of74 Oct 2016 #34
Not quite sure about the Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2016 #35
not so much in the "sewage" sense, but more in terms of wasted opportunity 0rganism Oct 2016 #36
yes... he strikes me as the spoiled prince who grew without anyone ever saying no to him Fast Walker 52 Oct 2016 #39
He is a waste of oxygen and human only in the worst sense. Ford_Prefect Oct 2016 #37
K&R, but... MarianJack Oct 2016 #38
His trophy hunting sons are pond scum too! Number9Dream Oct 2016 #40
Alive he is a waste of good oxygen. Portland_Anni Oct 2016 #41
I haven't seen this sort of thread since Lozo Capt. Obvious Oct 2016 #43
He's HUMAN?????? raven mad Oct 2016 #44
halloween is coming to a halloween costume shop near you bora13 Oct 2016 #45
or we could just order a lot of those mexican pinatas to carry around. or use as scarecrows niyad Oct 2016 #48
Stop dissing Human waste jimlup Oct 2016 #46
well, he is waste. not sure about the human part. niyad Oct 2016 #47
I can't that would be a insult to human waste and human waste is more useful than Trump. n/t. ZM90 Oct 2016 #49
K & R Scurrilous Oct 2016 #50
Not sure its human. But it is some type of feces. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #51
A rotten corpse covered in vomit, is a step up from trump! dubyadiprecession Oct 2016 #53
Trump is SCVDem Oct 2016 #54
I do not agree ... Jopin Klobe Oct 2016 #55
Even human waste is better than Trump. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2016 #56
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