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...even though that's an insult to human waste everywhere. calimary Oct 2016 #1
+1 LiberalLoner Oct 2016 #52
Sorry, I cannot recommend this Tarc Oct 2016 #2
The toxic waste from 80s Robocop JHB Oct 2016 #8
Night soil is useful in many cultures as a fertilizer! MADem Oct 2016 #3
Plus, with all of Trump's sex talk, a "Trump potato" could mean something totally different! 4lbs Oct 2016 #6
His followers are all potatriots. Ligyron Oct 2016 #42
Trump gets upgraded from doggy doo with the help of Kellyanne. oasis Oct 2016 #4
He has Fecal Personality Disorder. kairos12 Oct 2016 #7
You know what they say! Plucketeer Oct 2016 #9
Done but with apologies to human waste everywhere workinclasszero Oct 2016 #10
Obama leaves more presidential material in the WH toilet every morning Rocknrule Oct 2016 #11
Insulting to human waste Johnny2X2X Oct 2016 #12
What Johnny2X2X said Dracaena Oct 2016 #31
He looks like he has ISD BSdetect Oct 2016 #13
He is BigMin28 Oct 2016 #14
u are too kind Cryptoad Oct 2016 #15
I dont think we should stoop to his level FreeState Oct 2016 #16
All his weird ties to Russia mdbl Oct 2016 #17
Works for me! MoonRiver Oct 2016 #18
Rec'd, If he becomes Führer please delete all traces. fleabiscuit Oct 2016 #19
Cesspool Sewage Waste Cakes488 Oct 2016 #20
Trump sure is full of it GreydeeThos Oct 2016 #21
I don't think so. Human waste has some redeeming value. George II Oct 2016 #23
The Cesspool of Despicables himself meow2u3 Oct 2016 #24
K&R mcar Oct 2016 #25
Trump is performing a crucially important public service ... Martin Eden Oct 2016 #26
He is the worst possible kind of human - one with no feelings of empathy unitedwethrive Oct 2016 #29
He's worse than human waste onecaliberal Oct 2016 #30
Rec #150!!!! Yay me!!! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2016 #32
K&R Gothmog Oct 2016 #33
As are each and every one of his supporters 47of74 Oct 2016 #34
Not quite sure about the Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2016 #35
not so much in the "sewage" sense, but more in terms of wasted opportunity 0rganism Oct 2016 #36
yes... he strikes me as the spoiled prince who grew without anyone ever saying no to him Fast Walker 52 Oct 2016 #39
He is a waste of oxygen and human only in the worst sense. Ford_Prefect Oct 2016 #37
K&R, but... MarianJack Oct 2016 #38
His trophy hunting sons are pond scum too! Number9Dream Oct 2016 #40
Alive he is a waste of good oxygen. Portland_Anni Oct 2016 #41
I haven't seen this sort of thread since Lozo Capt. Obvious Oct 2016 #43
He's HUMAN?????? raven mad Oct 2016 #44
halloween is coming to a halloween costume shop near you bora13 Oct 2016 #45
or we could just order a lot of those mexican pinatas to carry around. or use as scarecrows niyad Oct 2016 #48
Stop dissing Human waste jimlup Oct 2016 #46
well, he is waste. not sure about the human part. niyad Oct 2016 #47
I can't that would be a insult to human waste and human waste is more useful than Trump. n/t. ZM90 Oct 2016 #49
K & R Scurrilous Oct 2016 #50
Not sure its human. But it is some type of feces. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #51
A rotten corpse covered in vomit, is a step up from trump! dubyadiprecession Oct 2016 #53
Trump is SCVDem Oct 2016 #54
I do not agree ... Jopin Klobe Oct 2016 #55
Even human waste is better than Trump. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2016 #56
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