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2. And to run the campaign without spending anywhere near
Sun Oct 16, 2016, 07:09 PM
Oct 2016

The amount of money now needed is really bizarre.

Either they've given up or they are engaged in the most bizarre campaign tactic, ever Siwsan Oct 2016 #1
And to run the campaign without spending anywhere near truedelphi Oct 2016 #2
It is like watching an extended director's cut of the tv show Punk'd. Siwsan Oct 2016 #4
Trump must have mesmerized his children in their infancy. asjr Oct 2016 #23
They know he'll cut them off from the inheritance. lindysalsagal Oct 2016 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author kestrel91316 Oct 2016 #24
You do realize Glamrock Oct 2016 #7
I guess you are right! Siwsan Oct 2016 #8
Strange days indeed Glamrock Oct 2016 #10
Yep.. just add " unprecidented Obstruction" Cha Oct 2016 #36
Plans are for losers IronLionZion Oct 2016 #12
They cut Trump loose, let him float into space, the GOP is probably trying to save the mother ship! RKP5637 Oct 2016 #3
Its like watching a car crash in slow motion, you can't look away sunonmars Oct 2016 #5
May your last sentence come true! calimary Oct 2016 #21
Trump's minders know that he never listens so it's not like they have given up. They are anamandujano Oct 2016 #6
"...hoping to get paid". Ligyron Oct 2016 #11
It's definitely going to be good. anamandujano Oct 2016 #14
I'm interested in seeing the FEC reports on his campaign when it's over Rorey Oct 2016 #15
Welcome to DU, Rorey! calimary Oct 2016 #30
Thanks Rorey Oct 2016 #32
I'm guessing too that they just gave up trying The Genealogist Oct 2016 #35
Well said, anamandujano! I like that you said Cha Oct 2016 #37
And what about the trump brand cindyperry Oct 2016 #9
I'm going to cancel my two-week vacation at Trump's Miami Beach Resort erronis Oct 2016 #17
Let's hope that continues to devolve.. Cha Oct 2016 #38
Trump doesn't care about anyone but Trump Martin Eden Oct 2016 #13
If he shows up naked for the third debate, it will be the ultimate in revenge porn. (n/t) Kennah Oct 2016 #16
'magine that a naked trump would look like Barbie/Ken w/o clothes - nothing there! erronis Oct 2016 #18
They certainly are: they're now resorting to torching their own offices. forest444 Oct 2016 #19
no kidding mdbl Oct 2016 #28
I would most love to hear Trump's plan for stopping crime on day 1. What I would Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2016 #20
he's no Conservative, that much I know. ginnyinWI Oct 2016 #41
Trump never stopped fighting the primary. Ace Rothstein Oct 2016 #22
He never transitioned into Cha Oct 2016 #39
Cillizza never strikes me as a very bright bulb bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #25
The Trump Who Stole Festivus BallardWA Oct 2016 #26
Welcome to DU, BallardWA! calimary Oct 2016 #31
Is this the craziest Presidential candidate a party has ever put on a ticket? C Moon Oct 2016 #27
Bullshit believers... czarjak Oct 2016 #29
Give up, get up and get out, you circus clowns. oasis Oct 2016 #33
Trump can't stick to ANY planned strategy for more than a few hours. LeftRant Oct 2016 #34
"You won't be-LEEVE how big I'm gonna lose!" ginnyinWI Oct 2016 #40
I keep waiting to hear Rod Serling say, "Imagine a 3rd grader with unlimited money lindysalsagal Oct 2016 #43
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