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37. very true
Mon Oct 17, 2016, 09:04 AM
Oct 2016

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they besides following the altright conspiracy handbook, are also following the early nazi handdbook to create doubt and confusion. Couple that with their pathetic attempts to have us fear their 'brownshirt' open carry cowards and they are miscalculating and are setting themselves to get blowback that will make a Catagory 5 hurricane feel like a minor windy day. That blowback will be determined by people in long lines refuting, hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny, zenophobia and ignorance.

They are fucking cowards carrying guns openly to instill fear but they can't understand that they are messing with decent critical thinking americans that won't take their shit. We for the last almost 8 years have had relative peace, an expansion of jobs, a good start on affordable national health care and we are not dealing with a major economic Depressiopn or recession. Nor is there a loss or lack of general pride in ones country, yes there are areas to be worked on, but they do not pose a problem large enough to take ones mind off of the dangers of the new nazi party posed by their leadership and fuhrer.

People show courage please. I will, barring my natural death, I'm 68, will be out bright and early, or maybe I'll let these nazi couch potatoes get organized and out their caves and do it early or late afternoon, but goddamit I will be at my polling place. STANDUPTOTHESECLOWNS!!!!

Classic Goebbels. BSdetect Oct 2016 #1
very true heaven05 Oct 2016 #37
Only if his campaign and supporter are doing it. liberal N proud Oct 2016 #2
Why would completed ballots be in a campaign office? Cracklin Charlie Oct 2016 #6
NOT POSSIBLE! Zoonart Oct 2016 #10
Don't be sorry. Cracklin Charlie Oct 2016 #14
It could be illegal but.... Someone could have still done it. Ugh. bettyellen Oct 2016 #20
NOT POSSIBLE! Zoonart Oct 2016 #21
In NJ you can print out blanks. Years back, people would "help" some older folks fill them out- I bettyellen Oct 2016 #23
HMMMMMMMM Zoonart Oct 2016 #25
At the time he had no position. He does now- and his electioneering is part of why. bettyellen Oct 2016 #28
LOOKED IT UP... here is the law Zoonart Oct 2016 #36
No, it is not even legal liberal N proud Oct 2016 #15
mini REICHSTAG FIRE heaven05 Oct 2016 #31
What are completed ballots doing @ the county GOP HQ? Botany Oct 2016 #8
Bingo workinclasszero Oct 2016 #44
Because it is Republicans who are doing it? Bad Thoughts Oct 2016 #3
The only fraud is Trump himself. TheCowsCameHome Oct 2016 #4
We have election fraud in America ..... not voter fraud Botany Oct 2016 #5
The fact that he keeps saying it is what matters oberliner Oct 2016 #9
60 %+ of Trump backers believe that President Obama was not born in America and is either a ..... Botany Oct 2016 #12
Voter fraud in the USA is nearly non-existent PJMcK Oct 2016 #7
The repub leaders deny it because they don't want to Cha Oct 2016 #11
Fresh from the bunker ... mentality of a LOSER. Coyotl Oct 2016 #13
Yup! Right out of the Bunker .... Hitler's last picture Botany Oct 2016 #19
Very insulting to USA vlyons Oct 2016 #16
^^^THIS^^^ liberalmuse Oct 2016 #22
He's losing. He knows he is losing. His mind can't accept that, livetohike Oct 2016 #17
He is also accusing Joe Biden of groping women oberliner Oct 2016 #26
Ridiculous. Trump should be committed to the nearest psych livetohike Oct 2016 #27
IMO, touching someone's shoulders is much different than reaching under their dress woodsprite Oct 2016 #34
If he were winning, would he think there is voter fraud? n/t patricia92243 Oct 2016 #18
Yes, he would oberliner Oct 2016 #30
Does he know republicans are perpetrating it with their election law changes? Renew Deal Oct 2016 #24
all he/they are trying to do heaven05 Oct 2016 #29
He has to double and triple down... HAS TO... tRump is poised to receive... Raster Oct 2016 #32
What does he do after he loses? oberliner Oct 2016 #33
well, he's a classic narcissist with obvious psychopathic overtones... Raster Oct 2016 #38
Where, Golden Toad? What cities, counties, jurisdictions? What is the nature of the fraud? hatrack Oct 2016 #35
Rudy G said "inner cities" oberliner Oct 2016 #39
Yes, but the Blah People have all been killed in the 24/7 bullet-storm . . . hatrack Oct 2016 #40
Known Trump Pussy Grabs: 11 * Known Voter Fraud Cases: 10 Coyotl Oct 2016 #41
Are there really 11 now? BlueProgressive Oct 2016 #49
Running tally of accounts re: women Trump has sexually assaulted (12 and counting) Coyotl Oct 2016 #50
It might make more sense if he could give a specific on how this is sinkingfeeling Oct 2016 #42
He's done that oberliner Oct 2016 #43
Except neither can be done. I want his proof. sinkingfeeling Oct 2016 #45
Trump is right...there is a large voter fraud in this election...AND NoGoodNamesLeft Oct 2016 #46
I agree...and I made sure I did Early Voting.. HipChick Oct 2016 #47
TRUMP IS RIGHT!!!!! BlueProgressive Oct 2016 #48
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